Thursday, December 10, 2015

I need a bowl of coffee

Days in the Life...

Thursday morning I left dark and early to go meet a friend for a sunrise photoshoot in a random field we found that didn't have any signs, gates, or fences (aka, we probably were okay to be there). 

The light was stunning and everything was covered in frost including the grass which was still very green. It'd been awhile since I'd seen a sunrise (because I've been asleep most mornings at that time the past few weeks...). 

Aside from it being very cold my fingers and toes were frozen for 24 hours after we finished, but then I've always had cold hands, the shoot was fun for both of us and I think she got some pretty amazing pictures. I loved being able to enjoy the sunrise and marvel at the beauty God created for us. 

Here are a few

I got home in time to tell Mom and Ava goodbye. Ava spent the weekend with Aunt Lauren and Uncle Phil for her birthday gift from them and Mom was going shopping with Nana for Nana's birthday gift from her. 

The rest of us had work and school to do all day. 

If you remember, my shoulder was hurting at the tournament a few weeks ago. I linked it to stress (which is accurate) and hoped that it would go away soon. It hasn't really. The pain has not ever been as bad as it was that day, but off and on my neck, back, and shoulders have been sore. 

Pretty much as soon as I sat down to do my CLEP test studying for the day, they began hurting so I took some pain killer. Of course it was when I finished two-ish hours later that I got full relief. Maybe it's just school stuff... That's when I started thinking a massage would be a good idea. 

Mom was still gone late in the afternoon so Chloe and I were recruited to make dinner. (That means it was my job to come up with the plan first.) After scouring the food supply, I went to Dad with a sort of okay plan and the idea of "Babe's" in the back but more like front of my mind.

He proposed Babe's before I had to say anything. 

So we met Mom, Nana, and our new friend from church at Babe's with Grandfather. It was a fun evening! The food was good, too. In case y'all were wondering, "white soup" is gravy (if you are eating at Babe's). 

Friday Dad had appointments to go to and Christian had school in the morning and work at the neighbor's in the afternoon. The rest of us were thinking we didn't feel like doing a full school day and that Christmas shopping in the afternoon sounded like it would be fun. 

Mom had a hair appointment in the morning and then she and Mia and Gabe left to shop.

Chloe and I went to go see the new movie "Pan" (she loved it, I thought it was okay) and to shop a little. That was the first time I ever went to AĆ©ropostale.

We all arrived back home in time to eat together and then watch "Mall Cop." 

Saturday we had friends coming at 10:00 and all rolled out of bed in time to be dressed by the time they arrived. I had yet to eat breakfast, though.

After about a *pauses to think about how long* too long break from play practicing, we finally got back to it. I promise we will do this play some day. It was not my plan to draw it out quite this long... 

Miracle Max

Fire Swamp

Mom and Dad took Mia and Gabe to look at a little house in Ponder while we practiced. The report was fun to hear, and because Dad is an architect he was able to sit down and draw us the floor plan for visual aid. I'm so amazed by my Dad's abilities. 

We had stuff around the house to work on in the afternoon before we got ready and left for church.

The sunset was stunning during our drive. I decided a couple of months ago that I couldn't pick one favorite color, so my answer to that question is now "sunset." Heavenly displays such as that one are definitely my favorite.

At church I had volunteered to be the greeter. Mia was being baptized that night so all our local family came to join us for the service. (Ava was delivered back to us as well.) I made sure my uncle especially knew that I did not greet everyone with a big hug like I gave all of them. He was relieved. 

During the service I offered to help one of the young moms with her little girls who are two and a half years old and one month old. I'm pretty sure I was the most blessed out of the two of us. It was hard, but I did share the baby with others after the service. 

Afterwards most everyone stuck around to enjoy the cookies that everyone had brought to share in honor of the two little girls who'd been baptized. An unnamed adult covered for Mia so she could eat as many cookies as she wanted... Mom found out and kindly cut her off at 4. 

Sunday morning we enjoyed a late brunch and some rest time before heading to a church fellowship at the Peiser's home (the family with all the little boys that I've babysat for). 

We ate dinner and the kids played outside in the backyard while the rest of us played "Last Word" and "Imagine If." Mom did really good in both games. Dad and I are good sports. 

A rare moment when I was not the one holding the baby.

Ava had spent the day with a friend in honor of the friend's birthday so we picked her up on the way home. 

Monday was pretty quiet. Everyone did normal stuff. 

Mom and I had massages in the afternoon. That was painful. But it helped some. Now I'm just sore because I had a massage. Unfortunately, even after an hour of working on me, the masseuse said she had not had near enough time to work out all the tension. Mom is doing much better, though! 

That night I had small group to babysit for. I love time with little children. 

Tuesday morning Kate came! I'm not doing this on purpose, but again, I got to practice caring for a baby with not enough sleep. She took a really good nap this time, though. Praise the Lord!

Ava is a wonderful helper.

Too much cuteness. 

In the afternoon I had to get ready for our Speech and Debate Club's Christmas party in Dallas, as well as pack an overnight bag. Kate was a good helper... 

Her pajamas are so adorable!

I was sad to have to leave Kate with Mom to head out with Chloe and Christian. Walking away from her when she was crying for me about ripped my heart out.

