Sunday, May 31, 2015

Family Day

Sundays…ahh… We love our weekly day of rest. The adults left for an over twenty crowd breakfast before I was out of bed. Most everyone else was up though. (I'm trying to catch up on the few hours I've missed this past week full of adventure and fun.) 

The kids watched "Ice Age 3," I believe, while I ate, had my quiet time, and caught up on other stuff like email and blog posts and such. 

Around noon the Linn herd gathered and left to spend the afternoon with long-time family friends. My Mom's family met the Barnard family when Aunt Amy was Mia's age! Aunt Liz Barnard had a fabulous lunch all set out for us when we arrived. Her daughter Robyn, son in law Ben, and their three boys joined us a little later. Aunt Amy, Uncle JC, and Rowan also came which made it all even better! 

Main topics of conversation included driving, our DC tour, New York trips, vacations in Maui, and general family news to catch up on. If we had a dollar for every person who asked us to take them with us in our suitcases to Maui we would be able to take two trips there a year instead of just one! We love telling everyone about our favorite place to be and by the end of the conversation 99.9% of our listeners want to join us there as soon as possible. 

The kids really enjoyed playing ball outside. Mia and Henry talked each others' ears off and Ava and Will played together quite a bit. A Texas Rangers ballgame may or may not have been turned on in the basement and several of the guys may or may not have casually migrated down there for part of the afternoon. 

We arrived back home just in time to thoroughly enjoy the wonderful dinner Mrs. Blair prepared for us. Showers for the outside ballplayers ensued and everyone got to chill the rest of the night. 

Chloe's reading stack for this trip, so much variety!

Aunt Liz has this charmingly adorable setup by her front porch. 

Here is a majority of the group from this afternoon:

The Herd: Quoted 

"My action sandals are giving me grief!" -Mia

"It's okay, I make the perfect gentleman." -Chloe, after opening the door for me

"I need to refill my strength." -Mia

"I want some of the brown chicken." -Mia
"That is beef." -Mom

"Have you showered yet?" -Dad
"Not quite." -Gabe
"So you have taken a partial shower?" -Dad

"What's to say the under 50 crowd can't go to bed early?" -Dad

"Yeah this would be good with vanilla ice cream…" -Mom eating a brownie

"The kids can go to bed now, right? It's after 7:00pm…" -Dad 

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