Monday, May 16, 2016

Our Backyard Got Torn Up

Days in the Life...

Monday morning Mom, Aly, and Ava left after breakfast to take Ava to art class and show Aly around our area. They returned early afternoon and loved on Sofia, then Mom and Aly went to explore Justin Boots. Mom had never been there, despite the fact that we have lived here for over 8 years...

Sofia arrived around noon and ended up needing a lot of comfort. She cried real tears while I held her trying to soothe her to sleep for more than half an hour. I felt so bad for her! She did eventually drop off, still whimpering in her sleep, and slept for close to an hour.

Sofia very much enjoyed the attention she got from everyone after her nap and bottle. She was so close to crawling too!

Sweet snuggles!

Sofia left close to 5:00 and I left after that to get coffee with a friend and then journal afterwards. 

Chloe took Christian to Driver's Ed and the others all took Aly to get real Mexican food for dinner. 

Back at home we stayed up late visiting again. 

It was so fun to have Aly with us! She was our little piece of Maui, which made us even more excited to go back later this year. It was lovely to hear Hawaiian names and words; I know at least Dad and I became a little more "homesick."  

Tuesday morning Mom and Ava took Aly to the airport. Then Mom and Ava spent the day together, mainly shopping, I believe. 

I had lunch with another friend and in the evening, worked to prepare the house for engagement group. 

Dad had some huge deadlines he was working on most of the day. Both he and I work much better when we are under pressure. 

Group was good. We didn't have a crazy large gathering, there was plenty of food, and quite the assortment of conversation topics. 

Again, Chloe took Christian to Driver's Ed. 

Wednesday Chloe took Mia and Gabe to gymnastics. Dad continued with his work deadlines. And I was finally able to sit down and study again. 

In the afternoon I ran some errands. 

Chloe took Christian to Driver's Ed in the evening. Mom and Dad had a church leadership meeting. The kids and I stayed home to eat dinner and let the littles watch "Cars 2." 

Thursday morning Christy came to help me put together my senior slideshow. That took all morning, into the early afternoon, but we got it finished and if Christy had not come it would have taken me waaaaaaaaay a bit longer to complete the project. 

Meanwhile, Chloe and Christian finished some of their school and then went to work at Aunt Cendei's until they needed to come get ready to leave for Christian's Driver's Ed class again. 

Aron came over mid-afternoon to spend the evening with us. 

Friday, midmorning, we had a couple of moms and their kids come for a sewing day at our house. The little kids played outside and upstairs, and Ava and her friend worked on sewing a flannel blanket, and the moms enjoyed sewing and visiting and drinking coffee. 

Gabe enjoyed snuggling Audrey. 

Everyone stayed for lunch and into the mid-afternoon and had a lovely time. 

After they left we all scattered to have some rest time. 

Me at work, happily typing your latest blog post. 

Chloe took Christian to Driver's Ed and Mom and Dad went over to the little house to talk about some of the next steps for getting it fixed up more. 

The littles took showers and got stuff ready for bed. Then, dump trucks, excavators, and a backhoe showed up on our driveway. Who's ready for a pool?!!! 

We were all literally jumping up and down screaming. Mom and Dad very much included. 


Here they come!

Watching the backhoe get off the trailer and drive down and up the ditch all the way to our backyard I decided I never want to drive one. Let me tell you, that driver has serious skills and I am just fine to let him do his job. 

Gabe was doing cartwheels across out front yard, he was so excited! 

Once the workers got all their stuff dropped off for the night and left, we watched an episode of "Christy" together. 

Saturday morning I got up at 7:00 (the earliest I got up that week) and made coffee. I settled back in bed to enjoy the quiet, have my Bible time, and journal. I was still a week behind. 

About 9:00 everyone else was up with their faces glued to the windows watching the first scoop be made in our backyard. 

We all laughed, there was more rock in that scoop than dirt and the deeper he went, the more rock came up and the less dirt there was. 

I only screamed once because of how close the backhoe came to our house.

Here he was ripping out our garden. 

Gone in less than 3 minutes. 

It's all rock!

It rained throughout the night and it did not take long for both of the dump trucks to get stuck in our front yard, even the empty one! The backhoe had to go push them out. I then decided I don't need to drive a dump truck either. 


We are built on a solid foundation. Literally. 

After several hours the yard dried up enough 
that the dump trucks were able to drive around. 

They ended up dumping the dirt rocks down the back of our hill. 
Then the backhoe went down there to spread it out.

Finished hole after just 6 hours of work.

In the process of digging, they hit our sprinkler system, but I guess that wasn't a big deal. 

At one point I was watching the guy in the backhoe from my window upstairs and I realized he was talking on the phone and using his elbow to swing the arm around! I'm telling you, he really knows what he is doing. 

Pretty much the whole day was spent watching the work outside. I continued journaling some while I watched and Mom and a few of the others worked in the bonus room for a bit. 

I left for church with Christian at 3:00 to be there for graduation pictures. Then played piano some and sang some during the prayer and worship time before the church service. Christian has continued playing guitar and also tried some drums. 

The others arrived in time for the service and we all enjoyed visiting with people afterwards. 

Sunday morning Mom and Dad went out for brunch and we fended for ourselves whenever we were hungry. The littles played and the rest of us relaxed in our rooms. 

In the evening Gramma, Grandpa, and the puppies came for dinner and to visit. We had our brunch meal since we'd not made it earlier in the day. 

After they left we got ready for bed and watched an episode of "Christy." 

The Herd: Quoted 

"Wow!" -Me as Gabe does a handstand and then falls into a bridge. 
"What? It's just so amazing to see your little brother growing up?" -Gabe 
"...yup!" -Me 
"I was born to be a gymnast!" -Gabe 

"Use my stuff without asking? Uh no. That ain't gonna work, girl." -Gabe with sass. 

"Don't make me for breakfast! I'm tough, you wouldn't like me." -Mia 

"Fatigue has hit and willingly I shall fall." -Me 

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