Monday, February 15, 2016

An Injury, a Date, and a Surgery

Days in the Life...

Monday morning all the kids had dentist appointments. We literally were the only ones the office had on their schedule for that morning because we booked all their slots between the six of us. 

My list for the day was so long and by lunch time I knew it was not going to be completed (hence the reason I still belong in the UGS, pronounced "ughs," club, which stands for Unrealistic Goal Setters). 

As this is Texas, it has been in the 60's and even 70's much of the last several weeks, so outside activities have been lovely. Winter in Texas is better than Summer in Texas, most of the time. 

In the afternoon we did the fourth Cize routine and then I gave up on my to do list completely mostly and offered to play soccer with the littles. (People and memories are more important anyways!) 

I don't remember how the teams started, maybe me and Gabe against Mia and Ava(?), regardless, I scored a goal and then they decided the teams weren't fair. Mia quit and I got left on a team by myself while my teammate took my goal and joined the other team. I decided I would just have to beat Gabe and Ava on my own and let them have the goal anyways. (I was happy to give it to them. *wink*)

Gabe setting up the field.

Well, I did it. But it was hard. Long before I beat them, 3-2 (or really 4-1), I was ready to be done, but I was not in the mood to be beaten. An hour and a skinned knee later, we finished and I was satisfied. Ava and Gabe put up a good fight. I'm very impressed with their skills. 

It wasn't that bad, but since I've officially been injured while playing, 
I'm a real soccer player now.

By the time we went inside I barely had enough time to turn around and leave to babysit small group. (Another UGS move.) 

After being away from children for 5 days I was starved for cuddles from little ones. 

The others had a quiet evening at home and were all in their rooms when I got back. Mom and Dad were in the process of deciding to cancel our small group due to almost everyone being sick when Aron texted all three of us saying he needed "another human who enjoys worship and music and such" to go with him to a Bethel concert he'd just been given two tickets to for Tuesday night and would I like to go. We finished deciding to cancel group and then set new plans for me. 

Tuesday morning Mom and Dad left to go sign papers for the little house in Ponder they purchased, Grandfather took the littles to the park and to get donuts and hot chocolate, Chloe and Christian did school, and I ran to the bank, library, accountant's office, Staples, and a model home for Mom and Dad. (Obviously Kate did not come that day which was very sad.) 

Everyone returned home around 1:00 and I pulled lunch together before heading to shower and get ready for the evening as well as wrap up other things on my list. 

Aron came to get me at 4:00 and the kids all told him to take good care of me, or else. He promised to have me home "before dawn." 

The plan was to meet up with the friends who'd given him the tickets and ride together and then get dinner afterwards, but while we were driving to their house they texted us to let us know they'd already eaten and the tickets were stuck in their door so we could grab them and have a great evening. That's how it became "an accidental friend date."

We met up with them in line and got seats together in the top balcony of the Verizon Theater where the concert took place. It didn't start until 7:00 and although we were an hour early, we stayed in the main area talking too long, hence the reason we were up top. The view was great, though, there was no such thing as "bad seats." 
In line.

Our view. 

Bethel Live was amazing. 

I was blown away completely. When I was offered the extra ticket I was excited, but a little concerned. I've been in situations where the music was great and the idea was to worship, but it all just felt like a show, focused on the people "performing," rather than the God we serve. I didn't want that to be the case, but had prepared myself that it may be. 

It wasn't! Prayer and worship. Every moment, every word, pointed us to the Lord and we worshiped, fulfilling the purpose God created us for from the beginning. 

Aron went down to the floor near the stage for the first half and I stayed with our seats. In no time at all it was intermission. He raced back and asked if I wanted to join him on the ground level for the second half. We both had warmed up significantly and were glad we'd worn layers. I left my sweater and shoes at my seat when we went down. 

Three hours later, with no voice, and an aching, exhausted, trembling body, I didn't want it to end. I can not wait for the day when I will worship God in heaven forever and always, never growing hoarse or weary, and eternally finding joy in His overwhelming presence, greater there than we could ever experience here on earth. 

Afterwards Aron's friends met us in the main area with all our stuff and said goodbye. Aron and I stayed for awhile to talk and pray with some of the Bethel students who were there. 

Walking to the car Aron found out I'd never been to In n' Out Burger before and said that was going to have to be fixed. 

I'm pretty sure In n' Out was good. I was so worn out I couldn't hardly even process how to order with "all the choices." It was 11:45 at least by the time we were in the car heading home. 

While we were gone Mom and Dad had been cleaning out their closet so they were still up when we arrived. We told them all about our evening and shared our stories. I think it was 2:00 by the time I was in bed. 

Even though this was not a planned date, nor anything at all romantic when it became one, Aron set the standard high. Way high. Even as friends, he treated me with the greatest respect and care. I am so used to taking care of myself, opening my own doors, toughing it out when I'm cold, etc, or having someone else I'm responsible to watch over. Being on the receiving end, when I expected nothing at all, was special and now I know if a guy ever treats me with less care and respect than I received that night from a friend, something may not be right. 

So thank you, friend, for setting the bar high.

