Monday, November 16, 2015

Test Day, Take Two

Wednesday morning Chloe worked at her new job with a local photographer and Mom, Christian, and I went to find Christian a suit for Speech and Debate Tournaments and a few other things like fall/winter shoes for Mom, some makeup products for me, etc. 

We ate at Five Guys for lunch I know, I just shocked 99% of you reading this because we ate somewhere else besides Chick-fil-a and then kept shopping. We were supposed to only be gone for a few hours, but we ended up not getting home until almost 5:00 pm. 

At home I convinced Dad that we should go eat dinner at Babe's so that Mom didn't have to cook. It was also my idea to invite Aunt Cendei to go with us. She then tried to surprise us kids by showing up at the restaurant, but word got out in the car. Gabe was a little late catching on to it. There is always at least one person who is not paying any attention at all. Those people vary at different times, however. 

We had a very pleasant dinner and got home in time to greet Uncle Adam and his daughter who is close to Mia's age, Geneva. 

Thursday morning I left at 9:00 to go take my first CLEP test at UNT. The test was scheduled for 10:00 and I arrived 30 minutes early so I would have plenty of time to find parking. I was told to go one place so I could park for a few minutes, go get a day parking pass, and then go park across the street. 

Well, when I got there, the parking was blocked off with cones and the other parking lot was full. So I drove around for a while to see if there was a parking area that was not reserved. There was not. An hour later I was lost, my GPS was taking me to the wrong places, the testing office was not answering the phone, there was no parking anywhere, I couldn't find anyone to ask for help, I was very much regretting my big cup of coffee before I left, and I was crying. 

I pulled over and called the testing place to reschedule because I'd missed my testing time. I think it was probably pretty evident to the guy on the phone that I was crying.

Two hours after leaving home I was heading back having taken no test. I wasn't exactly feeling all too joyful about the situation and I had no idea why, but it was very evident that it was not a part of God's plan for me to take that test that day. In that I had comfort and later found joy. It was hard nonetheless especially since I'm the type of person who likes to get things over with as soon as possible. (Like taking tests.) 

Mom made me a yummy hot drink to cheer me up at home and I moved on with my day. 

Dad took us to club that afternoon and evening. Chloe and I got final feedback on our duo before our first tournament and Christian got more help with his speech. (It is still being written.) I know we will all be ready when the time comes and we are so grateful for the help we get at club. 

Chloe and Christian debated that night, but I decided to watch a different debate. It went a little long with Chloe and Christian, but as always I think it was good for them. 

While we were at club Grandfather hung out with Gabe and Ava while Mom, Mia, Nana, Uncle Adam, and Geneva went to Medieval Times in Dallas. (It's a show that is set in the medieval time period and has jousting and other fighting and all this other stuff. The audience is assigned different knights to cheer for, etc.) 

Mia and Geneva were really, really, really excited to watch the handsome men fight. And they both were thrown carnations. We will never hear the end of it. 

Mia and her favorite knight.

Friday morning was test day, take two for me and this time Grandfather offered to drop me off and pick me up for my test so I would not have to be anxious about parking. 

For those of you wondering, no, I was not nervous or stressed and I don't know why. I just wasn't. Was I concerned about not passing? YES. 

I was plenty early again which gave me time to ask five different people how to get to the testing center. I did find it eventually. 

There was only one other person testing at the same time that I was and the two guys running the place were very patient with me. (I could not for the life of me figure out how the locker worked.)

I was taking the CLEP test for Analyzing and Interpreting Literature. It took me about an hour and I did pass! I was so relieved. 

Late afternoon and evening was birthday party time for Nana at our house. We made taco salad bowls and then had ice cream and cookies for dessert. 

Dad had finally gotten a call from the Doctor's office saying that his first heart tests showed nothing to be concerned about. That was very happy news to share with everyone. 

After dinner Chloe and I performed our duo and then Uncle Adam sampled for us some of the songs he will be singing when he stars in a musical this winter! 

Saturday morning started at 5:30 for Mom and us four older kids. We left at 6:00 to take our two truck loads of stuff to the house where our church garage sale was to be held. Chloe and I went to get everyone breakfast from Chick-fil-a and then met the others at the house to unload and finish helping set up. 

Other church people arrived to help and brought more things to sell. We had people beginning to come by as early at 7:30. 

When doing a huge garage sale someone has to do the Starbucks run!

Chloe and I were not really needed any more by 8:30 and so volunteered to go home and take naps for everyone else. Naps never happened, though.

At home the other kids were playing with their cousins outside and Dad was working. Chloe and I both did some writing (we are extremely behind...) and I worked on laundry and made chili. 

About 3:00 Gabe and I left for church to go work on Operation Christmas Child boxes with some other families. 

The other kids were helping Aunt Cendei with different things, Mom was with a friend after finishing the garage sale, and Dad was still working. They all arrived at church in time for the service.

The box packing went very quickly and I think we did 52 boxes. 

After church we visited for a bit and then went home to eat and go to bed because everyone was very tired. 

Sunday was very slow and restful. (The dreary weather set the stage really well for that.) We had our brunch meal and then the afternoon saw most people in their rooms being quiet reading, or resting, or listening to a story, or playing quietly. The boys also watched some football. 

In the evening after dinner Aunt Amy and Rowan came over to visit. 

This was eaten for dessert.

The Herd: Quoted 

"I want my usual, eat off the table." -Gabe on the way to Babe's
"Yup, that's my usual too, I eat the table." -Mia
"That would make a very solid meal." -Chloe  

"I'll drive with you." -Chloe
"No, I will drive by myself and you can sit in the seat next to me." -Me 

"Whoever is still downstairs in 5 minutes has to pay the next mortgage bill." -Mom at bedtime 
"We don't  have a mortgage." -Me
"Oh yes we do!" -Dad

"But it's exposed to the elements!" -Christian 
"Yellow mints?!" -Mia 
"Its the table of yellow mints!" -Me 

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  1. oh my.. sorry about your CLEP experience Lydia.... but I'm SO glad you passed! {chloe - I like your glasses!!} so the garage sale went good? Did a lot sell?!


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