Saturday, October 10, 2015

Where We Belong

Thursday morning we pretty much got up and got ready for the beach. A little packing continued while we waited for each other. 

It was cloudy to start out and the water was about the same, still kind of rough, and not that great to be in. It was not, however, super windy like the couple of days before so that was nice. Later in the day the clouds cleared away and it got sunny. 

We spent the morning crying on the beach enjoying our last beach hours and talking about things that would need to get done when we got home, like renewing my driver's license which expired on my birthday. 

After lunch some of us started towards the pool and then showers. After I was all cleaned up I was able to complete my packing and rest for a bit. Aka blog. Then the rest of the crew arrived to shower and pack and go through food and finish laundry and everything else which has to be done before a family leaves Maui. In the midst of that Mom and I got to slip away and get pedicures. 

This is the view from my bed that I'm going to miss. 

And this view while driving.

Mom and Gabe had to take a shuttle to the airport as the mini van could not hold all of us, much less all the luggage. The rest of us left at 6:02. The goal was 6:00. It's a record! 

In the car the other kids retold all their surfing stories and what the should and shouldn't have done on each wave. 

Dad returned the renal vehicle while we waited at the curb...


Once we were all together again we went through security. For the first time in my life I was terrified to go through. I didn't have my passport to be current ID. And, as I already stated, my license had expired. They totally could have told me I couldn't fly. 

Mom decided to divide up the kids and have Dad take three and her take three and try to "these are my children" approach hoping they would not think that I or Chloe looked 18. Chloe's group went first and she was immediately asked for ID (which she had). Mom and I started sweating. 

The guard took one look at me and asked if I was 18. We said yes and he asked for ID. I gave it to him. He scanned it. He said it was expired. And let us all through. Praise God, hallelujah! I wasn't arrested and I got to come home. Whew! Never. Doing. That. Again. Ever. 

But the rest of security was crazy too. Chloe and I both got patted down. Her for no reason. Me because of my hair. Then Gabe's backpack was taken and searched. When we were finally all through with all of our bags (I almost left mine on the belt...) everyone was sighing with relief. 

We got the the gate and dropped all our bags. Then went to the restroom. 

I did way better flying alone. With so many people I kept leaving my bags and I almost face planted while walking. 

Dad took all us kids to get dinner while Mom guarded the millions of bags. 

I think that was maybe the first time I ever ate at Burger King. I had a veggie burger. *Ducks* 

Eating. Chloe was there too. 

Our flight didn't leave until 9:30 so we had some time to eat and clean up and put on jeans and sweatshirts.  


So excited. Not.

She asked and they obliged. 

He got the sweet end of the deal.

Yes, we were photobombed.
No, we didn't see it until afterwards.

Leaving Maui.

I watched it until there were no more lights to be seen.

The flight was about 4 and 1/2 hours long. We all tried to sleep. We all sort of failed. None of us find it very easy to sleep on planes. Christian even let me lay across his lap. I think I dozed. I did discover that hats are great for wearing over your face to block out light, though! I've never worn a hat before. Until I bought one while we were in Maui. 

About to land in San Fransisco. 

We arrived at 5:30 am and all went to our next gate. The layover was 2 hours long and gave us enough time to rest, stretch, and eat a little something. 

Breakfast and sunrise.

The second flight left at 7:30 and was 3 hours long. The seatbelt sign was on pretty much the whole time because of all the turbulence. I think some people were able to sleep. Our landing was extremely  bouncy and rough. 

Gramma, Aunt Candice, and Brennen brought us our truck and Dad was able to get all of us and all our bags in it. We were not expecting for that to work, but were very grateful it did. 

We were in...

...but not by much.

We all went to Jamba Juice in Southlake Town Center and enjoyed catching up some by the fountain. 

I walked over to Starbucks to see if my friend was working and she was! I just wanted to say hi to her and I didn't have any money with me. She blessed me so much by offering me whatever drink I wanted. My Pumpkin Spice Latte was so good. 

Now they sleep.

We got home a little after 4:00 and unloaded all our stuff. I pretty much went straight to the piano. I missed it. So. Much. Playing the piano is a way I release stress, calm down, and process, plus I just really enjoy it. I was so excited to be able to play a few songs from memory without hesitation or mistakes! 

Everyone worked on unpacking for a majority of the rest of the day and Mom and I started working to go through our stuff and find things to get rid of. 

While we were away we noticed once again that we really don't need a lot of things to be happy. We all pack very light to go to the beach because all we wear is swimsuits and pajamas a majority of the time. Also, we don't need "toys" or a lot of other things because we just spend time enjoying the beach and visiting with other people and playing games and being creative. At home obviously there are different dynamics, but we still have so much more than we need. 

So as soon as we were unpacked Mom and I both got started and already there is a large pile of things to take to our church's garage sale in a couple weeks. 

Once everything was mostly taken care of and put away (around 8:30 pm) the others turned on American Ninja Warrior. 

We were all really tired having not slept on the plane much, but because of the time difference it was still mid afternoon for us so going to bed would have been useless. I think most everyone stayed up until at least 10:30. I went to bed at midnight. 

That moment when:

Your brother decides to order your meal even though you are standing right there.

Your siblings get you confused so that when you get on the airplane you try to kick people out of the seats you thought were yours.

You almost face plant in the middle of a crowd and get told by the people giggling behind you that you were very graceful.

The Herd: Quoted 

"Prefect crying weather." -Me on the beach  

"What is that?" -Dad and Me at the same time.
"It could be something gross." -Ava
"It came from the freezer, it won’t be gross." -Dad
"That's the fish Christian caught and smashed and cut up!" -Chloe 
"Dad, that is gross!" -Me

"Thank you for buying food Mom and Dad." -Mom reminding everyone not to complain.
"You’re welcome." -Chloe very sleepily. 
"Hey, what?" -Mom
"oh oops, sorry, thank you." -Chloe
"what did she do?" -Ava
"She took credit for something she didn’t do!" -Mom 

"Whew, we are through. I thought I was going to have to call Mark and ask him to come get you." - Mom after we got me through security 
"I'm still shaking, I'm so glad they didn't tell me I couldn't come." -Me 

"They gave me a pat down again!" -Me leaving security 
"Why?" -Mom
"Because I have long hair." -Me 
"That's what they said? Was it a woman?" -Mom
"I think so...I can't remember." -Me 

"Let's see how many times I can almost forget my bag." -Me after almost walking away from my carry-on for the second time.

"I was talking to that woman and she asked, 'Are all those your kids? I thought you were their sibling or something!'" -Mom

"It took all of about 2 minutes for one of Keely's coworkers to ask me how old I am." -Me 


  1. Wow, that airport security sounds just like Chinese airport security. Thats' weird, usually American airport security is bad. People keep getting past it with knives on their person, like, accidentally. :P

    Also, I totally know what you mean about the piano. First thing I did when we got back from China (after sleeping for a bit) was grab mah guitar. :D

  2. Wow, that airport security sounds just like Chinese airport security. Thats' weird, usually American airport security is bad. People keep getting past it with knives on their person, like, accidentally. :P

    Also, I totally know what you mean about the piano. First thing I did when we got back from China (after sleeping for a bit) was grab mah guitar. :D

    1. They didn't necessarily pat me down for no reason. To be fair, they let me go though without taking off my shoes or sweater, so they were just double checking.

      I've thought about seeing if I could get away with taking a knife, but then I remember the time in Montana where they patted my jeans down for no reason other than I was last in line, and no one else was going though security any time soon.


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