Tuesday, October 13, 2015

I have a child and live with my grandparents.

Saturday we all slept really late. As in, 11:00 am to noon or past, late. After dragging ourselves from bed to face a beach-less day, we continued the process of unpacking and catching up on things that still needed to be done.

Mom left with Aunt Cendei early (10:00 am) to go to Town Talk.

I continued going through my things to get rid of stuff I don't need. It is so freeing!

We all wore our picture outfits to church at Dad's request because it is totally still 85 degrees at least during the day here in October.

Before and after Maui, tan comparison. 

Got protein shake? 

We were so excited to be with our church family again. And after the service a large number of us went to Rosa's for dinner. 

Sunday morning was mostly gone by the time we got up and finished preparing our Sunday brunch meal. 

Christian woke up not feeling well and remained in bed. 

After eating everyone else got ready to go. I stayed home with Christian, Mom went grocery shopping, and the rest went to Gramma's house to meet her new puppies! 

Having a restful, quiet day, mostly to myself, felt wonderful. When mom got back we made okra and butter, I mean, we made brownies. The brownies were largely composed of okra and butter. They were some of the best brownies ever!! 

The others arrived close to 7:00 pm and for dinner we had smoothies, popcorn, and brownies and watched "The Trouble with Angels." 

Monday morning my goal was to get up at 7:30 am. But we all were still having trouble falling asleep before midnight. So it was about 7:45 when I rolled out of bed. I still managed to be the first one up. A five hour time difference adjustment is no quick thing! 

Most all of us got to have a semi-normal at home school day. Christian was still sick and I didn't see him all day. 

I counted down the hours all day until it was time for me to leave with Nana and Grandfather to go to their small group. I missed all the children so badly, sometimes it was real physical pain. And no, I did not get over it. I'd say that was one of the hardest parts about being gone, not seeing all of them. 

All of the children seemed to have grown and it was so wonderful to receive all their sweet hugs and listen to all they wanted to tell me. Sadly, Kate was already asleep and Sadie was sick and not there. Mom asked me if I cried. No, not quite. 

Tuesday was get-readjusted-or-bust day for me. I had to be up at 5:30 am to exercise before Kate finally arrived at 6:00 am. I had her all to myself until 7:15 because no one else particularly felt the need to rise quite so early. 

My loving, reliable Grandfather offered to take me to the Decatur DMV to renew my license that morning. The goal was to leave at 7:30 am to be there when it opened, but getting out the door all by yourself with a baby is a little harder than you might think. Or maybe not. Maybe it was easier for me than you would imagine it being for yourself. I don't know. At any rate, we left at 7:50. 

Baby tips- Preparing and feeding yourself and a baby breakfast takes more than just 30 minutes. And I totally forgot the other tip. 

The DMV was a little full by the time we arrived and the moment we walked in everyone became very sympathetic looking and kind of sighed. They ooh-ed and ahh-ed over Kate and said I was very good with her. 

Walking in Grandfather noted, and I agreed, that everyone would probably think that Kate was my baby and that I live with my grandparents because my parents disowned me, etc. We laughed over that and Grandfather said however I wanted to play it, he'd go along. I went for the truth, and tried to explain that I was only her nanny, although it probably didn't sound very believable. Honestly, I really didn't mind. 

I've been asked since I was 12 years old if this cousin, or that sibling, or whatever child I was holding in public, was mine. It's a sad reality in our culture, but I am used to it and know how to give gracious, truthful answers without becoming flustered. (Now.) 

And we got my license renewed so I can drive again! 

Chloe prepping for the PSAT

Mom and the littles went to Bubble Land and were gone most of the day. Christian is feeling some better and worked on school. 

I very much enjoyed my day with Kate. 

Could this be more adorable? 

All of us kids practiced our lines for the play and talked to Kate. It was a good day. 

The Herd: Quoted

"They probably didn't believe me though, there was no way I was not going to kiss Kate for a whole 30 minutes." -Me
"You kissed Kate in public?!" -Christian
"Yeah, why not?!" -Me

"Both Chloe and Christian were going to take the PSAT originally and then Christian got sick so we thought maybe he wouldn't, but throughout the day he has seemed better so we thought maybe he would. But ever since I said he seemed better he has started visibly drooping again..." -Dad
"Yeah, I saw that smile!" -Mom to Christian
"I noticed the same thing!" -Me 

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