Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Radio-Active, Poison Green Liquid

Days in the Life...

Monday morning Aunt Lauren, Uncle Phil, and I all slept in a lot and had a very late brunch. Then Aunt Lauren and I went to a coffee shop to sip lattes and work on our own things for a few hours.

Meanwhile, at home, Dad worked and most of the rest of the family went to help some friends from church move.

Aunt Lauren and I took dinner to friends of theirs with a new baby and then went back to rescue Uncle Phil from his loneliness their apartment where Uncle Phil made us popcorn and Aunt Lauren made us smoothies, both to enjoy while finishing "Wives and Daughters."

We eat a late dinner and enjoyed visiting, then watched "October Baby."

Tuesday morning I headed home about 9:00. Christian was off helping to finish the move, Chloe was about to leave for work, and I can't remember where the others were. All I know is, most everyone was gone for a good part of the day and I was slightly uninformed, but not inconvenienced in the least. (A mostly empty house is great when you have a lot to catch up on!)

Wednesday was pretty quiet for the most part. The kids had gymnastics and I helped Nana for a bit in the afternoon in-between blogging and other things.

Mom and Dad had a meeting to attend that evening and the rest of us continued with our normal evening routine.

Thursday I left relatively early to go meet a couple of different friends for coffee, then came back in the afternoon to work on other stuff.

I think Christian worked at Aunt Cendei's that day, in the rain.

Friday we had a couple of moms and their kids over for another sewing/visiting day. It was just as good as the first one. (Or even better!)

I left when they all did to go meet another friend for a bit.

That night we all ate dinner together (it seems like we didn't do that a whole lot that week) and then watched "That Thing You Do."

Saturday morning everyone slept in as usual and had a relaxed day. My plan was to journal. That didn't happen. But I still got things done that needed to be done.

One of my friends graduated that afternoon so I went to that and then met everyone else at church.

Church was wonderful and we visited for awhile afterwards before going with several other families to Rosa's.

Sunday morning Mom and Dad went out for brunch and the rest of us did our own thing.

Once they got back, Dad and the four younger kids went to Gramma's to swim for the first time this year!

Meanwhile, Mom, Chloe, and I went to a huge mall on a mission to find good swimsuits. Chloe and I both found what we needed at Athleta and then we continued to make the most of being in a large mall. We had a lovely time and stopped mid-afternoon to get smoothies and muffins.

Back at home, we went over to eat watermelon with Nana and Grandfather and, once the others returned, operation-showers began and we started preparing our Sunday brunch meal for dinner.

Everyone had fun swimming and came back to tell us about Gabe's new trick; flipping off the diving-board. Last year, he was too afraid to even try. This year all it took was three attempts, then he had it down.

With all the rain the past two weeks our pool is half full!
However, nobody wants to swim in the 
radio-active, poison green water.

After everyone was showered and had eaten brunch for dinner, we watched an episode of "Christy" and then headed to bed, all thoroughly worn out. 

I've been pondering...

*Loooooooong exhale*

My mind has been racing for weeks, thinking about so much that I've had little to no time to sit down and write about any of it! My journal is now over two weeks behind.

*Tells self not to panic*

I know I will figure stuff out eventually and get back on top of things at some point, but right now I'm working at getting just the next thing done.

Meanwhile, Chloe texted me something very wise and so I thought I would share that.

"I was writing down the rule for absolute values in algebra:

'The absolute vale of a = a, and the absolute value of -a also equals a. In other words, absolute value has to do with the number [its identity], not the sign in front of it.'

GUYS, our absolute value is our identity. What we do, who we truly are inside, not our outward appearance or the things that happen to us.

Our identity as Christians is in Christ.

That, my friends, if our absolute value.

Revelations while drinking coffee and doing math..."

That moment when...

You realize you are driving on the wrong side of the road.

Your nail polish perfectly matches your bathroom rug.

You can't remember any of the quotes you stored in your brain instead of on paper.

The Herd: Quoted

"Lydia, I ate a worm." -Mia
"Okay." -Me
"At least I think that's what it was." -Mia

"Do you need me to do anything for you today?" -Me
"I need you to be perfect." -Mom
"Well, I already failed." -Me
"Oh well! Then what I really need you to do is relax and rest so you can be out tomorrow." -Mom
"Great! That was my plan." -Me

"Where is Lydia?" -Mom
"At her friend's graduation." -Dad
"Did we know about that?" -Mom
"Yes...she talked about it several times this week." -Dad

"Well, we aren't going to go home by way of Fort Worth like the last time, but we got here by way of Dallas!" -Me when Chloe and I arrived at Rosa's.

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