Tuesday, March 15, 2016

I Didn't Go to the Hospital, but... and Trust

Days in the Life...

Monday morning Ava had art class and I watched Sofia while Mom took her to it.

We have some really nice neighbors who let us wash laundry at their house since our washer broke mid-cycle that morning. (Grandparents are wonderful.)

In the afternoon I ran drove my car, but you know what I mean to the library and bank before leaving to take Christian to a birthday party in the evening.

We stopped to get gas and I got the pump handle holder to work! (Christian was cleaning my windshield, that's why I pumped it myself.)

When the driver says you should buy the gift at the store she knows how to get to easily and the passenger says he knows exactly where the store he wants to go to is, you should listen to the driver. 

Sometimes, though, God will allow us to go down a path we shouldn't so we can reap the consequences of our mistakes. In the end, our way is usually longer and more complicated, but God is ready and willing to put us back in the right path as soon as we surrender to Him once more.

While Christian was at the party we still made it there mostly on time, we just took the very long way and we never got lost I just didn't know the names of the roads we were on I went to Starbucks to study. 

In case you were wondering 113, or "eleventy-three," math questions is too many for one study session. At least for me. It left me braindead. And ready to cry. 

Tuesday morning I kept wondering why my alarm was not going off. I finally checked my phone. It was only 3:22 am. Logically you readers would likely guess that I must have just been so excited about my plans for the next morning that I was unable to sleep. No. Not really. I was just extremely paranoid about being late, or over-sleeping, or something. For some reason. I don't know why. 

My alarm went off at 5:30 and within 15 minutes all of us (with the exception of Mom, Dad, and Mia) were in my car headed to the high school track. 


We were not very awake. 

Aron met us there to teach us his crazy, insane, completely impossible sprint workout. 

We started with a 20 minute warm-up. That looked like jogging 1/4 of a mile, and doing 200 yards of various stretches like butt-kickers, walking lunges, high-knees, calf-raises, etc, and 15, 20, 40, and 50 yard (I think, I'm probably off a little) sprints. That was our warm-up. 

Then the real workout began. The warm-up was about what I'd call a completed workout for me personally. 

We did 6, 100 yard sprints, with 30 seconds rest in-between each sprint. I'm pretty sure Gabe and Ava were doing better than I was. 

After that we were allowed to take a water break. 

I almost blacked out after the sprints. "Almost" meaning I could no longer see or hear anything, felt like I was going to be sick, and had no sense of direction. I was mildly concerned. (And by "mildly," I mean very.)

Note* I'd been challenged that I could not complete this workout. That would be why I was so determined to do it. 

Double note** I'd also been told I could complete the workout, and that I would not black out, and that I would not get hurt, and that I would complete it. (For Ava and Gabe it was optional. Chloe and Christian were under the same requirements.)

Next were crunches, sit-ups, pushups, and other body weight and core exercises. Those things I am much more competent in. Gabe knocks us all out of the park, though. He is one impressive kid! 

To continue on we moved to the agility ladder. Aron demonstrated the first two "simple" run throughs (one foot in each square, then two feet in each square) and had us go for it. (After we got through the ladder we were then to sprint to a certain point before circling back around to go again and each time the steps got more advanced.) 

That's when I got hurt. 

I still don't have a clue what really happened. I was running, then felt a shooting pain on the outside of my left foot, and ended up on the ground. I wasn't crying, but I greatly dislike crying in front of people when I get hurt. 

Aron told me to just sit for a minute and then try again. I did so and the instant I put my foot down the same thing repeated. So he took my shoe off to examine it and said that I was done. No more. 

For that reason, y'all get to see pictures! 

The others continued the agility ladder exercises and may or may not have run full speed straight at me and jumped over my head and then did 6 more, 100 yard sprints. 

Last sprints.

It was a gorgeous morning!

Finally we made it to our 15 minutes of stretching, which I was able to do. Stretching is the other thing I do well. I think I received the biggest share of whatever small, random flexibility gene floats around in our family. 

