Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Day Three and We are Still Having Fun

Breakfast for dinner and some blogging took place once we were settled in our room. Mom discovered a movie theater literally around the corner playing "McFarland USA" at 7:30pm. That filled the rest of our evening and was an okay way to use our time AMAZING!! That is a must see movie. So good.

We got to bed around 11:00pm and I think most everyone slept better this time.

Christian's "bed" made from chairs. 

Dad, Gabe, and Mia left at 4:00am this morning to catch their flight to Nashville at 6:00am. Mom left to pick them up after her early quiet time downstairs. I got up after she left the room to prepare for the day and then had the privilege of gently awakening everyone else. (Enter Chloe's commentary, 'yeah right'.) While they got ready, I went to have my breakfast and quiet time. They joined me much faster than I thought they would!

The others arrived from the airport and after lots of hugging and talking, we loaded up the car (no small feat) and left sometime around 10:00am. Mom and Dad may or may not have looked up famous songs from the 80's and sung along with them…

Mia showing off her muscles before we left. 

Because we love variety, we ate lunch at Chickfila and this time had nuggets and french fries instead of sandwiches and lemonade frostys. (We like Chickfila, ok! Well…and we had coupons…)

Mom read aloud from a very interesting book called "Not Buying It" and it put almost all the kids to sleep. It is a good book, I promise! We were just all tired and in the car and she has a nice reading voice and so that was understandable. Right?

As the youngest ones were asleep (and Chloe too), I made persuaded Christian to watch "Sense and Sensibility" with me. He was very excited grateful to watch something at least.

Max Meadows Hampton Inn was our finally destination today. After arriving about 6:00pm and unloading and doing all that is necessary when you've had 8 people in one vehicle for a major portion of the day, we walked down several next doors to eat dinner at a Mexican restaurant since we are in Virginia.

Back in our two hotel rooms the kids have been watching "Prince Caspian" and I have been attempting to upload photos to use in this post. Technology is awesome when it actually works the first time. Today I get to be grateful that it is usually an easy process.

The Herd: Quoted

"No one is allowed to fall down the stairs on Monday." -Mom

"No hitting the police on Tuesday." -Mom

"No falling on Wednesday." -Mom

"The herd of turtles lives on." -Mom referring to us.

"Huh. Tastes like play dough." -Christian eating a pastry.

"Man! I just put jelly in my hair! It's all in it everywhere! Ugh!" -Me

*Knock on the outside of the door*
"It's room service. They know we are in here!" -Christian

"I don't get it. That's another of my signature lines." -Me
"b-o- wait…" -Chloe
*Singing* "b-l-o-n-d-e don't you wish you were me?" -Me
"NO." -Chloe

"But there was a handsome guy on the plane and he kept falling asleep and I kept watching him." -Mia

"Ok. For Pete's sake look out the window Gabe!" -Ava

"Are those mountains man-made?" -Gabe

"See, entering Eastern time. Everyone, you just lost one hour of your life." -Mom


  1. I love, love, love this! Thanks for letting me vacation with you guys,,,,,maybe next time Hawaii, eh?

  2. I'm enjoying following your trip! Thanks for sharing. :)


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