Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Astronaut Ice Cream

I started the week on top of things pretty well and with a good night's sleep. What a blessing! In my lunchbox I found a note from Ava. 

Monday afternoon I got to be home and work on, primarily, chores and reviewing play lines with different siblings. Then I had small group babysitting again. 

Tuesday morning Kate actually let me rest a little longer after she arrived. Poor Ava had gotten up to play with her at 6:15, but then Kate wanted to rest in her bed. So Ava went off to the schoolroom and got started on her daily assignments. Like big sister, like little sister. 

Mom and the littles went to meet up with friends at Bubble Land again for a large portion of the day. Usually this means Kate takes really, really good naps. That didn't happen. She decided a nap-strike was in order and only took one. BUT she was very happy, played wonderfully well in her bed for a long time even though she wasn't asleep (which meant I got to be productive), and the one nap she did take was over an hour. 

During Kate's last not-going-to-sleep-even-though-I'm-in-bed-and-it-is-super-quiet time of the day, Christian and I got to play a game of Scrabble. It was a monumental event because he completely and utterly, no doubt about it, for sure beat me won for the first time while challenging me. 

Wednesday was the most fun/eventful/exciting day this week. 

In the morning Ava asked if she could teach school for the day. 

In her words-

So first I made them open some things that had money in them and then count the money and write down how much money was in them. Then I put a blindfold on Gabe and put the money in the bowl and made him identify the pennies that were in with the other coins. Then I gave them a window math-sheet and I gave them each one and they did that. And then I read to them one of the stories from the 7 Habits of Happy Kids. And then they did some spelling words. And I think that is it. Mia didn't like it so much. And Gabe had trouble spelling 'drum.' I think I would have liked teaching better if the kids had like it better. I did enjoy not having to do a math lesson myself! Gabe didn't really want me to teach them, but Mia was the one saying "Gabe, it'll be fun, lets do it!" 

After I came home from work we had another Princess Bride practice. Christian was at the neighbor's working and next week I'll have opportunity to practice all of my parts with Wesley, so we focused on all the other scenes. It all went pretty smoothly, no Batman this time, I wasn't acting much so not too much smiling, less giggling, people are doing better with lines and staying in character, etc. There was instead some tickling, furniture moving, and extra time to play a game called "Signs."Here is a link to how to play Signs.

Random facts-

 If you tickle a dead-guy it will revive him. 

When you have four, strong, teen-age guests over, moving furniture is easy. 

Playing "Signs" with 10 people is crazy. 

If you say you have never been "it", the next few turns, you will be. 

This time Chloe only took pictures of one scene- Miracle Max.

Humperdinck, Humperdinck! 

I will fix him...by tickling!

No, no, no you have to press on his chest like so. 

Right before our friends left, Christian, "Wesley", and I raced. It was more like a 100 foot sprint. The one in cowboy boots won, the girl who was bare-foot almost won, and the person in running shoes fell behind. And that is why I've been super sore the rest of the week.

That night we watched "Little Boy" and all sobbed our eyes out as a family. There was most definitely popcorn and ice cream involved. A bit soggy, but still good. Also kind of salty... 

Thursday morning I left for work while EVERYONE was still asleep... and was greeted with this breath-taking view outside the door. Who would see this and not want to shout praises to the Lord?!

That afternoon Mom took Chloe, Christian, and I to our Speech and Debate club orientation and meet-and-greet. We already know a lot of people in the club, so it was really fun to get to see them. Plus we were able to get questions answered and be inspired by speech ideas. (At least I was...) Christian isn't too sure about all this yet, although I know he is going to do a fabulous job. Chloe is kind of excited and I and thrilled! 

Chloe and Christian will be a Team Policy Debate team, Chloe and I will likely to a Duo Interpretation Speech, and everything else is yet to be determined. 

