Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Bad Burn, Passing Out, Cheerio Dance, Seven Year Old Wisdom, And Guilt Appreciated

Days in the Life...

Monday morning I woke up to someone crying very hard. Once I realized I wasn't dreaming I got downstairs super fast, half asleep, wondering who had died. Thankfully, nobody had, but Mom had badly burned her hand.

Dad and Ava had gotten to her first, so it was already in a bowl of cool water and Dad was looking up what to do. I started rubbing Mom's back and supporting her arm while praying.

After about two minutes I started not feeling good and realized I was about to pass out. Ava took my place and I crawled to the couch to lay down before I fell down.

I don't know if I got up too fast, or was dehydrated, or if hearing Dad read the burn descriptions made me sick. It was bad, though,

So, rewind 15 minutes. Mom got up and went to the kitchen to make herself tea. She thought there was water already in the kettle, so she turned the kettle on. When she went to pour the water, she realized there wasn't any and so naturally began filling the HOT kettle with water.

Obviously, that didn't go well.

The steam hit the back of her hand right away and burned it. She put it under the cool water right away and Ava was already awake doing school. Pretty quickly, though, Mom said she needed Dad and that's when I woke up to sobbing.

Mom was so frustrated at herself and kept saying, "It was my fault, I hadn't had coffee, yet."

The others gradually began appearing. Mom was still crying softly and Dad was deciding that they needed to go to the doctor. Nana came over to see and agreed as did one of our neighbors who is a burn nurse.

So Mom and Dad left around 8:30 and the rest of us moved on with our morning.

I put dinner in the crockpot and then exercised. Yeah, so lifting weights was a bad idea...

It wasn't until noon that I finally started feeling like I could do stuff without becoming very lightheaded. Weight lifting was definitely a bad idea. I still have no idea what was going on with me that day.

The kids played outside and Mia decided to take out the driveway with her face.

Over the course of the week 
it started looking a lot worse than this. 

Mom and Dad got back around lunch time with heavy-duty pain medication and burn cream and bandages. It was a second degree burn so I will not be sharing any pictures as they make me woozy. And surely I'm not the only one who has trouble with injuries. 

As long as Mom kept her hand in water she could tolerate the pain. She stayed in bed and rested while we all continued with our day and checked on her every so often. 

I ran some errands for Dad and then laid down for a few minutes before going to babysit for the small group. 

Tuesday Mom stayed in bed, but didn't need to have her hand in water all the time. The medication made her feel not very good, but she was a trooper. 

I took Christian and Ava to their orthodontist appointment and Gabe and Mia did what school they could on their own. 

In the evening I babysat Sofia, and Gabe had gym. Chloe did a good job taking care of the kids and making dinner while we were gone. 

Wednesday I spent the morning having coffee and then lunch with a friend and then went to get Ava and Mia from gymnastics and run a few errands for Dad. 

At home Chloe had been baking cinnamon rolls and the house smelled amazing!! She is selling pans to earn money for her car and college classes. 

I made some banana bread and learned I should probably wear an apron. 

Exhibit A.

Dad picked up dinner for us and we had a movie/tv night to end the day.

Thursday Mom was finally starting to feel some better, but her hand looked awful. 

The morning sky was so beautiful!

I had my worship time and Bible study in the afternoon and came home to make dinner. Gabe went to gym.

Burrito casserole.

Friday was another sweet day with my favorite little girls. Blaire woke up a little early, so she and I sat on the porch, her all wrapped up, and me with my coffee, to enjoy the morning. Kate woke up happy as could be a little later. 

I then began the day officially with a bang... Aka, I bang my head into a cabinet while trying to grab one of the dogs. And yes, I had a bruise for the rest of the day. 

She looks chunky in pictures,
but she is actually super tiny. 

Happy Kate.

Her faces are the cutest!

So are her's. *heart eyes*

Yes, that would be Kate dancing in the midst 
of the cheerios she dumped all over the floor.

It was a long day, but I loved every minute of it. Well, almost every minute.

At home we had our family movie night and watched "Love Takes Wing" (I think). 

Saturday was full! We slept in as usual, but then everyone had things to do. Mom was well enough to go have breakfast with a friend, Dad worked outside, Christian went target shooting with Grandfather, the littles played, and Chloe did stuff...

I had my Bible time and then took my car to get an oil change. Then I got gas and came home to wash it with Christian's help. He had just finished washing one of our other cars, so it was perfect timing. 

"...since the creation His invisible attributes are seen..."

After all that we started cleaning up for church. Rebecca and Micah then came over to hang out before we left and then went to church with us. 

I was asked to sing during house of prayer and for worship during church. The service was very sweet and finished with the entire body joining hands to pray all together. 

Jake was going to met us at church, but got held up and arrived at the end of the service. 

We all visited for a while and then all the little kids went outside with us to learn swing dancing. It was SO fun to teach them! 

Mom, Dad, and the littles went home after a bit as Dad was starting to not feel well, but the rest of us went to get dinner at Rosa's. Somehow our two groups ended up at different Rosa's 15 minutes apart and we had to go ahead and eat where we ended up. We had to laugh that our communication had been so bad and that our plans had not worked the way we thought they would at all. It was still a good night, though. 

Sunday was very restful and laid back, with FPU class in the evening. 

That Moment When...

Christian buys an entire pan of cinnamon rolls from Chloe for himself.

The Herd: Quoted 

"You look really pretty today, like always." -Mia
"Well, thank you." -Me
"I think you are exactly how you are supposed to be, all pretty and creative and stuff, just like I always wanted to be." -Mia 
"That's because God made me that way." -Me
"Yeah, I know. And I think I'm going to stop trying to be like other people and just be who God made me to be too." -Mia

"Do y'all want some of my cinnamon rolls? I feel bad eating them in front of y'all." -Christian
"Well thank you, we appreciate your guilt." -Chloe 

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