Monday, March 28, 2016

My Dad is a Pro, Kids who lick feet, and Easter Wonderfulness

Days in the Life

Monday morning I missed my alarm (I think I turned it off in my sleep) and woke up 15 minutes late when a text came through. Thankfully, I still got my workout in before Sofia arrived and I received another text reminding me to turn up the thermostat. I possibly, probably, most likely would have completely forgotten about that without the text.

Sofia was fussy the moment she arrived and very quickly woke up the whole house. That was the opposite of my morning mission... Mom and Dad came up to my room and "rescued" me. Dad was the one to finally get her to sleep. He is a pro.

Sofia slept for 2 and a half hours and woke up happy. That made everyone happy. (But not any less tired...)

In the afternoon Aron came over to help me with math. I was so confused by the practice tests. 

It was affirming to discover why they were so frustrating. We found errors throughout the tests. So really I'm smarter than I thought I was after I took the tests which made me think I was not as smart as I thought I was before I took them. 

Then I got to deal with communicating my experience with the company. Not the fun part, if you were wondering. But, nonetheless, the kind thing to do. 

After an hour and a half, Aron suggested we put math away and eat brownies. I liked that. 

Then he beat me three times at ERS. I still love that game.

I babysat for small group that night and drove Nana home afterwards since Grandfather had an Elders' meeting.

I love reviewing an ordinary day to find that in the ordinary are blessings and joys and frustrations and things to laugh about and reasons to sing to the Lord for He is good, His mercy endures forever, and His love is never failing.

Tuesday Great I'm drawing a complete blank.What in the world did we do that day? It was not that long ago, I should know this. It must not have been very exciting since I remember NOTHING.

Well, I'm pretty sure Mom and the littles went to Bubble Land. I know Sofia did not come that day. 

Chloe worked. Dad had a meeting. 

Oh yeah! 

Mom had to take Christian to CareNow because he got poison ivy on his face. It required a shot, but he was fine. 

When they got back Mom and the littles left. 

So Christian and I had the house to ourselves some, which means we played music and I studied in the living room. 

I blogged late afternoon. 

Mom, Dad, Chloe, and Christian went to our community college to meet with a dual credit advisor. 

I made dinner. 

I don't recall anything significant taking place that evening...except, oh! Christian challenged me to an arm wrestle (after requesting that I flex my arms for him) and I beat him four times. He wasn't able to get me down. That's not that significant, but it might be considered interesting and it is notable because I'm sure the days I can still beat him are numbered. 

Wednesday morning spirit and body feeding before work: 

Calvin was so cheerful this week! He took a three hour nap in the morning so I was able to take care of communicating my issues and the errors we found with math to the company who wrote the study material and practice tests, as well as get some other work done. 

At home I exercised, then took a self-improvement/inspirational(?) book outside to read for about 30 minutes to try to get some sun. When I went back inside I already had tan lines. No sunburn. I was very pleasantly surprised. Mom got to practice not being jealous. 

Mom, Sofia, and the littles went to Mia and Gabe's gymnastics class and then the library. Sofia did not fully appreciate the gymnastics class experience. 

Mom and Dad went out for a date in the evening and Gabe entertained us at dinner with his incredible air guitar skills. It was about that time that I realized I'd not eaten anything all day since lunch aside from some snack thing while at work (and that was not because I was hungry). Don't forget to eat lunch. It's a bad idea. 

After dinner we watched "The Willis Clan." 

My foot had not hurt at all all day so I told Mom and Dad I thought it would be a great idea to go check out a trampoline park the next day, then go play basketball at the park, and finish the evening by going dancing in high-heels. My idea was vetoed. *wink* In all honesty, though, I'd have loved to go play basketball and then go dancing (just not in high heels). The trampoline park thing, however, is not my idea of fun.

Thursday I had Sofia from about 9:30 until she left. 

Mom, Christian, and Ava left about 10:00 to go help with a funeral and then go to an orthodontist appointment. 

Ava getting snuggles before she left.

I got new flowers for my room from the garden!

How to pour milk with one hand:

Sofia had a great day, she took good naps, was hardly fussy at all, rolled over a couple of times, and was very sweet. I like her a lot when she is happy. When she is screaming...i like her a little bit less. 

All afternoon I blogged and caught up in my journal. It felt really good to be current. 