Dad came with Gabe and Mia to meet us at the church where club is held. Then he and Mom went out for a really long time while. I drove the kids home and we did normal evening things. Meanwhile Ava ran some errands with Nana and Grandfather and got to eat out. 

Friday was mostly normal, I think. I have been kicking back into school gear this week and after work came home to take a test. 

Gabe had a personal monolog going during his playtime in the afternoon basically telling a story about his actions. It sounded something like this, "I fired my gun, ran 50 paces, fired again. Even though 50, no, all, actually like, 200 men were dead all around me, I would never surrender. Though the-the-um enemy came closer- er -approached still, I pressed on steadily." All the while he was acting out his story. 

That evening we tried astronaut ice cream. I mean, ice cream that astronauts eat. Not ice cream made out of astronauts...

The general consensus was that it tastes like ice cream-flavored, dried up, marshmallows which get stuck in your teeth. Aka, we are most likely not going to choose to switch over to eating this instead of the real thing. 

So we pulled out the 12 few containers of real ice cream that Mom and had picked up while on her Town Talk run that afternoon. There were also some brownies that showed up on the counter. 

The sunset was STUNNING. 

Chloe took some pretty cool pictures. 

Christian, Chloe, and I viewed "Guardians of the Galaxy." Yeah, science fiction, not really my thing... I followed pretty well and the others thought it was AWESOME. (The movie, but also the fact that they didn't have to pause it to enlighten me as to what in the world was going on.) I think I much prefer things that are at least slightly realistic. 

The Herd: Quoted 

“Ava, I need you to help me with these energy balls.” -Mom
“Help you eat them?” -Ava
“No…help me form them into balls.” -Mom

“They are made with coconut so you probably won’t like them.” -Mom to Dad.
“But I can’t taste the coconut.” -Chloe
“Yeah, people who like things rarely can taste them when they are in things.” -Dad to Chloe.
“Hey, I made you a coffee pie, I know you hate coffee, but I can’t taste it!” -Me joking.
“Here is some lemonade. You hate lemons, but I love them and I seriously can’t taste the lemons in this!” -Dad continuing the joke. 

“When I have kids I’m going to make school a game. And they aren’t going to have any toys.” -Ava making grand plans while Mom, Dad, and I all make our tongues bleed. 

“That moment when Gabe accidentally drops his gum on the floor of the bowling alley and promptly picks it up and puts it back in his mouth.” -Mom in a text to Dad and me. 

“I just realized it’s only Monday.” -Me

"Yeah I think Dad is just built for it because he is all strong, muscle man, super hero, good father, guy." -Mia 

"Growing pains are destroying me!" -Gabe 

"I'm sorry, I forgot the answer, did Michael Bay direct the new Tinkerbell movie? Actually I don't think that is what I meant to say..." -Me 

"Chloe-logic: I'll wear my boots so I can put my knife in them." -Me 

"It literally hurts just to lift my leg over to the brake pedal, I am so sore from exercising." -Mom

"So you know that race I had yesterday? That's why I'm super sore today." -Me 
"That was like a 100 foot sprint!" -Chloe
"Yeah...I know." -Me 

"I think your mind is broken." -Gabe to Me

"I am not hungry for love, I have plenty of that, I'm hungry for food." -Gabe 

"I wish I had the stuff to make computer generated images." -Chloe
"Oh is that what CGI stands for!?" -Me getting really excited that I finally figured it out!

"I don't think I've actually ever seen a gun shot in real life..." -Me

"Hope the freeze-dried ice cream is good." -Ava
"Probably isn't." -Christian
"Then why do astronauts eat it?" -Chloe
"Because it is better than freeze-dried spinach." -Christian 

"We have plenty of vinegar for you, Christian." -Mom
"Oh good, I could drink it if I wanted." -Christian 
"Hey! I want some too!" -Chloe 
"What?" -Me

"Those guys with the AK-47 were looking at Lydia, though." -Christian 
"And that's why I carry a knife around." -Chloe  

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