The walk to the car was long. I hopped and skipped and when the kids and Aron left to head to his car across the parking lot, I asked Chloe if I could use her shoulder to hop easier. She just gave me a piggy back ride. 
All our post-workout-and-before-that-we-rolled-out-of-bed, glory.

I was so grateful I only injured my left foot. I was still able to drive us home! 

While we were at the track, Mom took Sofia and went to buy Panarea Bread Cinnamon-Cruch Bagels to serve with our breakfast of eggs, sausage, and skillet vegetables. 

Aron stayed for a little bit to play Abalone with some of us and then left so we could get to our school day. Except that I was ready for a nap...

I took a shower I just stood on one foot and then Dad and I went to go vote. 

In the afternoon I watched Mom do Cize 6, while icing and elevating my foot. 

Oh my goodness. It looked so fun, but very complicated. Mom had to do it by herself because she needed the entire living room, with the furniture pushed back, in order to have enough room to move around for the dance. 

Christian and Aron played disco gold disc golf how I type it and how it's really spelled in the afternoon as well. 

I hopped around the kitchen and made dinner, while Mom and Dad went over to see the little house. The foundation was finished earlier that day and they were able to meet a guy there who thinks he should be able to do a majority of the rest of the work we'd like done. 

Wednesday morning I tested my foot, it still hurt badly. 

Calvin was asleep when I arrived at work. Surprise! Schedule is off. That's okay. I'm flexible. *Smile* 

He ended up taking two morning naps. 

By the time I was leaving at 2:30 I'd been up and down the stairs 3 times with him and completed over 100 math questions. (The former was probably not wise, and the latter I was very excited about.) 

While I was gone we got a new washer and dryer, our water heater was fixed (that was a big yay), and we'd had a water filter system installed in the kitchen sink so we don't need the water filter pitchers any more. 

Mom had taken the littles to the Denton Library in the early afternoon and Chloe also went to work. Mom and Dad both got massages in the afternoon. It was a full day! 

All of us who went to the track the previous morning were very very very sore. 

I took Christian to his guys' group that night. We arrived first so he told me to throw his frisbee. He must have forgotten that I'm not an expert frisbee thrower, it landed on the roof. Christian was standing right under it, though, so my aim was good...  

I went to work at Starbucks while he was there. 

Before I hurt my foot I never realized how fast I normally move around. I always run up the stairs, I power walk whenever I go anywhere in public, I walk quickly to my car, actually everywhere usually. Being forced to slow down was a little frustrating, but I took the opportunity to see what I could learn from it, and I am so grateful that I usually have the ability to move freely. 

Thursday was pretty low-key for all of us. We worked on our stuff around the house. I took an afternoon nap and read almost an entire book between late afternoon and then more late evening. The book was "Make it Happen" and I really enjoyed it, easy to read and inspiring. 

Chloe and Ava watched "Pan" that night, the others watched "Prince Caspian," and us adults worked on our taxes. 

Friday I was well hydrated- 

There was no power walk this time when I watched the two year old in the afternoon. He took a long nap, though, which gave me time to do this- 

My "Dream Dump" was inspired by "Make it Happen," although it was not talked about in the book. I just started writing down everything I could think of that I've wanted to do whether it was "learn to draw portraits realistically in color" or "open a coffee shop" or "take a road trip with a friend." 

It was fun and very freeing. 

What will be even more fun will be referring back to it and seeing how many things I can actually make happen! Dreams are great, actions to get you to where you make those dreams reality are far better. 

Gramma and Grandpa picked up On the Border for us and came out to see the little house and eat dinner with us. It was fun to catch up with them and not have to make dinner! 

After they left, the kids watched "The Shakiest Gun the in the West" and Mom, Chloe, and I watched "Music and Lyrics." If you were wondering, "Music and Lyrics" is totally made up.

Saturday morning Chloe and I got up a few minutes earlier than last week and arrived on time for Bible study. 

Mom and Gabe stayed home all day recovering from a cold. They watched HGTV and did some organizing projects. 

Dad and the others worked at the little house quite a bit, cleaning, pulling up carpet, taking the laundry out of the dryer that had been left, etc. 

