Monday, September 7, 2015

Hair in the chicken and several birthdays

Friday was Mia's 6th birthday! She was sooooooo excited to have a birthday, and told everyone about it. 

That morning, Mom and Dad took her out to have breakfast at Cracker Barrel, and then ran errands. 

Meanwhile, the other kids decorated the downstairs some to surprise her, made cards, and ran to Dollar General to get a balloon, a card, and a couple of gifts. 

My Instagram post for her.

Texting with Mom while they were out.

The card collection.

Mia received a card from Gabe that made for some classic reactions. The card wasn't exactly something that should be shown on a family blog... But since Gabe was the one picking it out and Mia was the one receiving it, it was okay for once. 

The pictures are a little dark, she is smiling really big.

Now she is *palm foreheading*

This is my favorite.

In the afternoon, Mia came down with a fever and rested. She was very cheery, but didn't feel good. The rest of us, including Nana and Grandfather, enjoyed her dinner meal and she joined us for dessert. 

I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to get this photo facing the right direction, 
but here is her cake! (There was also rainbow sherbet and ice cream.)

We did not make a very big dent...

We finished the birthday celebrations by viewing "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader." 

Saturday saw the beginnings of packing activity! Mom began working with the littles to get their clothing together. It's coming up! 

I finally got a GOOD curtain set up for our theater. The last one was made of a jump rope and a sheet and safety pins. It did not work very well. Like, at all. 

This one is made of a metal pipe, curtain rings, and a fancier sheet. 

And we have a costume rack! Instead of the floor... 

"Pose real quick on the stage."

Like our pillow- I mean rocks?

I did some other sewing. These pillows are adorable!

Mom and Mia stayed home from church, as Mia was still not well. The rest of us bid most of our church family good-bye for six years a month. (We still will see some of them at small group on Tuesday.) 

Sunday, we were all out the door by 10:30 am. The goal was 10:00 am. I drove Christian and Ava down and the others took our other small car so that we would be able to come home in shifts if needed/wanted. 

At Gramma's we all received our photo books containing all the best pictures that would fit in the books. Because there was no way we could get ALL the best ones to fit in just two big books... It was SO fun to get to look through it, and take a trip down memory lane, knowing that by the end of the week some of us will already be there! 

Soon, the rest of Dad's side of the family arrived, and we all ate pizza...and salad. Grandpa had been in Montana since the middle of July, and was not supposed to arrive home until the end of this month I believe, but Gramma was missing having him around so on Friday he packed up in two hours and drove almost straight through to get home as fast as possible. He arrived early afternoon, and was warmly welcomed by all. 

The main purpose of the family gathering was to celebrate Aunt Candice, Mia, and Chloe's birthdays, as well as to give everyone opportunity to see us one more time before we leave. 

We of course had ice cream and brownies for dessert, opened cards, took pictures, and some of the kids swam. 

At home we showered and had smoothies and popcorn for dinner while watching "Five Mile Creek."  

Gabe wanted his own personal screen.
(We are having to play disks in our laptop because the DVD player is messed up.) 

We Are Grateful

Getting to spend time with friends. -Ava

That my new math book finally came. -Chloe

That I'm doing better in math than I was. -Christian 

For a week at home more so than before. -Me

I've Been Pondering

First, a story. 

Our little cousin climbed onto a chair to switched off the fan while we were at our family gathering (we'd asked him to). The first time, to get down, he turned around and slowly, cautiously, slid to the ground. 

Then we wanted the fan back on a little while later. So he tip-toed over to the chair, climbed back up, hit the switch, and this time all while his dad stood next to him to help him. (The first time he hit several of the wrong switches.) 

When he finished he turned, and without hesitating, leaped off the chair, knowing his dad was standing right there, and would catch him. 

The cute exchange probably lasted all of 45 seconds, but what a picture! 

How often do we hesitate to carry something out, afraid that we will "fall?"

 We know God is standing right there to help us and we know the moment we take that "leap of faith," He will place His arms around us and set us gently down in the very center of His will. 

Our cousin was confident of his dad's love and care and ever watchful eye and so to choose to leap was hardly something he even had to stop to think about (in fact, he didn't really).

When will we stop hesitating? 

When will we be completely confident of Our Father's love and care and ever watchful eye? 

When will we leap in faith? 

The Herd: Quoted

"Did you brush your teeth, Gabe?" -Dad
"Not quite." -Gabe

"I spit a little on the cake." -Mia 

"Why don't they just blow the stinking thing up?!" -Gabe talking about who knows what.

"Man! I just dipped my hair in the chicken." -Me

"Lydia be the first one up on a Sunday? That's a joke." -Mom

"Did you get some salad?" -Dad
"Not quite." -Gabe

"We read our favorite book in the car." -Mom
"Our Maui journal?" -Me
"Yup!" -Mom

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