Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Wise Words of Mia, Still No Feeling, Dogs, Dogs, and More Dogs

Days in the Life...

Monday I had still not heard from any of the establishments I had submitted job applications to. However, while Mom was at the dentist, the woman who cleaned her teeth asked for a nanny/mother's helper recommendation, so she gave her my number.

Another mom in the area needed help organizing after having moved recently. So I was over at their house for several hours.

In the afternoon Mom and I had a spontaneous tea and visit session to go with the dreary weather outside and our dragging energy.

Tuesday I babysat for the lady from the dentist in the morning.

Gabe had gymnastics. Dad and Christian took him and then went to the library to visit about Christian's school and such. Then they had dinner out and brought Gabe home.

Meanwhile us girls at home had cinnamon rolls and watched "Two Weeks With Love".

Wednesday I watched Kate and Blaire.

Kate was a bit emotional all day, but still so sweet with her sister.

This is her "no-afternoon-nap" face. 

Back at home everyone else got to get up for breakfast and witness a huge chicken massacre. They literally watched two large dogs walk into our pasture, tear in to the chicken coop, and kill 6 chickens, including all of our roosters. By the time they realized what was happening it was too late. I heard there was screaming and yelling and arm-waving and running, but the dogs had already done the damage and were running off with their freshly killed breakfast. 

Then there were tears. Chloe had raised two chicks and gotten them to where they would eat from her hand and perch on her shoulder and head. *Shutters* Both of them were killed. *Tears* 

I got to hear the story via text and then again when I got home. 

Thursday morning I went back to help with organizing and such and then had my worship Bible study in the afternoon. 

Gabe went to gym and the girls went to play at a friends house. 

Christian is joining Debate Club again, so Chloe took him to that. This year he will be competing in Lincoln-Douglas Debate (LD). Lincoln-Douglas is a value debate and is also much shorter than Team Policy (TP), which is what he and Chloe did together last year. It requires quick thinking and lots of logic. 

When I got home the others were getting ready to go to dinner with the friends who had Ava and Mia over. It was fun to visit while we waited half of forever for our super yummy food to arrive. Mom left from there to pick up Gabe and Chloe and Christian came home around 9:00. 

Friday was a gorgeous morning.

Yes, I have a lot of books, notebooks, and planners. 
Yes, I use them all daily.

So that week was the week of dogs. We had the two the killed the chickens and then another dog showed up on Wednesday (I think) and stuck around our house until Saturday morning when we finally figured out who it belonged to. Thankfully this other dog was much nicer and actually played really nicely with the kids who all begged to keep it. All except Mia who has only one fear, a fear of dogs. I feel like there was another dog(s) that showed up, but I can't remember. 

I babysit for the same lady I helped on Tuesday. This time I took her baby on a 45 minute walk, which ended up being a bad idea... I decided to go on a huge loop around the neighborhood and about half-way the baby decided he was done. He cried until I picked him up, but he weighs 20 lbs so trying to carry him, push the stroller, and walk didn't work. So...I won't do that again. I got a great workout, though! 

Friday night is family movie night whenever we are all home. Usually we stay together, but this time we split up and some watched "Pirates of the Caribbean 2" and others watched "Love Begins." 

Saturday Chloe and Christian began preparing for our Thanksgiving week celebration with family by cleaning their rooms really well. 

I left for church around noon to attend a worship-workshop all afternoon and then be there for normal worship stuff for the services. All of it was really good. Everyone else met me there later.

Sunday was super restful and laid back for all of us. 

A week later I still had no feeling in my two fingers after play the guitar. No, I did not play it again all week, just that one time. 

In the evening we had our FPU class.

That Moment When...

You drop the dryer lint catcher and all the lint goes everywhere.

You are left to babysit and the mom never told you the name of her baby. 

You finally find a monogramed baby blanket!

The Herd: Quoted 

"I've just been really trying to work against being prideful. Like, when people tell me something good that I do or give me praise, I want to go to tell other people what they said, but then I'm like, 'No, that's prideful.'" -Mia

"If you are talking to a guy and it's not going so well, but you really like him and maybe want to marry him, just make your hair fall over your face a little and then the guy will put it off your face and everything will start going great." -Mia

"Yeah, but when I get up early then Mia gets up and she is so loud." -Ava
"I'm not loud!" -Mia
"Well, you talk a lot." -Ava
"That's because after being asleep so long all my words have piled up and I have to tell them all to someone! They just keep coming out and you have to let them out because they stick to ya like laugh-y taffy!" -Mia 

"Chloe said they now have a coffee, tea, and hot chocolate bar set up at debate." -Me
"Well I guess that means you will be going next week." -Mom
"Yup!" -Me 

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