I left early for church to be a part of the hour of prayer and worship that we are starting before the 6:00 service. I was asked to play piano, which I've wanted to do. It still felt a little out of my comfort zone, but that's a good thing. 

Dad and the others went to Costco and then joined me. 

This week there were a lot of babies at church and I was more than happy to have one at any given time. 

We stayed to eat and visit after the service as usual, then went home to Mom and Gabe. 

Sunday morning Aron was not supposed to come over, but his other plans canceled on him so we told him he was welcome join us for brunch again. 

Many rounds of Abalone took place while food was being prepared. 

Then after we ate, we watched YouTube videos of Hawaiian worship music taking place on "our" beach. I almost cried. I love it there so much. 

Gabe won the game of Apples to Apples that took place after the kitchen was cleaned up. 

Aron left after that and Dad took everyone but Mom, Chloe, and me to run errands. Mom and I worked on sorting through old photos and Chloe went to ride horses at the neighbor's. 

I tried making biscuits to go with dinner. 

This is totally how it works. 

(Chloe ended up having to help me out of the sticky mess I created. Somehow we still managed to get yummy biscuits out of it.)

After dinner we watched "Fixer Upper" which is not a made up show and ate ice cream and cookies. 

I've Been Pondering...

Trust is built through relationship. 

To trust someone you have to open yourself up to them and be vulnerable. That means it's possible you could be hurt through the process. It's also possible that they will in turn draw closer to you because they also trust you and have freedom to be vulnerable as well. 

Trust is scary. 

It takes boldness. 

Risk is involved. 

Relationship is at stake. 

On the other side of trust is freedom, and love, and open, honest communication, and real relationship, and more trust. 

The more you open yourself up to another, the more opportunities they will have to show their faithfulness to you and the more trust both of you will build between you.

When we decide to trust God, we decide we are going to let Him take us to the places He wants us to be (whether comfortable or uncomfortable), and allow us to experience the things He wants us to experience (whether easy or difficult), and through those things He will show us His faithfulness and love. Each time we see that faithfulness, the greater our capacity to trust will be. 

God wants to show Himself faithful in our lives. We have to be willing to trust Him.

That Moment When...

Mia's tests results show that her reading, grammar, and spelling skills are on a 3rd grade level. She is technically in kindergarten.

Mia tastes black coffee and decides it's gross.

You arrive at work to learn that the two year old has begun potty training.

The Herd: Quoted 

"The sun is not up and it has to come up over that bank of clouds which looks sort of like a mountain range so basically it's Colorado." -Me
"Your logic had too many flaws to name." -Christian 
"I know. It's early." -Me 

"Mia, can you take this next door and ask Grandfather to make Lydia a cup of coffee? Say 'pretty please with a cherry on top' and he will do it for you." -Mom 
"Okay." -Mia laughing. 
"They are out of cherries." -Mia returning with the coffee.

"You are quite good at this game, but not good enough for me, although I've never won this before." -Mia playing Abalone with me.

"We could have a chocolate chip fight and then eat the chocolate chips!" -Gabe

"How is your foot?" -Mom
"It seems okay, I'm using it normally." -Me
"You still can't go for a power walk to the park today." -Mom
"I know. I thought about it, but decided that would be pretty stupid. Thanks for telling me, though." -Me 


  1. I really enjoyed your post! HGTV is one of our favourite TV channels/shows to watch as well! And you like Starbucks!!!! It's rare to meet Starbucks fans. I appreciate your faith and you love for the Lord that comes out in your blog. :)

    1. Thank you! Well, coffee in general, but Starbucks is great. Thank you, I hope it's encouraging.

  2. Really enjoyed catching up on life up there. Miss all of you! ~Uncle Adam

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed it! We miss you too!

  3. WOW. That sounded like one INTENSE workout!

    The Dream Dump sounds interesting. I may try that someday.

    Also, WOAH 113 math problems!! I can barely get through 50 without dying. ;P

    Thank you for posting! It was an enjoyable read. :) Hope your foot feels better soon!


    1. It was! I wish I could have completed it just so I can say I did it!

      Please, do try it!

      Yes, it was a lot.

      I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I hope it was encouraging. Thank you!


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