Wednesday morning was rough. I had slept badly (if I got 4 hours I would be surprised) and then needed to be leaving for work at 8:00. Thank you Lord for Your sustaining strength we can draw from and for caffeine! I only almost fell asleep driving once and barely missed just one turn.

The kids were excited to see me, though, which made it worth getting up. And there's no way that the concert was not worth the loss of a few hours of sleep. 

Calvin took a bottle and then feel asleep in my arms. (I did get him into his bed, though.) Then he slept for almost 3 hours! 

Meanwhile I had my Bible time and journaled and got back to a ton of people waiting to hear from me and completed other tasks that have escaped my memory because this was three weeks ago. 

Mom took Christian and Ava to the orthodontist that morning.

Calvin wanted to be held again when he woke up and fell back to sleep again an hour or so later.

I actually wasn't that tired once I was up and going in the morning, but by the time I was home from nannying I was dragging, so naturally Christian convinced me we should go play tennis at the school court. (I still probably won.)

Thursday morning Mom and Dad left the house about 8:00 to have Mom's gum surgery. 

I then needed to call in the reserves (aka Grandfather) to help me with a sick, weepy Ava. He sweet talked her into eating a little something so she could take some medicine and then took all three littles next door to watch "Nanny McPhee" while the rest of us did productive things with very loud music, possibly.

It was another gorgeous day so I offered to pack a lunch and take everyone but Ava to the Denton park for a bit. That was in hopes that Dad would be able to bring Mom home quietly and let her rest some. 
(Christian was still coming.)

Lunch was whatever I could find that needed to be eaten. 

We were supposed to go to Speech and Debate that night which meant we couldn't stay at the park long, but it was canceled so we ended up being there until 3:00. Our friends showed up too so we got to play "All It" and "Sharks and Minnows" and something else too, for a long time. 

Back home everyone cleaned up and headed to rest time. Mom was doing great, but still resting. 

Friday I treated more like a Saturday. 

Dad and I left late morning to go to Costco and restock after not buying any "unnecessary" food all month. 

The cart was full.
(And yes, we were both wearing flip flops in January.)

I'm doing all the menu planning, grocery shopping, and cooking for February. 

As UGSers Dad and I were gone much longer than we'd planned on and I ended up only having 30 minutes at home before turning around and leaving again to babysit that sweet house full of boys from church. 
When I arrived they wanted to do school! 

Saturday morning Chloe, Christian, and I went to the Gerlach's (a family from church that also comes to our small group and are the ones who threw the Jane Austen birthday party) house for a girl's Bible study I'm facilitating. (Christian just went so he could hang out with his friend.)

They fed us breakfast, then we began our study, then they fed us lunch, then we danced.

It was a week of UGS now that I review it again. We didn't get home until 3:00 in the afternoon and then it was time to get ready and turn around to leave for church. Mom obviously stayed home. 

I was the greeter that night and had the sweetest helper. 

After not being at church for 3 weeks I was so glad to be there. Mom was sad to miss and was well asked after. 

Grandpa met us there for the service. Afterwards we all stayed to eat the snack provided and visit before going to Aldi for more groceries. 

Sunday we did our relaxed brunch. Mom was feeling up to sitting in the living room to be around us for a while. 

In the afternoon we enjoyed the banana pudding and brownies that made it home with us from people at church. 

Christian and I left around 3:00 to go get a few more groceries and buy a basketball. 

I've Been Pondering...

  • As of the other day (when it was 63 degrees in January) I became a real soccer player. I forgot how much skinned knees hurt, not when they happen, but for a long time afterwards. 

    Sometimes life is like that, painful, not in the moment of hurt, but later on, whether it's days, or years. We stuff emotions and lies and hurts down and away thinking we have gotten rid of them and they will not bother us. 

    But they do.

    Just like kneeling down or pulling clothes on rubs against the tender places where healing is still in process after a scrape, life has a way of rubbing against the past and causing the stored away memories to resurface, dragging with it the pain you'd not realized existed before. 

    It's in those moments that you have a choice, either to push the problems away again, knowing they will rise a second and third and fourth time, or work through the issue, seek resolution, peace, forgiveness, truth, healing, and stop the cycle, move forward in newness. 

    Ultimately God is the only one who mends our cuts and scrapes, both literally and figuratively, so turn to Him for the healing.

That Moment When...

You realize you were so tired the day before that you took off your sweatshirt that is covered in baby food, tears, drool, etc and hung it back up in your closet. 

The Herd: Quoted

"You okay?" -Mom
"Yeah, I just have so much to do today and this week, and I'd rather just go play outside." -Me 

"And then you bit a lego and it came out." -Ava finishing a story for Mia regarding how she lost a tooth.  

"How many people know how babies are made, raise your hand." -Gabe at the dinner table.  

"I will read that blog post tomorrow." -Mom
"I will write that blog post tomorrow." -Me (obviously I did not.) 

"Did he just say you are beautiful?" -Christian referring to the young repair guy working on our refrigerator.  
"No! He said the music I played on the piano was beautiful." -Me 

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