Monday, December 14, 2015

Hubba Hubba

Days in the Life 

Thursday Mom went shopping for food and all the other kids went over to Aunt Cendei's farm to work. Dad and I were excited to have a quiet house all to ourselves so we could focus on work. We decided to turn the music way up. The windows were open too! 

I put this together for my room in the late afternoon. 

When the kids got back they all showered and we got ready to leave to go see the Gateway Church "Truthical" performance with Aunt Cendei. Mom had worn herself out and opted to stay home. She did not turn the music way up. 

Before the show at 7:00, we got dinner from Panda Express. We try something besides Chick-fil-a every so often. 

I did NOT eat all of that. 

My fortune...

Gramma and Grandpa met us at the church and had saved us amazing seats. The show was very well done, a little different from last year, but still really good. Everyone enjoyed it immensely. 

Friday morning Mom and Dad headed out at 6:00 for their weekend away in honor of their wedding anniversary. Nana and Grandfather took care of us while they were gone. 

In the morning everyone worked on school and chores, then after lunch we drove to the Gaylord Hotel and walked around to see all the Christmas displays. 

This gingerbread house was impressive. 

See all the pretty Christmas lights?! 

 After walking around for about an hour, we got a table (and chairs) and enjoyed scones and hot chocolate.

The Christmas tree was really pretty! 

She and Gabe walked around and around and around that thing...

My favorite color

My projects while in the car

That night we ate stew prepared by Nana and Christian using some meat from the deer Christian shot last hunting season. 

I taught the littles how to play the board game "Clue" and beat them all. twice., then the others all watched "The Ultimate Gift" while I enjoyed some valuable alone time. *Wink* 

Saturday morning everyone slept in a long time (I didn't hear anyone until after 9:00). We gathered to hear the plan for the day at breakfast and I ended up being left at home alone while the others went to do some shopping and go to the park and the library. 

The times when I get the house to myself are rare and special. I love people and I love my family, but I occasionally like to be completely on my own. 

While they were away I tidied up the house, enjoyed my coffee and quiet time, played the piano, ironed a bunch of shirts for Dad (ironing is something I really enjoy), exercised, and took my shower. Praise music may have been on the loud side for part of the time...just thought I'd mention that possibility... 

She constructed an "American Ninja Warrior" obstacle course. 

Once everyone returned they had some quiet time and then everyone cycled through the showers and got ready to leave for church. 

Nana and Grandfather took us to our church and then we all went to eat at Rosa's with church people afterwards.  

Sunday Nana and Grandfather went to their church while we slept and then prepared them brunch. It was all ready for them when they arrived and we were live-streaming "Truthical." 

In the afternoon we rested, watched football, and prepared for Mom and Dad to come home. (Mia learned to ride a bike!)

When I get food out for dinner... 
Surely that will be plenty. 

Mom and Dad arrived home in time for dinner and a movie, "The Santa Clause 2." 

Monday morning Ava got her braces on. *Insert the pictures I could not get to upload, sorry...* 

In the afternoon I had another painful helpful massage. 

Dad was gone all day meeting with clients that had found him online, flew here to meet him (they live out of state), and are having him design the house they will build in a totally different state from where they live currently! 

Mom wrapped Christmas gifts. 

In the evening I babysat for the small group. 

That moment when...

The fire alarm goes off in the middle of the night at the hotel Mom and Dad are staying at. (It was a false alarm.)

You find out what "Hubba Hubba" actually means... 

The Herd: Quoted 

"Can we sleep in tomorrow?" -Ava
"What do you think you've been doing the past few weeks?" -Dad 
"Oh yeah..." -Ava 

"Do you want us to get back-sided?" -Gabe while in the car (he mean't rear-ended) 

"I'm going to run to the bathroom." -Me
"Please walk." -Mom joking.

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  1. you like - actually - love ironing? wow. I really don't. one of the very, very few housekeeping things I really can't stand. I never get things iron how I want them! ;D


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