Monday, September 14, 2015

Perfect Water

Last year in Maui one night the kids asked me to tell them a story during dinner. (That never happens.) And they wanted it to be one I made up. So I started with no idea where it would go and they liked the finished story so much they told Mom and Dad they had to hear it and then everyone said I needed to write it down. Obviously me writing it down forced me to refine and polish it and the finished product was pretty nice according to all who read it. 

The other night they asked me to tell it again and I thought why not put it on here as well! 

I hope y'all enjoy it! 

(Disclaimer: I don't usually write things very similar to this, it's a pretty different type of story from what I typically compose.)

“There is no stopping now! Besides, why would I want to stop, I’ve worked so hard to get to this place, to become the savior of the world.” 
Neil looked up above him, past the rocky wall of the side of the active volcano, up to the wide open blue sky. Then below him, checking the 75 pound pack on his back and his progress. 
“Hmm, I’d say, in my expert opinion, that I am 83% of the way there.” 
Content with his progress, Neil continued his climb, letting his perfect memory carry him back to a time when he was only 7 years on this suffering earth....
“Mommy, why do people die?” 
“Neil! What makes you ask such a question like that one?”
“Well, mother, I thought if I knew why they died, I could find what would make them live, and then no one would ever die again and I would be the savior of the whole world!” 
“What a smart child I was and at that young age too!” Neil mentally patted himself on the back, all those years of eating his broccoli without complaint sure made for a strong brain. 
“Yes! A+ I deserved nothing less and I now I know for sure that studying does nothing. I knew 6th grade would be easy. Mom, I’m headed to continue researching my project.” 
“Neil, come back in here. I need your help moving this shelf.”
“Sorry, no time to help. Get someone else. Besides, if I moved it I wouldn’t need your help, I would just do it myself. I guess I am stronger than you.” 
“Yup! I was a strong young man, and still am.” Neil smiled down at his ripped arms that were steadily pulling him and his gear up the volcano. 
“I’ve found it! I know what will save mankind! I know how I can save everyone! Pure water, the purest of pure water in the entire world is what will cure all people. It says here that once this water, in the center of the largest volcano in the world, is found and made accessible to all people, it will cure every illness and injury. All the person has to do it drink one mouthful.”
“Yes, I certainly have done it. I have worked hard for 20 years. I have built my physic, I have researched how to enter an active volcano, I know how to get to the very center, I know where the water is, I know how to set up pipes to get the water to all people, I know everything I need to know to be the savior of the world. Today I will do it.” 
Neil pulled himself up the last 2 feet and peered over the edge, taking in the smell of smoke and the swirling scorching red lava. Swinging his muscular legs over the edge, he made ready, took a deep breath, and hurled himself as far as he could to fall straight into the very center of the volcano. Neil knew that if he fell directly into the center, the hot lava would be penetrated and fall away, a solid rock base would appear, and a key hole would be visible. 
Everything happened exactly as he knew it would. 
Squatting down next to the key hole he examined it carefully. Really that wasn’t necessary though, he knew what it would look like already. The hole would be the exact size and shape as his right pinky finger. He was the savior of the world and only the savior of the world could open the door to get to the pure, perfect water. 
Clenching his jaw and squeezing his eyes tight shut, Neil inserted his pinky and felt it leave his hand. Ignoring the blood he stood quickly to fall into the water in an upright position. The water engulfed him with a delightfully refreshing feel and washed away the blood from his missing finger. All the rock that had been the firm foundation underneath him, separating him and the world from the pure water, had fallen away and all around he was surrounded by the most beautiful water. The sun was shining down through the opening of the volcano and made everything sparkle. “Just like all the diamonds I will be given when I give the world this water.” 
Neil, feeling very pleased with himself, used swift arm strokes to reach a ledge in the rock off to the side. He threw his pack up onto it, then climbed up himself. He was afraid to look at his right hand, he could feel the moisture increasing rapidly and phantom throbbing pains ensued. 
“Ha! But I already had that part figured into my plan as well. I thought of everything. How could the savior and hero of the world not? As soon as I take one sip of this perfect water, my finger will be restored and I will be whole and completely perfect as I was a few minutes before.” Neil smiled at his reflection in the water. He had always thought of himself as good-looking. 
The pain in his hand brought him back to the reason he needed this water himself. Leaning over, Neil cupped his hand and brought it to his lips. He expected the water to be cool, sweet, and refreshing, this was, after all, the most pure, perfect water on earth. But is was not. 
The liquid burned his lips, it scorched his teeth, rushing down his throat it gave him internal knife like pains, finally it hit his stomach and felt like an explosion inside of him. Neil let out a scream and crumpled dead on the rock. 
The perfect, purest of pure water had killed him, because being an imperfect man, he could not drink perfect water and live. 

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  1. cute story! :) and *great* ending. ha! so dramatic! :) hope you're having fun! Christy


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