Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Peas and Strawberries, Green Smoothies and Brownies

Days in the Life...

Monday can be called a normal start to the week. 

Slowly but surely we are all getting back into our school and work schedules, getting up at reasonable times in the morning, eating regular meals, going to bed mostly on time, etc. I love that we have added working out together in the mornings to our routine. 

A general overview of what a "typical" school day usually (aka the goal) looks like for the littles- 

-Everyone up by 7:30 
-Down for breakfast by 8:00
-Family prayer time at the table
-Everyone starts school by 9:00
-Cize at 10:00 
-Showers and chores 
-More school
-Lunch somewhere around noon or 12:30
-Finish school
-Quiet rest time at 2:00 until 3:30
-Play time
-Dinner at 6:00 
-Reading aloud, games, tv, general hanging out 
-To bed at 8:30

Chloe and Christian are pretty consistent with this schedule, but obviously might get up earlier in the morning and go to bed later. They also have more school and so don't really have rest time, and they balance their own work schedules. 

My day is in alignment with the things we do as a family like meals, exercise, and evening things, but other than that, I'm all over the place with my work schedule and other things. Y'all already had that figured out from reading previous posts, though. 

I like to keep my snacks balanced-
green smoothie and brownie.

Monday night I took myself to babysit for small group, as Nana and Grandfather are in DC with Aunt Amy, Uncle JC, and Rowan. 

Tuesday Kate joined our family. If we could, we would adopt her. Mia tries to get her dad to leave her with us every week. So far, her attempts have failed. 

Remember that tip from last week about mixing the foods your baby likes with the ones they don't like to get them to eat it? Well, Kate doesn't like peas. She really wanted to eat her strawberries instead. Even I was doubting the idea, but I went ahead and mixed the peas and strawberries together. She ate all the peas. 

The littles love the Virginia Reel now. Kate thought it was hilarious when I danced it with Ava while holding her. 

Aunt Amy had her baby!!!!!! He is so so so beautiful! We all wish we could meet him sooner, but are so glad we get to see pictures. 

Introducing Eli Chandler Derrick!!

Tuesday night we finally had small group again. We are actually going to begin calling our gathering "Engagement Group" since the purpose of it is to live life engaged with one another, supporting each other, etc. 

This time during our sharing, those who wanted to, communicated the word or phrase they felt like the Lord has placed upon their hearts for 2016. Many also shared what the theme of 2015 seemed to be for them, ways they grew through different challenges and circumstances, and how the Lord was faithful. 

That in and of itself was so encouraging, because we were reminded of what the Lord has done for us and in us. It's often so easy to forget those things and lose sight of His faithfulness to us because we don't go back and review. 

Praises were abounding as we looked at the requests from our last gathering and recognized how God had answered them, some in alignment with what we expected, but many in ways that were different. Better. 

More prayer needs were shared and we took the time to encourage each other and pray right then. 

You'd really have to work to leave that time NOT blessed by it. 

Wednesday was the last day to prepare for our Tyler tournament. Thankfully we didn't have too much going on and so had plenty of time to get things together. 

Chloe took her driving test early afternoon. And passed!! She got home and promptly left to take Ava to the library all by herself. 

We all did Cize late in the afternoon. The second dance video was confusing the first time, but the more we've done it, the easier it has become. 

That moment when...

You try to adjust your rearview mirror while driving 60 mph and the whole thing comes off the windshield. 

Ava reads 7 chapter books in 7 days. 

The Herd: Quoted 

"Can I make peanut butter balls?" -Ava to Mom
"Sure!" -Mom
"I already checked to be sure we had all the ingredients before I came to ask you if it was okay." -Ava

"I have fear of success. What if I do this and everyone loves it and it takes over my life?" -Mom dreaming about business ventures. 
"And I'm the complete opposite, I wonder why in the world anyone would appreciate my abilities." -Me

"I'm starting to freak out. I don't want to freak out." -Chloe thinking about the tournament. 

"The cool down is the hardest." -Mia talking about Cize

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  1. What a cute cousin you have!!! :)


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