Thursday, November 19, 2015

Pre-Tournament Stress and Nerves

Monday Chloe went to work, Dad had a meeting, and the rest of us had a normal day at home. Because of storms the small group I babysit for was canceled. I used the extra time to work on my NaNoWriMo story. Chloe and I are both way behind. But we are both determined to finish our stories eventually. That may not happen by the end of November, but it will happen at some point. Most likely. Hopefully. 

Tuesday Kate did not come. *Sad face* 

I took Chloe to work again (she has not quite gotten her driver's license yet, so we are taking turns driving her around). 

Fall is so beautiful in Texas. 
I love that we still have fair weather and green grass. 

I've passed this scene by the road every time I've ever left my house and yet I've never seen it before. Not really. Why is it that we pass things by in life so often, and never stop to appreciate them? Why do we let moments and conversations and even smiles rush past and hardly pause to take them in? Why are we always running to get to the next thing when one precious moment is right in front of us? Let's stop the speeding treadmill and embrace the slow walk where we can actually see what is in front of us and truly praise God for the beauty of the moments and scenes surrounding us.

Since passing my literature CLEP test I have begun studying to take the United States History I CLEP test. It is challenging, but good. 

We had small group that night and this time it was actually small, just about 20 people, I think. Nevertheless it was still so encouraging and just what all of us were needing. God is so good. 

Wednesday we had a normal school morning and then I took Chloe and Christian to our friends' house where a Debate Workshop took place in the late afternoon and evening. I stayed there for a little while, serving coffee, etc and then went to have dinner with a friend. I returned in time to pick Chloe and Christian up. They had a grand time and everyone was really goofy and tired when I got back. 

Thursday was a day of final preparations for Chloe, Christian, and I before our Speech and Debate tournament this weekend. I have been to many tournaments with friends as an observer so I know what to expect and generally how things work. Chloe and Christian are more nervous than I am because they don't know what to expect and they are in debate. 

It's so interesting to see how different people handle stress and nerves. Christian likes to talk about his stress and worries and vent all his thoughts and feelings to whomever will listen. Chloe bottles it all up and gets more and more nervous as time goes on. I tend to not get nervous at all until either in the moment of performance (or else whatever is happening) or after is it over. I can not be nervous at all about speaking but then shake uncontrollably during the event. Or nothing will happen until I finish, and then I will get shaky and nervous and all that. All that was for if you happen to be interested in how we are handling the nerves about our upcoming tournament. 

We packed all our food for Friday on Thursday night and all showered, and laid out our professional dress clothing, and packed our bags, and entertained thoughts about maybe sleeping a little bit if possible. 

That Moment When...

You can't remember which eyeshadow you just put on your eyelid.

Someone pokes you in the back and scares you so bad you scream really loudly at a gathering. 

Someone else scares you in the dark and you scream again. 

Someone else else runs at your car dancing in the dark. 

You decide you are glad you have learned to laugh at yourself. 

The Herd: Quoted 

"Did Mia say anything funny tonight?" -Mom
"You're asking me?" -Dad 
"Oh yeah, you fell asleep during the movie." -Mom 

"We have to be combatible, combatible?" -Me
"Compatible?" -Chloe
"Yeah, just making up new words." -Me 

"In the story they both die, but then they meet up in heaven again, probably." -Mia to Gabe 

"I am so stressed, I drank 21 cups of tea today." -Chloe 

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