Monday, September 7, 2015

Purse Hanging Thingy, DIY

Here is how I made my "purse hanging thingy" for my room. Again, I pretty much made it up as I went. 

Gramma had given me this piece of green wood with white paint chipping off for me to create something with. It had another piece nailed on the top of it like a shelf, but it went too far off the back. I was going to get Christian to knock the piece off, but he suggested cutting it so the top would have a tiny shelf. 

I let him do that while I was inside. (I really dislike watching people use power tools.) 

Once it was trimmed, I dusted it off and gathered the paint stuff I wanted to use. 

I chose a really light pink acrylic paint and a white one.

Then I just used large brush strokes to mostly cover the green with a light coat of paint. (I used both pink and white separately to make it sort of two toned.) I still wanted some green to peek through. I finished the paint process by dabbing some satin-finish mod podge in spots that I thought might be prone to chippage. I don't know for sure if any of the shine shows up or not... 

At Hobby Lobby I found 5 shabby-chic white knobs. Christian helped me drill holes in my newly painted piece and then screw them in. Super easy, especially if you can get someone else to use the drill. Someone who knows what they are doing. 

I was very pleased with the finished product. 

Dad hung it up for me and there it is, ready for use!

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