Tuesday, May 3, 2016

I May Have Chopped My Hair Off and Grace Outside the Formula

Here are a few other tournament photos that didn't make it into the other post.

Student area during lunch.

We look so grown up! 

Days in the Life...

Monday morning Aunt Cendei brought us Chick-fil-a and Starbucks for breakfast! No children under the age of 13 had coffee. 

Most everyone had a normal start to the week. (Aside from the breakfast treat!) 

That afternoon I ran errands and then babysat for the small group that night. Normally I have another babysitter there who helps, but she was sick, so I had all 8 kids by myself. It actually went very smoothly. Whew! *Wipes brow* 

Meanwhile, Aunt Cendei came to vacuum mow our pastures and then joined the others for dinner. 

Tuesday Sofia arrived good and early. 

She had an A+ day, super happy, two very long, good naps, good bottles, it was wonderful! 

She can also do Advanced Happy Baby.

Chloe worked a good part of the afternoon. 

We were planning to have our engagement group that night, but there was a possibility of very bad weather (hail, high winds, tornadoes) so we moved it to Wednesday night. Aron still came to eat dinner and watch "The Count of Monte Cristo" with all of us. 

We ended up just having wind, rain, thunder, and lightning. Some of the children were VERY mildly concerned, though, hence the reason we all stayed up until 10:30 watching a movie which some of them had never seen before. It worked. *wink* 

Wednesday I got a text right as I was waking up that Calvin was sick again, so I rolled over and slept a little more. Mom cared for Sofia all day and I got to take a College Composition practice test (I didn't do too badly!) and then had a much needed massage in the afternoon. It was painful, but did help some. 

The weather was gorgeous and the kids played outside most every chance they got. I sat outside some too and got a sunburn tan. It started as a burn but didn't take long to be a tan. 

About 24 people were able to make it to group. It was very encouraging and lasted until 10:00. There may or may not have been 2 different kinds of brownies, 4 different kinds of truffles, and 12 different organic bars of chocolate present that night... 

Thursday Sofia arrived closer to 8:30 and decided that she didn't need a nap at all and that the only way she would be happy was if she was being held. So most of my morning was spent holding her. 

Once Ava finished school she held her while I got ready to go. 

We loaded up Sofia, and Mom and the littles and I all went to Bubble Land. Mom had a sore shoulder so she had me drive our truck coming and going.

Everyone had a great time playing with their friends and the ladies enjoyed visiting and encouraging one another. Sofia never went to sleep until the last 5 minutes before her mom came to pick her up...  

Ava left with friends from there to attend a sewing class in the evening. 

At home everyone else had some alone time. 

Mom and Dad went to pick up Ava while the rest of us ate leftovers for dinner and tidied the house. Then Christian, Gabe, and Mia played ERS. 

Friday I had Sofia again and she again decided she didn't want to sleep. Who wants to miss out on the party at our house, right? 

So I just held her while cleaning and working on whatever else I could do with one hand. Ava was helpful with her as well. 

When you were supposed to buy four of the same can...

I got dinner in the crockpot after lunch and I think Sofia finally fell asleep for a good nap. 

After she left I was able to exercise, shower, and work on catching up my journal. I was behind all week. Like, a week behind. Not good. 

The sun finally came out! 

We had a low-key evening, people ate dinner whenever they were ready, Mom and the littles played a game, and eventually most everyone watched "Wreck-it Ralph." 

Saturday morning Mom and I went to Seven Mile Cafe for breakfast. 

The best latte this side of the Pacific. 
(The very best one is in Maui.) 

After a lovely time visiting over breakfast and coffee we went to an outdoor farmer's market type thing. It was pretty small so it didn't take too long to walk through. 

At home Dad was working and the others were doing their own thing. I think everyone else had slept in quite a bit and were still kind of in the process of getting food and such. 

I left for church before the others to play piano during the prayer and worship hour and everyone else met me there. 

Church was a beautiful time of worship and encouragement on many levels. We were praying each other out the door at 9:00. 

Sunday we got up to make brunch together as always. Mia chopped up the vegetables for us for the first time! 

Currently our favorite station on Pandora is the Bethel one. We had it on all day and the windows were open. Spring is beautiful. 

Dad took some on a walk after cleanup and then everyone rested in the afternoon. 

Chloe rode horses late afternoon. 

I was still working on catching up my journal, but the week ended with me still about a week behind. 

I've been Pondering...

"If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, you will ask what you desire, and it shall be done for you. 
By this My Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit; so you will be My disciples. 
As the Father loved Me, I also have loved you; abide in My love." 

~John 15:7-9 

Abide in Christ. 

Allow Him to transform your heart and mind (Romans 12:2, Philippians 4:6-7) so that the desires of your heart may be in alignment with His plans for you. 

He loves to give you the desires of your heart (Psalm 37:3-6). Trust Him with those desires. 

Submit your ways to Him so that your life might be a beautiful testimony to His faithfulness and love. 

In this we glorify the Father. 

Abide in His love.

That moment when...

The baby wakes up just as you sit down with your coffee.

You take a bite of soup and burn your entire mouth.

Someone calls out that they like your hair, you thank them, then turn to see it was a teenage boy.

The Herd: Quoted

"The other night I dreamed that I had cut off my hair, then in my dream I realized I was only dreaming. When I woke up I really didn't know if I still had long hair or not. I was very relieved when I took out my bun and saw it was still long." -Me to Chloe

"No formula can contain the grace and mercy of God." -Chloe

"Lydia, you should be a famous singer." -Mia
"Why?" -Lydia
"Because you are really pretty and a good singer." -Mia
"Well Thank you, but I don't think that would work." -Me

"I pretty muchly already have six-packs from working out and before you know it I will have eight-packs!" -Mia

"I'm not addicted to coffee, I just really, really like it!" -Me

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  1. Good job with the title on this one! I had to read the entire post just to see if you'd actually cut your hair off! Glad it's still long :) I may get a little length off mine before graduation, but a little is always a lot to a hair stylist, so . . . ;)


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