Then all the kids came to my room to talk. I very much enjoy all of them. I can't even imagine what life would be like without a lot of siblings, and I'd never want it any other way. Siblings make the best friends. Push hard through the times you feel like they are your enemies (hopefully you never feel that way, but if you do), the relationships on the other side are well worth the time, effort, and prayer you put into them. 

Dinner was every man for himself (so I may or may not have forgotten about eating) and we finished the night with "The Willis Clan." 

Friday Sofia did not come and we all slept in. Everyone had a pretty normal school morning (aside from starting later, obviously) and Dad had a meeting after lunch. 

I did a math practice test by another company and finally passed! I was very relieved. 

Mom and I went to the community college to speak to an advisor and turn some things in for me and the others. Then we stopped by Kroger to purchase flowers for Sunday. 

It was a beautiful afternoon, so Christian and the littles enjoyed throwing discs outside. Everything is so green! Spring is my favorite season. Hands down. Except for the weeks where it just rains. But y'all already knew that.

That night I babysat Kate at her house, except that she was already in bed so I just read for a majority of the time. And told the dogs to "sit, lay down, stay." 

One on either side of me.

Saturday it was all-hands-on-deck to get the house tidied and cleaned, and the yard groomed. The inside work didn't take all that long, actually, and then we got to arrange all the flowers to go all over the place. The yard work took a lot longer, though. 

Chloe made 64 (give or take) cookies to take to church.

Easter outfit. 

Mom, Gabe, Ava, and I left early to go to Costco, then met the others at church about 5:00 so Dad, Mom, and I could be a part of a graduation meeting to discuss what that will look like. I will be graduating alongside two other girls in the church. 

The service was such a sweet blessing as it is every week. And afterwards there was an actual sit down meal provided for everyone. All babies were removed from my arms so that I would actually eat.

Sunday morning we did not have too much to do, aside from some food preparation, to be ready for our church-wide Resurrection Sunday celebration. People began arriving about 11:00 and most everyone was gone by 4:00. 

So many pretty flowers!

Getting the food ready.

We had food out the whole time, with a coffee bar, and people ate as they felt like it, and visited. The weather was beautiful so the kids played outside quite a bit. We also did some English Line dancing on the driveway. 

After everyone but Aron left, we got everything cleaned up and then enjoyed time with Nana, Grandfather, Aunt Lauren, and Uncle Phil. 

We played games, almost napped on the couches, watched our recording of the time we put on "The Taming of the Shrew" in our attic theater, and eventually decided we were hungry and so pulled out leftovers for dinner and watched "The Fifth Avenue Irregulars." 

Dad did an egg hunt for the littles.

It was a wonderful Easter. 

I've Been Pondering...

When I think about what Christ did for us I am torn between wanting to sob in gratitude and wanting to run dancing and singing for joy. His grace is astounding.

That Moment When...

Dad is the one to finally rock the screaming baby to sleep.

You decide that doing a workout titled "Brutal Booty" would be fun.

You realize the "Brutal Booty" workout was not fun.

Dad is sitting at the kitchen table with his robe pulled over his mouth and nose to block the coffee smells.

The Herd: Quoted 

"It's just a small discomfortation. You are fine, baby!" -Me to Sofia who had the hiccups.
"Discomfortation? That is not a word." -Chloe
"It's a disconvenience." -Me correcting myself.
"Have you had coffee yet today?" -Chloe
"No, there is a cold cup sitting upstairs on my nightstand." -Me

*Mom and Dad start laughing*
"What happened?" -Children as they come running.
"Nothing, I said something that made mom laugh and then she said something that made me laugh and the moment is over." -Dad laughing at us.
"Yup, children do that." -Mom joining.

"My foot has not hurt at all in 3 days!" -Me 
"Next time it hurts let me know and I will pray for it." -Mia 
"I'll lick it." -Gabe 
"Ok, I'll have my tongue on your ankle while I am praying." -Mia 

"My toys are not what makes me happy." -Ava 

"You are chattering like a squirrel, it's time for you to go to bed." -Mom
"Really? I'm not tired..." -Me
"Said the two year old who then zonked out in the car." -Dad


  1. I love seeing what other people do for Easter! I'll probably post tomorrow about what we did. And how on earth do y'all always have such beautiful flowers?! Very stunning! :)

    1. We get them at Kroger, so I don't know! Thanks!


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