Sunday, April 17, 2016

We live with Superman and Shine

Days in the Life...

Monday morning I received both Kate and Sofia early and Ava was downstairs ready to help me at 7:00. She is a huge helper!

We were sort of awake.

Dad had breakfast with someone and Chloe took Ava to art classes. 

While Mom and Dad visited later in the morning I helped the kids with math. (This would have been during the time that Kate and Sofia were both asleep. Yup, I got their naps coordinated again.)

The fact that I told him the wrong numbers 
probably meant I should drink coffee or take a nap. 
(I ended up doing both later in the day, when both babies were asleep again.)

When Ava returned I was grateful for more help. I do enjoy the challenge of caring for both babies by myself some too, though. 

Ava and I both went to babysit for group in the evening. 

 Tuesday was my one day of the week to have a more relaxed schedule. I stayed in my pajamas most of the morning and had a long Bible time sitting next to an open window with coffee.

I got plans nailed down for the rest of the week and did some organizing.

I totally forgot that I was supposed to make dinner, but in the time that it took to play the songs "When Can I See You Again" and "I'm Coming After You"  it was in the crockpot. *pumps fist*

In the afternoon I took Christian to run some errands after he and Dad returned from meetings.

After dinner we watched "Little Big Shot" which is becoming a favorite with the kids. 

Wednesday morning I left at 8:00 to go watch Calvin. He was so sweet that day! (Not that he usually isn't, he was just even more so.) 

Meanwhile, at home, Mom was in bed sick again, Dad had left for the day not feeling well, Ava was having to take care of Sofia by herself, and Chloe was taking Gabe and Mia to gymnastics. 

By the time I got home Sofia had left and the report was that Ava had done a great job with her. Mom was asleep and Dad was still gone. The others were doing their own thing quietly. 

I showered and left with Christian as soon as we were ready. We needed to go to Clothes Mentor for me to find a dress for graduation. We were in and out of the store with a beautiful White House, Black Market dress for $14 in less than 20 minutes. It was a record. 

Then we picked up dinner for me at Chick-fil-a (otherwise I'd have forgotten to eat) and shared a milkshake on the drive to drop him off for guys' group. 

I enjoyed a DECAF coffee and caught up in my journal some until it was time to go pick Christian up again. 

Thursday morning I got up to receive Sofia as Mom was still in bed sick and cared for her until I had to leave with Chloe and Christian at 9:00. At that point Ava took over again. Thankfully, Dad was not feeling too awful after a good night of sleep.

I dropped Chloe and Christian off at the college to take their TSI tests for reading and writing, then went to Starbucks to journal and sip coffee. 

They finished about 11:00 and I went back to get them.They both did great!

From there we went to Aron's apartment to help him pack as he was moving that week. 

First things first, though, we arrived and then went with him to buy medicine for Mom and pizza for our lunch. We ate all but one slice of two large Papa John's pizzas. I guess test taking makes you hungry. (Actually, I already knew that from taking my test the week before and using all my mental energy, etc. As I had not taken a test, I only ate 3 slices. *wink*) 

Chloe and Christian got the entire kitchen packed in almost no time flat. Aron and I worked on sorting stuff to pack, throw away, and get rid of, and got stuff in boxes. 

We finished with enough time to play a fast Texas Hold 'em poker game before leaving to get Chloe and Christian to Debate. I got third! Chloe didn't play.

I met a friend for coffee (except I didn't get coffee) for part of the time while they were at club, then journaled more. (I was still behind, but I'm pretty sure I got completely caught up that night and as I write I can tell you I am current!) 

Friday I had Sofia the whole day and Dad took Mom to Care Now. Turned out she had three different "itises." No wonder she had been in bed all week! 

I think she has out grown that bed... 

Coffee while she slept!

After lunch Chloe took Ava to the library for a couple of hours as a treat for taking care of Sofia so much while Mom was sick. 

I had to leave with Christian at 2:00 to take him to meet Uncle Phil at a disc golf park near Dallas. He spent the weekend with Aunt Lauren and Uncle Phil in honor of his birthday which is in November. 

Meanwhile, Dad was home with Gabe, Mia, and Sofia, the latter who had decided she didn't want an afternoon nap. 

Superman set the kids up with music and kept up with work while monitoring them. He is amazing!

Chloe, Ava, and I all eventually made it home. Then Chloe left to go pick up food from Babe's for dinner. While she was gone I did a month's worth of menu planning in less than an hour. That felt good. I am in charge of the planning, shopping, and cooking again this month.

Chloe and the littles watched a Tinker Bell movie, Mom and I watched "Hitch," and Dad worked and dreamed about the pool we'd like to put in. 

Saturday Mom was some improved, thanks to drugs, but still needed to be in bed. 

Chloe and I left to go to Bible study in the morning and Dad and the littles worked at the little house for a while. 

We all got ready and left for church (except for Mom, of course) and the others made a Costco run while I played piano during early worship. 

Sunday I opted to wake up early and make coffee and enjoy the quiet instead of sleep in. It was a good decision. Seriously, the times our house is really truly quiet are rare. And I love quiet. If you get up at 6:30, though, and do not eat until 11:00, you are going to likely be very hungry. 

After brunch Dad and I put a roast in the oven and the others had rest time while Mom, Dad, and I visited for a couple of hours. 

Aunt Lauren and Uncle Phil brought Christian home and stayed to visit for a bit before going next door to eat dinner. Mom felt well enough to get up to see them! 

Aron came for dinner and Mom got to eat with us for the first time all week. We were all very grateful to have her "back." Everyone stepped up in amazing ways while she was sick, and everything got taken care of, but we missed her! 

After dinner we all watched the more recent version of "Yours, Mine, and Ours." 

Compared to the week before, this was a much more quiet week! Sorry if it was kind of boring...

I've been Pondering...

This is why I want to be a ray of sunshine. 

I don't want to shine so people look at me and think I'm something special. I want to shine so that people look at me and see Jesus in me and know that it is He who has made me all that I am. And I want them to know that just as I am special and loved by Jesus, so are they. 

Any light that I generate on my own is not worth the attention it could receive, because without Christ I am nothing. He is my everything. So with all of me I want to point back to Him. 

The light He has placed in me is all that I want shining forth from me. That is the light worth seeing. That is the light that glorifies Him. That is the light I want others to see.

That Moment When...

Christian exclaims that something is in his mouth and in shock pulls out an inch worm.

Chloe begins setting reminders on her phone to text me that I need to eat at every meal and get decaf coffee at night.

The Herd: Quoted 

"What?! Oh, I read that wrong." -Me reading the start of one of Chloe's novels.
"Pay attention! That was so obvious!" -Chloe
"I just wasn't paying attention to what I was reading." -Me
"You are reading my story, why on earth would you read it and not pay attention to what you are reading?" -Chloe
"I was paying attention!" -Me
"You just said you weren't." -Chloe
"I said that?" -Me
"Yes!" -Chloe
"I just said I wasn't paying attention to what I was reading? I don't remember saying that!" -Me
"Drink your coffee." -Chloe

"He was definitely foreign. I think. Probably." -Me
*Christian repeats me*
"I said that?" -Me
"Yup." -Christian
"Just now I said that?" -Me
"Yup." -Christian.

"Please help Mommy to find her voice again and please let it be the same as the one she had before." -Mia praying over Mom who had lost her voice while being sick. Mia has been praying over different ones of us whenever we say we have a headache, or backache, or are sick, etc. She is precious and in so many ways, a real inspiration to me. Prayer should always be our first response!

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