Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Fending for Myself

Days in the Life...

Monday was very quiet for the most part. As quiet as a house full of 8 people is normally.  In the afternoon I went out to try to register for classes (but there was a 3 hour wait, so I couldn't) and to buy groceries and to deliver some stuff for Dad.

I babysat that evening and it all went very smoothly.

Tuesday morning Kate and Sofia arrived as usual. They were happy to play quietly with me in my room until about 7:00, then Kate was hungry.

The littles all made their way downstairs pretty quickly, ready to get a good start on school and play with the girls. I was happy to have help.

Ava especially has been very good about getting up a little before 7:00 and completing a majority of her schoolwork on her own before breakfast.

They both went down from naps within 30 minutes of each other and I was able to get a lot of stuff done before Sofia woke up hungry. 

No, I wasn't tired...why would you think that?

Sofia went down again right as Kate woke up, also hungry. Then she was excited to play with the kids while I watched. 

Sofia got up eventually to eat and then we all played with the girls in the living room and listened to music. 

They both went down for a nap at 2:00 and Sofia left at 3:30. Three weeks in a row, I got both their naps to overlap... *wink* 

Kate got up some time later and ate guacamole with her hands with her dinner... 

She left and we all got ready for small group. It had been a while since we'd met! And this time it really was a pretty small gathering, but it was still almost just as good (we missed those who couldn't make it!) and lasted just as late. 

Wednesday Calvin was off on his schedule, so he was asleep when I arrived. 

My check engine light had come on on Monday so Dad and Chloe took my car in on their way to taking the kids to gymnastics and I drove our family truck to work. I feel so small when I drive that... 

I was able to get some good work done in preparation for graduation next month while Calvin slept and then enjoyed taking a nap next to him while he played on the floor playing with him on the floor. He went down for another nap right after lunch and I got back to work. 

At home I got to cuddle Sofia and then mix up meatloaf for dinner before going next door for a much needed massage. 

Dad had one the day before and Mom had one after I did. The massage Dad had was the most intense one the masseuse had ever given in her life. When she touched my back she was shocked that I was so tense at my age. Mom is calling me "rock back." Yup, it's apparently that bad... 

The rest of the evening was pretty quiet. 

Thursday Mom and the littles went to Bubble Land after school work in the morning, taking Sofia with them. 

I decided to go through all my "memory" stuff and get it better organized and all that. 

I found this picture I drew of Gabe while in the car when I was probably 10. I've improved so much, but really, this is not a bad drawing! (At least, I think so...) 

I promise, I knew exactly what was in each pile 
and now it looks WAY better than this. 

I used to wear glasses.
My eyes corrected themselves, though, 
so I have not needed them in years. 
I'm so grateful! 

I had to stop mid-organization project to leave with Dad, Chloe, and Christian. First we went to get my car, then we drove to the college to get all of us registered for classes. 

We all were home by 4:30 ish. The littles went next door to help Nana with something and the rest of us updated each other on our day and discussed classes. 

Dinner was every man for himself (I don't remember really eating...) and we all watched "Little Big Shot." 

Friday I had Sofia all day. 

This was what we woke up to:

So stunning!!! 

Sofia had a pretty good day. She didn't sleep quite as much as usual, but she was very pleasant. 

Too adorable! 

Sleepy girl. 

Mom had a hair appointment early afternoon, I believe. 

When Sofia left I needed to blog and journal so I cleaned the inside of my car. 

Mom and Dad went over to check out things at the little house and then went on a date. The rest of us ate dinner, cleaned up, and watched "Nim's Island." 

Saturday morning everyone got up a little earlier than we usually do on the weekend (so at 8:00) and, after breakfast, left to work at the little house. 

Chloe and I stayed behind to have Bible study. It was so nice to have the quiet house! 

After study we packed a lunch to take to the others and worked for a while as well. They had been pulling first paneling, then dry-wall, and finally wallpaper off the walls to get down to the ship-lap underneath. There was trash and dust everywhere. Chloe and I mostly worked on bagging all that stuff up and sweeping. So much progress was made! 

Everyone cleaned up for church and Christian, Ava, and I left a little before the others for the worship and prayer service. Once the Costco run was taken care of, they joined us there, as did Grandpa. 

After church Mom, Dad, and I had another graduation meeting to attend. 

Sunday morning Dad and I worked on brunch and Christian and the littles played poker. 

Dad was not feeling well and spent most of the rest of the day in bed. I got a roast in the oven for dinner and we all enjoyed the restful, stormy day, with some reading and tv thrown in. 

Ava also treated us to cookies. 

I've been Pondering...

When I was very little my grandparents purchased a piano. 
I loved to go to their house and, after asking permission, bang away on it, trying so hard to make pretty sounds. I always finished and asked how everyone liked "my song", but usually after only 5 or 10 minutes, I was bored and left it behind because the sounds I made were not pretty, even to me. 
As I got older I began taking piano lessons. Playing became more fun for a little while, but the songs were simple and boring, I was frustrated that I did not master it over night. It was a chore to practice. I eventually stopped. 

Off and on I took lessons. But it was not until I was 14 (ish, I think) that I finally began to love playing the piano, reading music on my own, teaching myself, memorizing more difficult pieces, writing my own, truly coming to own the gift. 

Now piano is a joy for me. It's therapy for me. Playing helps me to process things, lifts my mood, and is one way I love to worship the Lord. 
Today, as I processed while playing, I realized my spiritual journey has been similar to my musical one. 
I met Jesus at a very young age. I honestly can't remember the time before I knew Him as my savior. 
But I didn't know Him well. 
I was still a spiritual baby and my hunger to know Him more was not strong. 
I did my best, though, because what I did know was that I should want to know Him more. 
So as soon as I could read, I began reading in my Bible every morning. I read through the whole thing many times over as I grew and I memorized many scriptures. I told myself I liked church. I prayed even though it was hard. I knew it was what I was supposed to do, so I did it. 
But it did not give me the same joy I observed in my parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles. 
I didn't understand. 
I wanted what they had. 
I kept seeking God. 
I can't pinpoint when it changed, just liked a parent can't pinpoint the day their child grew up. 
As I was faithful to seek God, He was faithful to reveal Himself to me. 
Now I love Him with everything that I am. He is my constant source of joy and delight. 
I eagerly read my Bible, I pray thrilled by the fact that He hears me and speaks to me in return, if I could be in church every night I would be. 
I'm so amazed by His love for me, the fact that He delights in me, cares for me, and desires to give me good gifts. 
Keep pursuing Him. It will not always be easy. You will go through dry, silent, tiring times. But He is still with you always. 
Seek after Him and He will be faithful to reveal Himself to you. 
Trust Him and learn to love Him more. 
Allow Him to love you, allow yourself to fall in love with Him. 
There you will find your joy.

That Moment When...

The baby starts waking up just as you are about to get in the shower.

You stack tupperware together and get your braid caught between them.

You connect the dots for the first time ever and finally understand the Dr Seuss phrase, "A person's a person not matter how small."

The Herd: Quoted

"We should buy a ton of pairs of the earrings you are wearing, Lydia, and use them for the tile on our pool." -Gabe

"When are you going to start fending for yourself, Lydia?" -Gabe

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