Monday, May 25, 2015

A Farewell, A Drive, A Library, A Starbucks…or Two

I thought I was going to post last night, but that didn’t happen. Instead I took Chloe and Christian to play tennis at the school! We are all super good enthusiastic! Rules? We make our own...and still don’t follow them... The important thing? We have FUN! Oh and as to how that works with three of us? We call it playing “third wheel” (actually I just made that up last night). We take turns switching sides whenever we want. To get an official sounding status in there so it is evident how talented we are, 94% of the time we are chasing the ball. It’s fabulous exercise!

We are beginning the chronicle of our everyday lives by leaving for a road trip! (Well, we do have adventures every once in a while, and this one has been planned for the past 8 months I would guess. And by adventures, I mean things that we planned would be an adventure. Everyday is an adventure of some sort with us.) The final destination? Washington DC! 

This morning at 9:00 was the targeted departure time. I think we did pretty good, leaving about 9:10 (ish). Chloe started out driving first and took us to McKinney for a Starbucks stop! Dad, Gabe, and Mia were left behind to join us in two days time. (Four days of driving most likely would have been too much for the two of them. Plus that means we have more room in the truck for the rest of us!) 

From there Mom drove. Coffee in hand (a carmel macchiato for me), we listened to Lake Wobegon tapes by Garrison Keilor. And yes, I said tapes! Everywhere we drove there was water, water, water! Finally we did start to see some sunshine though! All month we have been saying, "You know that song, The Sun'll Come Out Tomorrow? We can't sing it today." We thought we were stopping at a nice truck rest spot, but when porta potties were the available facilities, we decided we were actually just driving by. A little further down the road we found a gas station and used their sketchy restroom instead. (At least there was soap!) 

After that quick stop, it was my turn to drive. Yay… I'm use to driving on highways, but driving 75 mph on a windy highway with truck drivers was new! The tapes continued. Then Mom finished the last two or so hours of driving while Christian and Ava broke out the DVD players for the back seat. Chloe took a nap, and Mom and I visited. 

About 3:45pm we pulled into a parking spot at the Bill Clinton Library. The next hour or so we stretched our legs and enjoyed history which took place in our life times! 

An official room, the name of which I have forgotten. 

This is just gorgeous!

A place setting for a luncheon at the White House.

Pictures children drew of President Clinton. 

The museum closed at 5:00pm and we headed to Embassy Suites in Little Rock Arkansas. By 5:30pm we were all in our room on the top floor. Mom figured out a dinner plan and we snacked on greek yogurt, bananas, and granola. 

The view outside our door.

I love hotels nice hotels. The long hallways covered in soft carpet are a huge temptation to kick off my flip flops and run! I never rarely do that anymore. 

Mom, Christian, and Ava left to visit the indoor pool, while Chloe and I crossed the street to visit Starbuck's wifi. Well, and to get ice tea lemonade and blog. 

Now we are current! Travel day one: check! I love road trips… 

The Herd: Quoted

"Let's go play tennis." 
"Yes! Christian you have to go, you are arguably the best, I mean unarguably." -Lydia to Chloe, Chloe to Christian. 

"We are so professional totally professional tennis players." -Chloe, Christian, me

"I really feel like I'm forgetting something." -Me
"You probably are." -Chloe

"You are my Lydia and you can never leave me." -Mia 

"I couldn't sleep last night, so after midnight I went to the kitchen to get some almonds. I didn't turn the light on though, because I didn't want to wake myself up more if I was already a little bit asleep. I opened the jar and promptly came up with a handful of poppy seeds which were then all over the counter." -Mom

"Those are…porta potties…I don't need to go!" -All of us pretty much. 

"Well, if our toe gets carred we'll know why!" -Me 


  1. Cool! Looking forward to following the ongoing adventures! ~ Uncle Adam

  2. Awesome! Looks like fun times. I've been to three presidential libraries but never the Clinton library. Would love to go some day!

  3. How FUN! SO great that Y'll have more drivers to split up the driving! Happy Trails! Love, Gramma!


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