Saturday, September 5, 2015

"Older" Moo

*Goes back to last post. Realizes it was over a week ago. Has to prepare herself for the writing to come. Sighs and gets to it, smiling, shaking her head, and making mental note not to get so far behind especially on eventful weeks.* 

Thursday was my last day of work so of course I overslept my alarm. Thankfully I still made it on time. Thank you, Lord! 

*Prepares to be very serious in order to thoughtfully express her thoughts.* 

The end of one thing only means the beginning of another. One chapter of my life, working as a nanny over the summer, has reached it's last page. As with each that is added to my story being penned by the Author of the Universe, I have grown and stretched, learning new skills and continually being molded and perfected by His loving hands (though I am still far from perfection). Though I can't help but be a little sad that this one has reached a close, I love looking forward with eager expectation knowing that my plans and ideas for the future might sound great and could happen, but whatever He has is going to be a million times more wonderful and I can hardly wait to see how He will compose the next opening paragraph and every page after that. 

Mom took us three olders to Speech and Debate club that afternoon/evening. We got to hear about a lot of different speeches and share our favorite speakers, speeches that have inspired us, and things that we are passionate about. 

After eating dinner in the hallway, Mom, Chloe, and Christian went to hear about Team Policy Debate while I visited with some friends in the sadly empty nursery. I think Chloe and Christian left a bit dazed and overwhelmed, but excited nonetheless. 

Friday and Saturday I spent at the Munsell's house (the family we are doing the play with). The main goal, or rather, their main goal was the get me to watch Marvel movies, or Star Wars, or Lord of the Rings. They also wanted to get me to shoot a gun and ride a horse. There were whispers of a need for duck tape in case I broke any bones. I was only slightly nervous. 

Meanwhile, Mia went to Aunt Lauren and Uncle Phil's place for her birthday weekend with them. 

...And everyone else did school and work around the house, Dad hung some drapes, etc. 

Chloe made some predictions about my time away and we fell about even on the things we accurately guessed. 

-They will get you to ride a horse by yourself.
-The dog will lay on your lap.
-You will go faster than a walk on the horse. 

-I will get them to ride double with me at some point.
-I will not break any bones.
-They will not use duck tape on me.
-I will not enjoy Lord of the Rings as much as she does. 
-I will get bucked by the horse.

My time included a three hour story-writing brainstorming session, three hours of horse riding, dinner out, three hours of Lord of the Rings, a big cup of coffee in the morning, successfully convincing 6 people that green smoothies are really pretty good actually and that adding coffee to them would not make them taste any better, three hours of deep conversations, and some time playing games, and working on the play. 

Chloe begged for pictures of me on a horse by myself, so here they are. 

I only got bucked three times. But I left with only three scratches. (Two from randomly cutting my foot and one from the horse taking me under a tree with very low branches.) No broken bones. *pumps fist* 

When I got home Saturday afternoon I was warmly welcomed and we all got ready for church. 

After church we went out to eat at Rosa's with a majority of our church family. Mom and Dad did a lot of crying at the table. They were laughing. 

Sunday Dad had all us kids out the door to go swim by 10:00 am. (Sorry, no crazy jumping pictures this time...) It was more of a relaxed day of swimming, Chloe and I did more reading by the pool than actually swimming. We ate lunch there and arrived home in time to welcome Mia home and finished the evening as we do most Sunday nights. 

Monday morning I was happy to stay home, but I really missed the kids. 

Mom and I got to have coffee together (in her room, not at Starbucks...) and it was wonderful to get to catch up with her some. 

I got the car I drive inspected in the afternoon. 

The others have continued to work on school, Dad is still doing a fabulous job with his work stuff. 

Chloe, Christian, Ava, and I left late afternoon to hit 4 stores in 45 minutes, then get dinner at "our restaurant." (From now on y'all can just think of our family every time you eat at a Chick-fil-a, knowing we probably ate there very recently. Or not. But most likely.) 

We don't have any pictures for the blog, smile!

When I say, "I'm taking a quick picture 
because we don't have near enough pictures of us eating at Chick-fil-a."

Maybe we shouldn't have eaten those chicken sandwiches... 

After dinner we went to go see "Max." That is definitely a really, really good movie, but NOT one you should watch expecting to get to sit back and relax. Plus you may have to spend 15 minutes defrosting yourself once you leave the freezing theatre... 

Pose like the dog.

Tuesday morning Kate came for the last time before we leave for our vacation. When we get back she will be a year old! *Smiles through tears* I love watching her so much. 


It's bright, Lydia! 

Who needs a high chair?!

Christian loves babies too. 

When I walk in the room thinking she is taking a nap in her "tent."

Kate took one good nap in the morning and the rest of the day she wanted to be held. So I made brownies from scratch while holding her. Ava tried to hold her for me, but Kate wasn't having it. (The brownies turned out fine.) 

That evening our friends the Peisers came for me to watch all the kids so the adults could go on a double date. 

The 12 of us watched "Home," ate brownies, and played "Telephone" and "Mother May I." 

Wednesday morning I rose and shone(?), shined(?)...I got up and went for a run in the neighborhood. 

Ava and I went with Nana to babysit for a Bible study late morning. 

That afternoon all of us kids did a play practice on our own. 

That night I babysat again. 

The others had a quiet evening at home. 

Thursday was a normal school and work day for everyone and we had Speech and Debate club that night. 

The Herd: Quoted 

"Oh, my foot is bleeding." -Me

"Is asking how much money people have private business?" -Gabe

"How old do I look?" -Me
"At least 20." -Gabe after studying me.
"I don't want you to grow up and leave!" -Gabe over-dramatically.

“It is a lot quieter without Mia and less bouncy. Not having her around it weird!” -Me

“Boys, play catch not war.” -Dad to Gabe and Christian in the pool with balls.

"You'll be glad to know that hardly any of your pens work." -Gabe to Mom.
"No, I'm not happy to hear that." -Mom

"Your frustration is amusing." -Chloe to me.

"That guy just whistled and waved at you, Lydia." -Christian to me while I was driving.
"WHAT?" -Me

"She is way cuter than a puppy dog." -Me referring to Kate.

"Uh, I have no problem with cute girls!" -Gabe 

"Mia, can we still call you 'Moo' when you are 25 years old?" -Me
"Yeah, you just have to call me 'Older Moo' so people know I'm older than a kid." -Mia 

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  1. awesome post Lydia! I enjoy reading them so by yourself* on a horse?! oh.. I had no idea you hadn't done that yet - but good on ya for doing it! :) I'm a bit like Chloe - if there's a horse, I wanna ride it all dayyyy..... :) See ya at church, right?


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