Thursday, March 3, 2016

Walking with as much purpose as I can

Days in the Life...

Monday morning I worked out before Sofia arrived at 6:30. It was relatively easy to care for her and continue with my normal morning things (I'm sure watching Kate helped). 

She kept falling asleep not in her bed. 

In case you were wondering, 
the amount of cashews I can hold in my hand
is less than 1/4 of a cup. 

Sofia woke up fussy right as I needed to start lunch (this is a special feat babies are known for). Mia tried to hold her, but ended up just helping me make lunch instead. 

Ava had art class that morning, which Nana took her to. When she returned I was happy to let her she was happy to take charge of Sofia for a little while. 

Meanwhile, Mom was in Virginia enjoying our newest cousin. 

Dad took Gabe to visit a gymnastics class late that afternoon. He has some incredible natural talent!  According to Gabe he is definitely going to go back next week. 

(Gabe has green on his sleeves.)

He could almost do the splits!

I babysat at small group that night. 

Tuesday morning I was going to get up at 5:00 so I could exercise and take a shower before Kate and Sofia arrived for the day. Call me crazy I was actually really excited about the challenge of caring for both of them, preparing meals, and cleaning and preparing the house for group that night. So when I rolled over to look at my phone and saw a text saying Kate would not be coming, I cried. 

Then I tried to sleep another hour since with just Sofia I would have more time, but I couldn't sleep (despite the fact that I was 10 days behind on good nights of sleep) and finally got up at 5:30. 

Had Kate actually come it would have been a breeze, at least where Sofia was concerned. She got on a great schedule that had her awake and happy for an hour, sleeping for two hours, then awake for a bottle, and repeat. 

The result of that model baby schedule was that I got to accomplish a majority of my tasks for the day, both normal and abnormal (abnormal being things I had to do because Mom was gone), by about lunch time.

Dad left for a big meeting around 11:00 and the littles came to me wondering what they should do. I had them do Cize, take showers, eat lunch, do kitchen clean up, and then finish their Star Wars movie in time to go to quiet time. In between, they played with Sofia.

After lunch I prepared the house for group and then finally gave in and decided to try to take a nap. I had been dragging all morning and since most everything was done and Sofia was still asleep, it was worth a shot. I ended up at least being able to lay down with my eyes closed listening to praise music for 27 minutes. Then she woke up.

After Sofia left it was too late to take a real nap. So I did the rest of the baking for the week. 

Dad returned late afternoon and final food preparations for group began. 

By the time everyone arrived I had used up my five, "second winds" and was really tired. 

Group was wonderful. Everyone helped to clean up from the meal before gathering in the living room (usually we clean up when it's over) which blessed me immensely. 

Contrary to some people's belief, I did not actually fall asleep during the sharing time, I just had my eyes closed for a long time

Dad shared some points from Saturday's sermon that had stood out to him and then opened it up for others to share thoughts, praises, and prayer requests. 

Once it was over, multiple people kindly sent me to bed. 

Wednesday was full, but felt almost like a Saturday to me. There were lots of things to just do around the house for the most part.

Mom was to fly home that night, but almost got stuck in Virginia due to bad weather. She ended up getting through, though it was late by the time she and Dad arrived home. While waiting, the rest of us watched different movies and ate ice cream (with Dad's permission of course).

Thursday I slept in as much as was possible with Sofia fussing downstairs and then ended up taking her from Mom for a while after breakfast. Mom told us all about her time with her friend and then about helping Aunt Amy with Rowan and Eli.

I went next door to check on Nana and Grandfather late morning and they ended up inviting me to sit down and offered me coffee. I stayed there for quite a while and enjoyed catching up with them and gleaning from their wealth of wisdom.

Dad, Chloe, Christian, and I left about 4:30 to go to Debate. I left from the church with a friend to go study together at Starbucks. Studying with another person is so motivating. (Coffee helps too.)

On the way home we stopped at Aldi for a few groceries to finish out my month of menu planning, shopping, and cooking.

Friday afternoon I began a new nanny job, this one is for a two year old boy. I was excited that a power walk to the park with him in the stroller gave me a workout and kept him so happy.

Mom did a huge grocery haul that afternoon and didn't get home until after 6:00. The car was loaded down and it took all hands on deck to get it all put away. Our well oiled machine was very efficient.

After a late dinner, Dad and all us girls watched "Ever After" and the boys both decided they would rather read. Mom was ready for alone time.

Saturday morning Chloe and I both had alarms set and both managed to not wake up until we were supposed to be in the car leaving for Bible study. Christian went with us, but we were in the car before he was. We only arrived 10 minutes late.

Meanwhile, Mom did a massive food preparation blitz and got things in the freezer to make the rest of the cooking for the month easier. Dad worked in the yard. The littles played.

When we returned everyone got whatever they wanted for lunch and then began cycling through the showers.

We left early for church as there was an elders-share-the-vision-of-the-church meeting at 4:30.

In between that and the service there was time to visit with those already there.

Baby dedications took place during the service as well.

Afterwards we stayed to fellowship and eat some, and then went to Rosa's for a going away party. I (probably) did not fall asleep at the table at Rosa's.

Sunday morning everyone got moving very slowly after such a late night. We didn't eat breakfast brunch lunch late-lunch until 1:00. Gabe was so eager for us to get food preparation going that he started coming to Dad to find out what he could do to help get us to eating sooner.

Some of us rested in the afternoon, others spent a lot of time outside.

About 4:30 Aron and a friend of his arrived to prepare Grandfather's birthday dinner. After the initial flurry of getting things started in the kitchen subsided, the kids whisked Aron's friend away to look at sports cards and play games.

Nana and Grandfather made the long trek over a little early to join the visiting that took place before dinner.

Grandfather enjoyed his Croatian meal, chocolate cake (courtesy of Nana), ice cream, cards, and gifts. We appreciated hearing his 72nd birthday thoughts.

My birthday composition, A Very Important Person in Your Life

The evening finished with the viewing of "McFarland USA." 

That Moment When...

You get green onion juice in your eye.

You cut 4 onions and finish with tears streaming down your cheeks.

The Herd: Quoted 

"What ya wanna do?" -Mia
"Take a nap." -Me

"She wants us to do something..." -Ava while I struggle to think of what I need them to work on.
"Yes, but nobody knows what it is." -Gabe with a funny voice and expression.

"Do you have a movie you want to watch, Lydia?" -Dad
"I don't have a preference." -Me
"Stop being so agreeable!" -Christian 

"Nobody can imitate Mia." -Chloe
"She is unimitatable." -Me
"She is copyrighted." -Chloe 
"Yeah. Is 'unimitatable' even a word?" -Me
"Probably not." -Chloe 

"I want to go run, but my body needs at least 20 hours of sleep." -Mia 

"I'm walking with as much purpose as I can!" -Mia 

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