Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Pool Progress and Days in the Life

Well, my journal is *stops to calculate, internally screams* ten days behind. But y'all have heard nothing from me in *tries to calculate* too long. So, I'm going to blog right now.

Sometimes I think one day I *might* get my life together. Other times (most of the time) I decide I'll continue to learn to be flexible and go with the flow.

Life is probably easier when you decide to enjoy the ride rather than try to drive the rollercoaster yourself. Let God have the controls, He is way better at directing your car than you are. (Plus you just can't. You aren't God and trust me, you don't want to be.)

Now where in the world did I leave y'all hanging...?

Days in the Life...

Monday (two and a half weeks-ish ago) morning I got up early to have my Bible time and drink coffee and journal before breakfast. Then the rest of the morning I worked on cleaning and exercising and in general preparing for a good week.

In the afternoon I had coffee with a sweet friend and left so encouraged and uplifted by our time together. God's gift of friends who come alongside me and encourage me in my walk with Him is so precious.

When I got home I had time to braid my hair and dash out the door to babysit for Nana and Grandfather's small group that night.

I know Christian had Driver's Ed that night, but I'm sorry, I have no memory of what everyone else did that day.

Tuesday morning was very quiet. Actually, the whole day was. I spent a majority of the afternoon catching up my journal, I believe.

That evening Chloe and I dropped Christian off at Driver's Ed and then spent time together. We got dinner at Chick-fil-a and then ran into Michael's, Ulta, and Mardel's before going to the mall to try to find swimsuits. (That is no easy task, let me tell you.)

I'm not sure what Christian's face is supposed to be conveying,
but siblings make great friends. *Smile*

Wednesday Kate came for the day. She kept pointing out the windows at the pool and saying "mess, mess" and the noise of the trucks was not quite to her liking. She took great naps and we snuggled lots and lots. Of course there was dancing to be done as well. *Wink* 

Mom and Dad took Christian to his class and attended a meeting. The kids took showers after having been at gymnastics earlier in the day and then had dinner and watched something. 

I ate, played piano, and studied. 

Thursday morning I mostly studied and in the afternoon went to get my haircut. NO, I did NOT cut it all off, just two inches. And unless you live with me everyday, you probably can't even tell it's gone. I can definitely tell it's gone.

The pool work has gone smoothly. Here the metal caging, plumbing and electric have all been finished.

Christian had Driver's Ed and the rest of us watched an episode of "Christy" and had a quiet night. 

Friday Kate was supposed to come, but was sick so I had a bonus day. I was so grateful for it too! I spent pretty much the whole day journalling and processing stuff. 

Meanwhile the concrete was sprayed all over the pool and Chloe and Christian worked at Aunt Cendei's. 

Chloe went to spend the weekend with Aunt Lauren and Uncle Phil in honor of her birthday.

Mom and Gabe went out to run some errands, eat dinner, and see "The Jungle Book." 

Ava and Mia spent the evening with Nana. 

Dad and I took Christian to his class and then ran errands and went to get dinner at Chipotle. Before we went back to get him, we got dessert at Yogurt Story and pretended we were eating it in Whaler's Village in Maui.  

One of the guys in Christian's class saw Dad when we arrived to pick him up and asked Christian if it was his brother. Dad took that as a compliment. 

All back at home, we enjoyed sharing about each of our evenings. "The Jungle Book" has been given a Five Star review from this family. 

Saturday morning Mom and Nana took Christian to his last Driver's Ed class and spent some time together. 

Dad went over to work at the little house for a bit.

The kids played.

I continued journalling and working around the house. 

We all drove to church together and the others dropped Christian and I off for the worship and prayer hour while they went to Costco. 

Church was a beautiful blessing and we visited pretty late afterwards. 

Sunday morning Grandpa came to take Christian fishing for the day and the rest of us made brunch, which Nana joined us for. 

In the afternoon Mia and Gabe showed us their splits (which did things to Dad's facial expression) and Ava and I did the stretches they showed us how to do and tried our best to get all the way down. Neither of us got very close, but I was still more flexible than Ava, which surprised me. It was pretty funny to all of us. 

No, there are no pictures of me or Ava. *Wink* 

Aunt Lauren and Uncle Phil brought Chloe home and stayed to visit for a bit. They had spent the weekend eating and watching all seven Star Wars movies in story order. 

Mom, Dad, and I went out that evening while the others stayed home to eat dinner, play outside, and watch a movie. Christian returned in time for all of that. 

That moment when...

You drop your phone on your foot and give yourself a bruise.

Kate grabs your braid to help herself slide off your lap.

The Herd: Quoted 

"Not like last semester, when you tried to babysit the whole world." -Mom to me.

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