Thursday, September 24, 2015

That time Mia offered someone a tasty adult beverage.

Tuesday Mom and Chloe did a Costco run along with some other shopping near the airport. The rest of us spent the day at the beach, of course! 

This is what the open side of the cabana looks like:

This is one of three "rooms" in the cabana.
Another has a few tables and a full kitchen,
The other contains the attendant's office and bathrooms. 

Lee brought down a pineapple and apple pie to share with us and it was SO yummy! 
Dad asked if she was trying to fatten us up. 
I justified it by saying we'd go do pushups next. We didn't. 

 Karen, Lee, Pat, Phyllis, and Rene watching the water 
in a moment when they were un-surrounded by Linn kids. 

Mia has been teaching new card games to her beach grandparents. 
 Phyllis and Lee learning "Crazy Eights." 

That night Mom and Dad went on a date.

Ava watched her first Marvel movie! "Thor" was a nice and confusing entry for her. Or maybe that's just me... 

Wednesday morning I got up early to go with Mom on her coffee walk. 


We each bought our own Island Vintage Latte and sat at separate tables to have our quiet time. 

Then we went to sit on the beach and talk with the rest of our coffee. 

The others rose at normal time, ate, and got ready to go to Lahaina. We had a cleaning lady coming so we all needed to get out. We visited some of our favorite stores on Front Street and then got an early lunch at Cool Cat Cafe. (That included burgers and Root Beer Floats.) 

I see the world through rose colored glasses, 
but I didn't buy these. 

She is posing. 

The girls' bedroom:

The living area where the boys sleep:

The other part of the living area with the table and kitchen:

Mom and Dad's room:

Back at the condo we raced down to the beach as fast as we could to rescue Karen and Dr Mike from boredom on their last day in Maui. *Tears* 

The rest of our beach grandparents came down shortly after most people had left for the reef. 

There was more pie and games of course and reading and talking and trying not to cry because the first goodbye was coming fast.

I had to work to get this.
Karen and Dr Mike. 

I did a rough sketch of Kate. 
I miss her!! *Buckets of tears* 

Karen took this lovely picture. 
Yup, we've got personality. 

Ava playing "Solitaire" in the corner alone. 
I know, I know, that is the definition of "solitaire."

This is Mia and Pat's bonnet sun-visor. 

Back in the condo we took showers in shifts and took turns doing pull-ups on Dad's pull-up bar and listened to fun songs like "Pop Goes My Heart" and "Eye of the Tiger."

Pull-up count:
Dad- over 20
Mom- 0, because she was busy cooking dinner
Me- 3.5
Chloe- 0
Christian- 5 (?)
Ava- 4
Gabe- a lot
Mia- points for creativity (she used her legs on the doorframe to push herself up and down)

The Herd: Quoted 

"You drink way too much beer." -Gabe to one of our friends.  
"Gabe! We all know that. You didn't have to say it out loud." -Ava
*Meanwhile everyone in the cabana dies laughing*  

"Something has been bothering me. Whenever I'm all comfortable and warm and deeply asleep in the morning, little girls come in and softly try to wake me up. I'm all like trying to sleep, I don't want to be woken up! I don't care if it is 7:30 am." -Gabe during a family meeting. 

"Gabe. Gabe! You're on my hair." -Me
"No, I'm not, there's nothing there!" -Gabe
"Yes, you are. There is a strand of hair under your elbow." -Me 
"Really? One piece of hair?" -Mom
"It hurts!" -Me 

"Dad! If we just buy a fake Christmas tree we can totally buy a condo here next year!" -Mia  

"I pretty muchly took all the sea glass in the ocean. You guys are going to be so jealous." -Mia 

"I just got pie in my hair guys." -Me 

"If you'll be my horse I'll give you a tasty adult beverage." -Mia in a coaxing tone. (She has NO idea what that is. It's just what this person always said he was drinking.)

"Well, you will be an adult..." -Chloe
"What does that have to do with anything?" -Me
"You should be able to cut and distribute people." -Chloe (she meant to say pieces)
"WHAT?" -Me
"Chloe, you let out our secret! We didn't tell you what we really do as adults..." -Mom

"Is Lee interviewing 20 year old guys for you? I guess it is a good thing Dad and Grandfather and Uncle Phil will all be here for your birthday." -Mom


  1. I can hear Mia saying "tasty adult beverage" in her little voice! haha!

  2. I can hear Mia saying "tasty adult beverage" in her little voice! haha!


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