Saturday, June 4, 2016

Graduation and Color Arguments

Days in the Life...

Monday morning it was back to work I went! This summer I will be watching Calvin and his older siblings, Luke and Sadie, whom I nannied last year. I was very excited to see the kids again and they were happy to see me.

The first day wore me out, but went smoothly.

I got home to catch up with Mom and then began Chalean Extreme again. This is a weight-lifting program I did a few years ago and really enjoyed. I had forgotten how good it makes me feel. My hope is that it will strengthen my back, in particular, to help me not be in so much discomfort so much of the time.

I felt so nasty and yet so good 
at the same time when I was done.  

I worked on other Monday tasks once I was finished with my workout and then enjoyed spending the evening with the rest of the family watching "Christy." It was nice to have Chloe and Christian home again. 

Tuesday Kate arrived at 6:15 and was as quiet as a little mouse so everyone else could keep sleeping for the most part. I held her most of the time that she was not sleeping and she asked to dance repeatedly. During her naps I also slept as I'd not slept well at all the night before and also got a work out in.

We had our engagement group that night. Almost everyone was able to come so we had 31 people in our house and plenty of "welcoming summer" foods. Everyone who came got a punch-card for the group so that every meeting they attend can add points to their ability to swim in our pool. The pool under progress was much admired. 

Everyone was so blessed by the opportunity to share where they are in life right now, how we can continue to pray for them, and the prayers that have been answered already. Investing in each other like that as a group is not about efficiency, but rather taking the time to hear from each one and offer the support they need where they are. We always go late, but it is worth the time we invest. So worth it. *Smile*

Wednesday I went back to work and had another good day. 

Meanwhile Gabe and Mia woke up covered in Chigger bites (like over 20 bites each) and were absolutely miserable. They ended up still going to gymnastics, but Gabe threw-up repeatedly and they both came home exhausted. They rested on the couches in the living room for a while and watched "Sea Rescue." By the time I got home they were some better and were playing upstairs. 

That night I had dinner with one of the ladies in church. We were "supposed" to meet the week before, but God knew that we would need it instead when we did meet and not any sooner. 

Thursday I worked and came home to exercise and rest. Chasing three little ones around for 6 hours wore me out! I still loved it. *Smile* 

Aunt Cendei came over to eat dinner with us and Chloe treated us to "Texas Style" strawberry shortcake (biscuits, ice cream, strawberries, and chocolate sauce). We watched "Mall Cop" afterwards. 

Friday Kate came back and did quite a bit of sleeping. I got to take a nap in the morning and then got some of my other work done later on. 

The pool now with tile completed. 

It is the little things; 

coffee, roses, open windows, the sunshine God 

knew I needed, sweet Kate, finishing an amazing book, 

singing praises to my good, good Father... 

Find reasons to smile, they are always there.

After Kate left I finished making dinner and then in the evening worked on pulling stuff together for my high school graduation taking place the following day. 

The others watched "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader." 

Saturday was a pretty normal morning. 

I finished packing stuff up for graduation and Mom, Ava, and I left for church at 1:00 to be able to help set up. 

We arrived at church and the parking lot was full. There was a wedding going on! 

That was not a part of the plan, but we made it work. 

We were able to take everything to a back room and get the tables set up to be moved into the common area once everything with the wedding was finished. 

I graduated with 2 other homeschooled girls in our church. We were able to make it exactly what we wanted. 

Each of us set up a display table with things from our lives to represent who we are, our interests, accomplishments, etc. 

My table in the back room.

We practiced the whole ceremony several times with much laughter and many mistakes and a multitude of fun. Then we began receiving all the family and friends who came to celebrate with us.

During the ceremony we each had a slideshow with pictures from our life and a favorite song. Then our parents talked to each of us for a few minutes and presented us with our diplomas. 

Almost all the members of both sides 
of my extended family were able to come. 
Aunt Amy and baby Eli surprised me! 

Our parents and the elders and their wives prayed over each of us.

Receiving my diploma. 

After the ceremony there were cookies and punch served and everyone got to see our tables and visit until our church service began. 

Church was so so good and we stayed for a long time afterwards to visit and then helped clean up.

At home we got everything unloaded and then took all my cards and gifts next door so everyone could see. We got to visit with Aunt Amy for a couple of hours as well, which was one of the best ways to finish the day. 

Sunday everyone slept in way late after being up until at least midnight and for some even later than that. 

We ate brunch on the later side as well. 

I had a sweet baby shower to attend in the afternoon and then rushed home to pack and leave to go spend a few days with Aunt Lauren and Uncle Phil. 

My drive to Dallas was uneventful aside from the rain. 

I ate dinner with them and then we started the BBC version of "Wives and Daughters." 

The Herd: Quoted

"Now, the thing about this lunch you are packing is you have to remember to actually eat it." -Mom to me.

"I'm such a red-neck." -Gabe

"Sometimes I argue with people over what color something is and usually I am wrong." -Christian
"That's not a very good idea when you are color-blind, son." -Mom
"I know. My favorite argument was when I actually was right. The other person was also color-blind." -Christian

"Trust me, I am never leaving you, Mom and Dad." -Mia

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