Thursday, May 28, 2015

We have arrived!

Last night was soooooo restful and quiet absolutely crazy! Mom, Dad, and the boys slept in one hotel room and the girls occupied the other. Reports this morning were that Gabe snored and Mom wore earplugs. They all slept pretty well and I don't think had too much difficulty.

The girls' room was full of giggles, Mia being the largest offender. It was already late when we went to bed. By the time I got out of the bathroom the others were all in bed. I thought Mia was asleep. Slipping into bed I was so excited, she was asleep, the bed was super comfortable, everything was ready for tomorrow, and I could probably catch up on sleep. Seconds later, *bam* my dream suffered a  swift and fatal blow. I felt a tiny arm move onto the pillows dividing our bed. Then a little body moved onto "no man's land". Finally, she was practically on top of me. Now, I love her very much, she is very sweet, but…

Well, I thought she was still asleep. Nope! She knew exactly what she was doing. Then the giggles erupted. It was after midnight by the time we were all settled down. It's so hard to be firm when all you want to do is join in the laughing you are dying laughing with the kids you are supposed to put to sleep.

Anyways, we all got to sleep eventually and actually got plenty of rest! Chloe was up before the rest of us. I dragged myself out of bed before 8:30am and got ready for the day. 

She did go back to her side. 

We only had about 4 hours to drive today and so didn't leave till 10:00am. By day four certain members  of the family have begun to leave things places like in the hotel room, the hallway, the public bathroom, etc. Loading the car didn't take quite as long this time. Chloe drove us and no one squealed too much did a good job. 

Dad eventually took over driving and we stopped for lunch at *gasp* McDonald's around noon. Back on the endless beautiful, tree-lined highway the very back row turned on "Princess Bride" and the not-so-far-back row began editing YouTube videos. Here are today's: 

Mugger Insurance 

Haunted Laundry Room 

Our Aunt Amy and Uncle J.C.'s house was our destination, 4:00pm being our arrival time. They greeted us at the door and then woke up our super duper adorable baby cousin Rowan. We visited, played with Rowan, traded sports cards, helped with dinner, and shared news. Aunt Amy prepared a fabulous dinner and topped it off with homemade mango ice cream. 

By 8:00pm we made it to our final final destination for the week, the Blair's house. They greeted us excitedly and helped us to unload in record time. Kids scattered and healthy snacks cookies were passed around. Eventually people began settling down for the night. I have been scrambling to write this up before bed because I definitely don't want to get behind. Besides, its a nice way to review the fun day (and yes, I said fun despite the fact that this was day four on the road) and wind down before bed. 

The Herd: Quoted

"You're soft." -Mia laying on me.
"Oww!" -Me

"I gassed the bed." -Mia

"Stay on your side. Hey! That's no-man's-land, get off it!" -Me

"I'm making a bed on the floor." -Me
"Oh you are sleeping on the floor?" -Mia
"No you are." -Me

"I'm drunk." -Mia

"I like getting up early." -Mia
"You have to actually go to sleep first." -Me

"We are never going to be able to stay in a hotel again! I mean, we are never going to be able to stay in a hotel room alone." -Me

"Going to bed, take 27." -Chloe

"Ava, your pillow." -Chloe
"I have it---oh. Sorry! Chloe your pillow!" -Ava
"I have it! Oh. Never mind!" -Chloe

"I think Gabe was dreaming he was a ninja warrior." -Christian

"No crashing the car on Thursday." -Mom

"No. Start a thingy." -Me
"Use your words." -Chloe
"Thingy is a word!" -Me

"That needs to go on the blog." -Everyone all the time.

"Don't worry, I won't put that on the blog." -Me every so often.


  1. "Thingy" is absolutely a word, and one of my favorites. I wonder if you got that from me.

  2. From the Merriam Webster website:
    Definition of THINGY
    1: of, relating to, or having the characteristics of things : real, material
    2: concerned with or devoted to real things or practical matters


  3. thingy |ˈTHiNGē|
    noun (pl. thingies)
    another term for thingamajig.


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