Monday, October 17, 2016

Gecko Infested Foliage and What Else We Did in Maui

Days in the Life...

Monday morning we got up a little on the early side so that we could head back to "our side of the island." First, though, we had a lovely breakfast and got to help with some cleaning and laundry.

Aunt Cendei took all the other kids in her van and they turned on some good music and settled down for the drive back.

Mom, Dad, and I made a stop at Costco and then had lunch at "Leoda's". They have the best bread and pie for sale on the island, so of course their lunch sandwiches are pretty amazing, too. The fresh tuna salad sandwiches have completely ruined Dad and me for tuna forever. No more canned stuff for us.

The airport in the valley.

The mountain was so green from all the rain!

We were all pretty worn out by the time we got back to our rooms so I think about half of us actually laid down and took naps! The rest of the afternoon some people went to the beach for a little while and the rest of us continued resting. I know Chloe had school deadlines to work on. 

The porch outside of our bedroom. 

Two week tan.

That night we ate dinner in the room and watched "God's Not Dead 2". One of my speakers from Summit, Dr. J Warner Wallace, was featured in the movie so that was really cool! 

Tuesday morning Mom and I went to breakfast and coffee at Island Vintage Coffee. We shared the amazing peanut butter mango sandwich that is so good it "saves puppies from burning buildings" according to Uncle Phil. And of course there were lattes as well. *Wink* 

My hair got a little sun-bleached. 

We met everyone else down at the beach for one of the most beautiful days yet! The water was so crystal clear and everything was lovely.

Gabe is so strong! 

Playing football with a friend.

It was a little windy so my attempts to draw on the beach didn't work so well... 

We usually see at least one rainbow every day there.

For dinner that night we went to an Italian place. Dad and the other kids walked around Front Street for a while after we ate and Mom, Aunt Cendei, and I went back to the rooms. 

Gorgeous as always. 

Wednesday the others headed to the beach and Mom and I went shopping. We were going to go to the mall, but after having so much fun at Old Navy we decided we could go back. 

We got down to the beach in time to have lunch with the others. Most days lunch was leftovers from restaurants, or sandwiches, or snack-y foods, or all of the above. We were very laid back about it for the most part. 

Unfortunately, Mom and I missed seeing the huge sea turtle that came up onto the beach that morning, but we did get to see the dolphins that came in really close to shore that afternoon! 

Dad took a picture. 

We stayed late at the beach pretty much every day that week, enjoying the beautiful weather, quiet cabana, and the friends from around the world that were there with us at the same time. Since we go to Maui around the same time every year we know several other couples/families who do the same. Not everyone was able to make it this year, but we enjoyed Mr. David and Mrs. Pat from Canada and the Bartlett family from Australia.

Late afternoon. 

*Heart eyes* 

Mom and Dad went out for a while in the evening (Mom actually got pulled into a hula show and danced on the stage for a few minutes while Dad declined on account of he had to hold the cinnamon rolls that they had purchased). The rest of us ate and watched "Fiddler of the Roof". 

Thursday morning Dad made us a yummy breakfast to go with the cinnamon rolls they bought the night before. Everything tastes better when he makes it, even eggs and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. 

The kids enjoying their food. 
(The boys slept on that pull-out couch and 
Mia slept on the couch cushions on the floor.)

Mom and Dad's room. And yes, they each had their own bed.

We enjoyed another lovely day at the beach and then cleaned up to go to Lahaina Pizza Company for dinner, with live music and the best deep-dish pizza ever. After that we got gelato and listened to the waves crashing below the raised deck where we sat under the stars. 

Friday I can't remember anything interesting taking place... 

Usually the kids would spend quite a bit of time down in the water looking for sea glass and shells. Chloe is still the best at finding the most, highest "quality" pieces. Never mind the fact that she needs glasses and can't wear them in the water.... They also enjoyed boogie boarding on the waves and playing in the sand. When they got tired they would come in to play "Scrabble" or a card game of some sort. Mia was the usual winner. No, nobody helped her. Mom and I spent a lot of time sitting in the sun reading and talking. 

That night, after a long day at the beach, we watched "Pirates of the Caribbean" and ate key lime pie. (Yes, we had eaten our dinner already. *wink*) 

Saturday the Hodges joined us at our beach again for the day. 

Two older couples watched all the kids on the beach and approached Dad to tell him how impressed they were with our family and how good the kids are (something that happened almost daily while we were there). We don't stand out quite as much in Texas (though we do some), but we really stand out in Maui. They offered us the use of their two stand-up paddle boards as much as we would like that day.  

Gabe, Caeley, me.

Me and Ava.

Dad and me.

(I'm sorry, the other pictures 
with more people did not make it onto my phone.)

Almost everyone got on at some point for a turn. 

I got on one and was immediately joined by three other kids, which sank the board and made us all fall off. So one child left. Eventually we all got on it and I stood up to paddle. 

As long as the others were still and let me tip the board back and forth to keep my balance we were okay, but if I tipped too far and they tried to counter-balance we all fell off. Then of course someone else wanted to paddle and I kept falling off the back head over heels. So I got off eventually and swam back to the beach. 

In the process of falling and swimming my bun came out. So then when I attempted to gather it up and get out of the water the weight of my wet hair knocked me off balance and back into the waves. Yes. I know, I'm a mess.

After a while I got a turn by myself and that made it much easier. I'm telling you, though, its a workout! My legs were probably shaking for an hour after I got off.

We stayed at the beach for a long time and then some of the kids went to the pool. Chloe and I went back to our room and FaceTimed some friends.

So pretty...

That night Mia was running a fever so she and Mom stayed home, but the rest of us went to dinner with the Hodges at Aloha Mixed Plate. 

Other pictures from the beach. 

And another of the sunset.

Sunday some of the kids weren't feeling well/were worn out, so just Mom, Chloe, and I went to church on the beach. 

We got coffee on our way.

Our view from church.

We had a lovely time together and the service was very special. 

When we got back the kids were a little more lively and we all sat on the porch to visit and talk about the trip. 

After a lunch of whatever we could find, we settled down to watch "Pride and Prejudice." Mia's commentary was especially hilarious. 

After that some people went to the beach and others went to their rooms to rest some more. 

That night we went to Cheeseburger in Paradise for dinner. 

Brooks Mcquire has been singing to us for 16 years at that restaurant. 

The Herd: Quoted 

"I'm so glad you don't wear a white wig and tights, Dad." -Me while watching "Pride and Prejudice" 
"That can be arranged...your wedding, how 'period' do you want it to be?" -Dad  

"Maybe we can have him for dinner!" -Chloe 
"Have him for dinner? That's not very nice..." -Ava  

"I don't mind placing my foot down in gecko infested foliage but..." -Chloe 

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