Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Mundane? You Tell Me

Showers for those who'd checked out the pool were underway upon the reentrance of myself and Chloe in our room for the night. Mom picked up dinner for us all and then donned workout clothes to put to good use the fitness room. 

Meanwhile the rest of us decided to film an impromptu poker video. Christian is way slightly more skilled at not losing it than I am. Ava and Chloe about burst with laughter when the camera's shutter cut the filming. 

Upon Mom's return she greatly impressed us all by doing a 30 second 2 minute plank!

On a whim we searched The Willis Clan on Instagram, took a picture of ourselves, and sent them a message telling them we knew it was short notice and kind of crazy, but we'd be in Nashville where they live and would love to meet them. They are a large, very talented homeschool family. We highly recommend their new show on TLC and here is a link to an information video on them: The Willis Clan. So far…we haven't heard anything back. But, nothing ventured, nothing gained! We still have another 16 hours or so.

By 10:30pm we were all in our beds ready to sleep ready to attempt to sleep. Chloe and Ava fell asleep relatively fast. Christian had his own "room" so he slept pretty well (I believe). Mom and I had a little more trouble, but that is typical for us. I'm not going to name fingers or point faces, but Chloe's watch alarm went off in-between 2 and 3am and said person slept through it while others of us half way asleep desperately searched for the source of the beautiful beeping slight disturbance.

We began stirring at 6:00am. Mom ventured down to the beautiful lobby to enjoy her personal Bible time with some not very good coffee. Christian and I joined her for breakfast while the other two finished waking up and packing up.

I timed myself. It took me 3 minutes to walk from our room on the 9th floor to the door of the Starbucks across the street this morning. My stack of books was so large that if I were is a Disney movie I would have gotten knocked into a puddle by a good-looking guy and still looked gorgeous despite the fact that all my books were ruined and my white dress had coffee all over it. But instead I walked safely both ways and enjoyed myself very much at one of Mom's and my favorite places.

We left Little Rock about 9:00am and stopped for lunch at Chickfila close to 1:00pm. Chloe had the honor of transporting us across the Mississippi River. Mundane is a good word to describe our drive today.  It held a couple long, deep conversations and lots of looking out the window. We did hit some traffic on our way into Nashville, but were all settled in our room at Hampton Inn by 5:00pm.

Ava's heart-shaped chicken.

Meanwhile back at the ranch… 

Mia has been cutting up the grocery ad so she will know how much food costs when she is older. 

And of course, when there is mud in the front yard, it must be played in. 

The Herd: Quoted 

"If there was a Starbucks this close to our house, I'd be in trouble." -Me

"And we are getting an airport by the hotel." -Mom

"What restaurant are we sleeping at tomorrow?" -Me
"How about IHOP. I-HOP into bed." -Mom
"Yeah, we can be pigs in a blanket!" -Chloe

"Where was Re-bur-ka?" -Christian
"Don't call her names." -Chloe
"But I call everyone like that." -Christian
"No, you don't call me Cle-olie." -Chloe
*Lydia sprays her mouthful of water everywhere* 

"Wait, is summery even a word?" -Christian

"What direction is that?" *Ava pointing forward*
"I believe that is straight ahead." -Chloe

"Wait, you want a tattoo?" -Lydia
"No! I want the car to be warm when we get in it." -Ava

"Please look where you are going and stop kissing!" -Mom to the people in the car in front of us. 


  1. Mundane? Travel is hardly ever mundane! And Y'll make it FUN!!! Gramma flies from Jackson, WY to DFW today - Happy Trails!
    Love, Gramma

  2. Hi! Okay so I regularly read Chloe's blog The Shy Introvert and I would like to comment but I don't have any of the profiles :( so I was wondering if maybe whoever is reading this could tell her to add an anonymous option on her comments?? Thanks!!
    -JH :)


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