Tuesday, October 27, 2015

My therapy and living on the edge

Friday was a very relaxed day (we blamed the rainy weather). 

Living on the edge. 

Progression of the morning

I don't recall that day being very interesting aside from two events. 

The first was I drove to Argyle to pick up a check for Dad. I was making great time...until I got to the Ponder train tracks. There sat a train, pulled forward only three cars too far. 

So I waited and waited and watched 3 semis turn around on the two lane road and almost hit everything and everyone

About 25 minutes later (Did I mention I haven't brought a book? I really should start leaving the house more prepared, we get stuck often enough by trains...) the train sloooooooowly started moving forward...and then stopped again after a looooooooong time, only three cars short of clearing the road for those of us patiently waiting. 

So I waited more. 

After 20 more minutes it finally finished pulling forward. I waited for a train longer than the running of my errand took total. 

That night we watched "Beyond the Mask" as a family. Wow! It was really well done and very enjoyable! We did notice that the music did sound very similar to "Pirates of the Caribbean" music...and the main character's name was "Will"... 

Saturday Mom went to breakfast with and friend, Dad had a meeting, and us kids...slept. 

Once they were back we all went to our bonus/attic/unfinished room over the garage to go through all the stuff we had in there and clean it because when we got our new roof a ton of dust and wood chips and stuff fell into the room and all over everything... Hours and hours later we finished and now it is mostly theater-ready. 

Mom found this picture of me, 
apparently I used to be a model and I didn't even know it. 
(I was in a baby magazine.) 

We all left for church together and arrived a few minutes early even! 

If you've read my previous post about Heritage Family Church and our church journey throughout my life you should have a good sense of the different church families we've been a part of and where the Lord has taken us in the different stages of our life. After church on Saturday we all knew for sure, without a doubt, that where we are now is exactly where we are supposed to be and what deep down we've known we've been looking for. I don't think I can even explain it. Just come visit us sometime, okay? I promise you won't regret it. 

After the service we went to Rosa's for dinner with several other families. 

Sunday morning we made our brunch and then had some rest time. Chloe and I stayed home and the rest went to a church get-together to watch a Cowboys football game.

Chloe and I opted to stay in our pajamas and watch "Lord of the Rings, Two Towers," or rather, Chloe convinced me to do that. Yeah, I don't think "Lord of the Rings" is for me. Too much gore. Plus the extended edition is really, really long... I'm glad Chloe enjoyed it, though!

Monday Mom and the littles were gone most of the day running errands and getting to appointments. The others stayed home for a normal day.

I went to have coffee with a friend and then get groceries for Mom from Sprouts. (I have more than one friend that I have coffee with, its just that that's what I do with most of my friends, get coffee and visit.)

That night I babysat for small group. Seriously, holding babies and talking with two year olds is my therapy. (Encouraging, one-on-one coffee visits with a friend is good therapy too, though.)

That moment when...

You notice the bruises you got surfing 3 weeks ago are still quite visible. 

Dad tries on his Coca Cola shirt he purchased when he was 15 years old and it still fits over his body-builder muscles. 

Dad wears that Coca Cola shirt to a party, a party that was not a costume party or a throwback-to-the-80’s party. 

The Herd: Quoted

"I almost forgot that you have to rinse canned beans and the seasonings almost got left out, but the soup should be in the crockpot correctly now." -Me
"That’s what happens when you try to cook before having coffee." -Mom

"Ah man!" -Me
"What?" -All the kids consuming Salted Caramel yogurt.
"I thought I was getting the same yogurt you got, but I just opened this container up and took a bite and realized that it was Plain! And I have to eat it. I'll try putting in Caramel flavoring and Stevia and see if that helps. Can I taste y'all's? *I taste theirs after trying my concoction* Rats! Yours is really good. Mine tastes like Stevia and Sour Cream!" -Me 
"YUCK!" -the others. 

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  1. NO!! The Two Towers EE is AMAZING!!! After watching it for the first time a few months ago, I decided that I am never watching the Theatrical again!! The EE is WWWWAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY better!!!

    But I know what you mean!! I have a sister who won't watch LOTR either!!


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