Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Wing Spreading, No Cops, Job Search, No Feeling in Fingers

Days in the Life...

Monday morning (the end of October) I got super serious about my job search and left to go reapply at Hobby Lobby, and then apply at Mardel's as well. The managers were rather difficult to read. I couldn't tell if it had been a good thing for me to follow up again or not.

After that I sat in Starbucks with a pumpkin spice latte and read a personal development book for a bit.

At home I applied online at Old Navy and also sent in an inquiry to a coffeeshop. Having done all I could think to do, I got to sit back and pray that God would open up a job wherever He wanted me to be and in that I had peace. 

I think everyone else had a pretty normal day at home. 

We do not celebrate Halloween, so that evening we watched some "Shark Tank" and then Chloe and I stayed up late talking and rolling on the floor laughing hysterically

Also, Christian wanted me to mention that he and I arm-wrestled and he was able to beat my left arm. I still got him down with my right arm, but it was a challenge. My days are numbered, he has told me, and I think I agree.  

Tuesday we had little miss Sofia for the day. She arrived at 6:15 and was super quiet! Naps are not her thing so I was grateful to have some help from the littles whenever they were not doing school. 

While Gabe was at gym Ava and Mia went to play with friends. 

After Sofia left I headed out to go babysit other babies until late that night. It was a long day, but all the kids were good and I didn't get too worn out. Actually, maybe I did... 

Wednesday I slept in I helped the kids with math because Mom was somewhere else...maybe at Bible study...something like that. 

I also took Ava and Mia to their gymnastics class. Usually Chloe takes them, but she had several college deadlines and cinnamon rolls to make. 

At home I took a nap for the second day in a row. So, yeah, I was worn out... 

That night we were all home so we had dinner and then watched "Love Takes Wing." 

Thursday Sofia arrived dark and early for the day again. 

Mom reading aloud to the kids during school time.

Once the littles were done with school they were extremely helpful with keeping little miss entertained which was wonderful! 

Several days that week Christian and Nana spent a lot of time together working on a personality thingy and talking through what Christian wants to work towards. It was super helpful for him and Mom and Dad, and he and Nana enjoyed their time together. 

Gabe had gym as usual that afternoon/evening. 

Mia and I played ERS and she did a good job holding her own. 

Friday wasn't that exciting during the day except that everyone had a pretty constant stream of activity and things not going exactly to plan...!

In the evening we all gathered with Dad's side of the family to celebrate Grandpa's birthday. The cousins were so excited to play that they almost missed dinner! 

I left from there to go to Bible study.

Saturday Grandfather and Christian were up and out before dawn to go hunting for a bit, opening day of deer season. 

They were out for a few hours, but didn't see anything worth shooting. Plus they both had plans for the rest of the day so neither of them really wanted to get something and then have to cancel their other plans to clean it and process it and whatever else you have to do with a dead deer. They enjoyed their time together, though. 

Once they got back Christian rushed to get ready to leave with Chloe and me. We drove all the way to Weatherford, which takes forever and a half to get to, to spend the day with Micah's family. I actually really enjoyed the drive, even though Chloe played Country music the entire drive. *wink, wink* 

About halfway there aka in the middle of nowhere I realized drinking a quart of water and a cup of coffee before we left was a terrible idea. 

Once we got there we enjoyed visiting the rest of the morning and then going to Chick-fil-a for lunch. Guess who picked the lunch spot?

We made a couple of other stops, including a Christmas craft fair thing and a basketball game.

Then we drove to church in time for me to sing for house of prayer and the service. 

Mom and Ava had left for a special girls' weekend in Denton and Dad wasn't feeling well, so no one else came to church with us. 

Sunday we made brunch and then watched "The Passion Live" from last year's Easter special. I hadn't ever gotten to see it and it was really good! 

We had a super laid back day. In between resting we watched movies and other recorded tv shows. We also had ice cream and cake, because, you know, it needed to be eaten... 

I also played Christian's guitar for a bit. I taught myself two chords, but I had to trade all feeling in two of my fingers to get that knowledge. 

It was a great day.

The Herd: Quoted 

"I want to go by myself too so I can spread my wings without bumping into someone I already know." -Chloe

"What's the speed limit here? I haven't seen any signs!" -Me to Chloe in the middle of nowhere.
"I have no idea, but probably about 65 or 70. Since there are no cops you're good, though." -Chloe


  1. I ALWAYS get a smile.... or ten. Thank you for the family updates.(You're stronger than Christian??? hmmmmm... no comment.

  2. YOu didn't know she was younger than me? Woooooooooowwwwwwwwwww

    1. STRONGER, Christian. He said 'stronger.' *shakes head*


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