Baby tips:

-Once your baby is old enough to sit up on their own without falling over you can sit them on the counter in front of you while you get food or do things that require two hands. Just watch them. Very. Closely. And don't walk away. 

-If you are needing to get ready for an event (so like put makeup on and curl your hair) get an easy to eat baby snack like cheerios or something and let your child eat by your feet. Talk to them to keep them interested and in one general spot. 

Chloe, Christian, and I left mid-afternoon, made a quick stop for gas (so that Christian could do it for me), and raced through Walmart to pick up salad makings. Then my GPS decided to not work, at all, so we ended up having to call our ride and meet them at Tom Thumb instead of their house. (The party was in Dallas and I did not want to drive there.)

We were supposed to be at the house early to help set up tables and such, but by the time we arrived (although we were still early) everything was already done. 

All three of us had a great time. A majority of the time we visited with friends either inside or outside. Christian played football in the backyard with some other boys after dinner. 

The party technically ended at 9:00 but some people didn't leave. Most of us that remained decided to go look at Christmas lights around Highland Park. 

This tree was impressive.

We left sometime after 10:30, I believe, and went back to get our car. Then we followed our friends to the house we were to sleep at. (It would not have been wise for me to drive us home an hour away so late at night with not enough sleep.) 

Us girls stayed up visiting with our friend and her parents until 1:00 am. Christian and the boys were up until 3:30. 

Wednesday morning we got up around 7:30 so we could leave right after breakfast and get Chloe to work by 10:00. 

It was almost 10:30 by the time Christian and I got home. We caught up with Mom and Dad about our time. They had gone to work at "Santa Cops" Tuesday evening. (They wrapped presents that the police officers could then deliver to families.) 

In the afternoon I went to get Chloe from work and Mom had a bunch of homeschooling moms over so they could ask her questions and be encouraged gleaning from her years of experience. She is such a blessing to so many people. 

Aunt Cendei had a huge fire (we could see the smoke from our house 5 miles away) in one of her pastures for a couple of hours in the afternoon. Praise the Lord that 8 firetrucks later it was put out and did not hit the gas wells on her property. We invited her to come for dinner that night and watched "The Santa Clause." 

I've been Pondering

This week past I have been focusing on Proverbs 3:5-6. Stress is an extreme part of my life right now, but I'm determined to trust in the Lord, acknowledge Him in all my ways, and walk as He leads me.

My favorite part of the day. 

I can honestly say it is true. I couldn't always. I used to wish I could, but I wasn't there yet. I enjoyed reading my Bible and praying and have been doing so since before I can remember, but I did it more out of habit for the most part. It certainly wasn't truly my favorite. 

I can not pinpoint exactly when that changed. There is no specific quiet time or prayer session that changed my entire point of view. 

Rather, God has been working in my heart, and as I drew near to Him, purposing to seek Him, He was faithful to reveal Himself to me more and more. And the more I learned about Him, the more I began to enjoy and delight in His presence. 

I share this not to boast or point to myself, but to be an encouragement. I'm not saying that every time I sit down to read God's Word I find new wonderful things that make me want to run and dance and sing. (I actually do a lot of crying.) And I'm not saying that every time you read the Bible you will be excited or interested. But what I can say is that God is faithful. 

When you draw near to Him and seek His face, He will draw near to you and reveal Himself to you. The more I know God and experience the work of His hands in my life, the more I love Him, and the more I grow to cherish my time spent purposefully resting in the presence of my Savior. 

(P.S. I know my mug of coffee looks more like a bowl of coffee, but I promise it's not that large, and it was only half filled, lest y'all be concerned that I'm not sleeping enough and thus need that much coffee. *wink*)

That Moment When...

You're really hungry until you get to the restaurant and finally have food in front of you. 

Chloe accidentally bakes 108 cookies. 

Gabe comes in the room with a 4 inch bleeding cut across his neck. 

Mia is excited about a new math book. 

You drink something that is too hot and live the next 24 hours with a sandpaper tongue. 

You realize people in the city actually lock their doors so you can't just walk in and call out "knock knock." 

The Herd: Quoted 

"That's Christian's Christmas list. It takes awhile to read so just go ahead and set it aside." -Mom to Dad. 

"Thanks for calling me an adult tonight." -Me smiling. 
"I'm trying, I really am!" -Mom 

"How come you get to sleep in?!" -Chloe 
"Because I accidentally turned off my alarm. In my sleep. Twice." -Me 

"High-five for the blonde moments!" -Me to Dad after he had one. 

"I forgot to tell Kate no naps in the car on Tuesdays." -Me  

"As soon as you left she melted into a puddle." -Ava telling me that Kate cried for me. 

"I should probably turn my lights on..." -Me as I pull on to the road at 11:00 pm and notice how dark it is. 

"That was so fun! I did a great job extroverting!" -Chloe after the party. 

"If I could, I'd marry God. Would you? Wait, no, I wouldn't because I'm not perfect." -Mia to Mom during school time. 

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  1. awesome post! sorry about your frozen hands - next time I PROMISE we'll do it when it's WARM out - i.e. summer.... :)But I'm glad we did it! :) IT WAS FUN!!! {I've done exact same thing with car lights...oh yeah, I forgot to turn them on too! :)}


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