Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Week Two, Lizards, Ireland, An Accusation

Well, I thought I was going to blog two weeks worth, but then I started uploading the pictures....

Days in the Life...

Monday was Chloe's 18th birthday! We had a nice day at the beach with cloudy/rainy weather, which is actually her favorite kind of weather so that worked out great.

This walk down to the beach is more familiar to
me than walking in my own neighborhood.

Our men.

Having a blast!

Mom and Chloe

There was so much sand that a natural dune had formed which was perfect for sliding down on boogie boards. The 8 to 10 foot, steep slides were great for launching into the water below.

My hair in Colorado = flat
My hair in Maui = huge
My hair in Texas = how I like it
Humidity effects straight hair too, y'all!

The two 18 year olds.

All the "kids"

The girls

Along Front Street Lahaina.

Chloe wanted to go to Cheeseburger In Paradise for dinner. The kids all got adult burgers and they all finished everything on their plates. I could only eat half of mine. 

For dessert we had lilikoi cheesecake!
(Not from Cheeseburger in Paradise.)

Apparently these pictures are a little out of order...

The restaurant

Mom with her adult daughters.

The Scrabble scores from earlier in the day.
(No, Mia did not receive any help.)

More pictures from dinner

We had dessert back at the condo while we watched the live action version of "Cinderella." 

Tuesday morning we all congregated in Mom and Dad's condo for breakfast and coffee to visit about the plans for the day, business ideas, and life in general. It was raining so the beach was not a very attractive activity for the day. 

Still beautiful...

Chloe started two new online college classes while I was at Summit and so every few days she has deadlines to keep up with. She had some stuff to finish that morning but then in the afternoon all the ladies aside from Mia loaded up to make the long, but beautiful drive to the Paia Bead Store. 

It was a little overwhelming.

That outing took most of the afternoon due to rain and traffic, but we had a great time picking things out for our project ideas. 


Dad had dinner ready for all of us when we returned and then most everyone was ready to settle down for the night. Chloe and I went back to our room to watch "A Walk to Remember." She totally predicted the ending while I sobbed even though I had seen it before and knew what was going to happen.

Wednesday morning was beautiful, and then it started raining again. 

The others watched movies and played games in the other condo and Mom, Aunt Cendei, Chloe, and I spent several hours beading. It's a really wonderful idea to do small, intricate work with needles and thread when your hands are shaking. 

In the afternoon some people rested and read and watched "Ever After" while the rain continued. Dad and the four younger ones went to a park for an hour, but the rain and humidity brought them back.

That night we all watched "The Ultimate Gift." 

On Thursday Mom and I went to get coffee and visited at Island Vintage for a while before going back to the rooms to get ready for the beach. 

Yes, I still had coffee left by the time we got down there.
Yes, I am the slowest drink-drinker ever.

It was a gorgeous day and we all stayed down there for a majority of it. That night we apparently did nothing because I have absolutely no notes in my planner regarding that block of time. *Makes face* 

The sunset was pretty, though!

Friday we spent the entire day at the beach. Because what else would we do in Maui!? 

Gabe has been keeping up with his gymnastics moves.
Every time he did a handstand rocks and sand fell out of his shorts.

The adults +40 crowd went out to dinner and the rest of us ate in Mom and Dad's condo and watched "The Princess Bride." 

Once upon a time last year we were going to do this movie as a play, but we never got good enough to perform it and then had no more time left to work on it. So the venture was lost, although we came away with a boatload of awesome memories from disastrous practices. 

One thing for sure is true, however. Although we did not have our performance well in hand, almost everyone had their lines down pat. As you can imagine, watching the movie looked more like us quoting the entire thing while watching the screen. 

Saturday morning we all loaded up and took a "Maui road trip". (Aka, we drove up-country which took us about 85 minutes.) 

Driving anywhere on the island is gorgeous. 

We went upcountry to spend the weekend at the Hodges' home. 

The view from their porch

The dads making lunch.

We arrived just fine and everyone ran off to play or visit. After lunch the kids went outside for a long time and Chloe and I went to visit with Auntie Aly, while Dad and Uncle Marc worked on a project in the yard. 

Later in the afternoon, once it had cooled off, we loaded up to try to go surfing, but after scouting out two different locations we concluded it was too rough and murky for us "inexperienced" Texans. So instead we walked around Paia in our swimsuits and got gelato. Then we went to someone's house and played volleyball in the backyard. 

Back home it was dinner time and then eventually bedtime. 

The guest house we stayed in was a stunning 100 year old beach cottage! It had all original wood (floors, ceilings, walls) and the windows were open everywhere all the time with fluttering curtains, indoor lizards, and the sound of palm-tree branches in the wind outside. 

Sunday morning we had a huge, delicious breakfast and then everyone got ready to got to church. 

The service was lovely and afterwards they served us a traditional Hawaiian meal and we got to meet different members of the church body. 

We drove up the mountain a little more and piled out at a lovely little park. The kids ran around, the parents visited, and I went off to sit in a field of clover and enjoy the Ireland-y beauty. 

Ireland! Am I right?!

It was literally all clover!!

After an hour or so we drove around to see more stunning views and stopped at a gas station for ice cream sandwiches. 

(Obviously out of order...)
Back at the park

We went back to the house for a short time and then headed out to Paia Fish Market for dinner.

It was dark when we got home so the kids watched a movie and the rest of us went to visit and encourage one another in the Lord and pray together. 

That Moment When...

Christian locks himself out of his room...twice...in less than 20 minutes...

Christian puts a lizard on your shoulder.

In revenge, a lizard falls on Christian's face in the dark.

Because of your families presence at church, 20% of the congregation is from Texas.

The Herd: Quoted 

"You pulled the covers last night." -Chloe
"I'm sorry... I think whenever I roll over it pulls on them, I wasn't meaning to take them away from you." -Me
"How can you ever get mad at Lydia? Anytime you accuse her of something she confesses right away!" -Christian
"Exactly! How can you? You can't." -Dad

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