Thursday, September 10, 2015

To Maui, Group 1

To start things off...*drums roll* is a family photo from Sunday! *Trumpets sound* *Cymbols clash* *All the readers begin to do something...but I'm not coming up with anything clever because it is late and it's been a long day and so this is all about to be crossed out.*

The family photo you probably already forgot about. 

Monday morning, I knew I would need serious motivation to actually get out of bed at 6:00 am, so Chloe, Christian, and I went with Christian's friend, who lives down the street, to run at the school track. 
Early? I think, yes. But SO worth it to see this!

I burned up my knees not literally in the first 15 minutes of actual running, so we ended up doing more of a power-walk-while-we-talk type thing. 

Mom's main focus for that day was to get completely packed for the trip. 

I did school and a ton of other stuff. As did Chloe and Christian, I'm pretty sure. 

That night I got to go babysit for the small group one last time before the trip. There were 4 babies there I got to love on, and then 7 kids. I enjoyed as many sweet snuggles as I could. 

Tuesday was like the day where every single possible thing that could ever get put on the schedule during a week got dumped "fully booked." 

The roofers started. 

The trim guys came.

Dad had work.

Christian and Ava had orthodontist appointments.

I had coffee with a friend.

Mom and I had haircuts.

Mom and Dad had a dentist meeting.

AND we had small group at our house.

AND it was the day before Mom and the littles flight to Maui.

The work of the trim guys.

This is why we like to call Maui our "second home."

So Mom and the littles were suppose to fly out at 2:00 pm Wednesday afternoon. 

At 4:00 am Dad walked into my room. 

The flight had been canceled a looooooooong time ago, but we never got contacted. Mom and Dad found that out about 10:45 pm Tuesday night, and were on the phone until 1:00 am figuring out what flight they were now on. That flight was to leave at 7:00 am, so Mom never got to sleep, and Dad got about 45 minutes in. 

We all got up to say good-bye at o-dark:30 and then went back to bed. 

When they arrived at the airport, they found out they had been put on a flight that would leave them stranded in Phoenix. They were moved again to a 9:00 am flight that would take them all the way to Honolulu and then they would do an "island hop" (aka, take a small plane over to Maui). 

Everyone else slept in some and I got up at 6:30 am to go to an new nanny job. 

The clouds were AMAZING!! 
(Those are all our cars, should you be wondering.) 

Okay, so he was up to say goodbye. 

When I got home, I caught up with Dad and then a few minutes later Kate arrived for a couple hours. Hands down, leaving her is one of the worst things about going to Maui. If I could take her with me, I probably would. No joke. 

As soon as she left, and I finished sobbing Christian, Chloe, and I ran- er - drove to Target and then picked up Chick-fil-a to take home. After I drove us to the completely wrong side of town. Okay, not like there were a bunch of creepy people and stuff, but just not the side of town where we were needing to get stuff from, we were able to run our errands and go home. Someone with the initials "Christian" managed to only spill one entire cup of root beer in the car. And we got to practice all our lines. 

At home we watched "Iron Man 2" while eating dinner. And Dad exercised. 

Mom and the littles arrived safely in Maui, with everything except their checked bags... But by the time they got dinner and settled into the condo, the bags had been retrieved and delivered. 

Thursday, we woke up to the sound of people on our roof stomping and shooting guns, which would have been creepy except for the fact that they were replacing our damaged roof. 

My main focus was packing to leave in the morning.

Dad had a meeting.

Chloe and Christian did school.

At 2:30 pm we left to meet Dad at Speech and Debate.

During Speech time we broke up and where lectured to about specific speeches we are interested in doing.

Then Chloe and I were able to get some personalized help from a coach for a duo we have been working on.

I left to come home and finish things up while the others got to watch a debate.

Mom and the littles were able to sleep until 7:00 am Maui time despite the 5 hour time difference. They got breakfast at Island Vintage Coffee and then went to the beach. Dinner was in Lahaina after resting in the afternoon.

The Herd: Quoted

"Chloe was pointing out that people might want to eat today..." -Mom

"You've got me trapped!" -Mia playing checkers with Chloe.
"Oh, yeah, I do, don't I?" -Chloe
"Hey, you wanna deal with these?" -Mia holding up her fists.

"Do you need ice cream?" -Dad
"Yes, the answer is always, yes." -Me

"I'm running a cold." -Mia

"I got a hair cut, can you tell?" -Me

"I'm going to quote you, Mia." -Me
"Oh great." -Mia

"Maybe I'm sick because it has been so long since my body has been in salt water." -Mia

"I am trying to get to the bathroom without tripping in this pitch-black hallway!" -Gabe

"Here, take a picture with me." -Me
"Hold on, I have to fix my hair!" -Christian

"Yikes! We have to leave in 20 minutes!" -Me
"Ah, I have to go do the dogs and fix my hair!" -Christian
"Oh! The chickens need to be done and I have to get ready to go!" -Chloe
"I still need to put makeup on and curl my hair!" -Me
"Somebody put the food away too!" -Chloe
*And we all scatter*

"Coming home." -Dad via text.
"Okay, I'll stop singing at the top of my lungs now." -Me

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  1. oh my! your mom sure had an adventure.... :) glad they got there safe and sound with their bags! :) and, I love the new layout. a.w.e.s.o.m.e. :) you're probably flying today right? be safe! ~Christy


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