Sunday, August 2, 2015

If only we had another bedroom...

"If only we had another bedroom..." 

Four days later.

"Sir, we can start on that wall tomorrow." 

So the process began. 

Day one:

Our upstairs had a large, open loft area at the top of the stairs set up as a library/playroom/hangout spot. To the left were the girls' bedrooms. Chloe and I shared a larger room and Ava and Mia shared a smaller one. Across the way to the right Christian and Gabe each had their own rooms. 

Last September Christian, Chloe and I had been in our own rooms while the littles all shared the big room. That room then became mine and Chloe's, the little girls shared, and the boys got their own. Many things factored into that new arrangement in September and most of us weren't actually that happy about it. 

The first few months were an adjustment mainly for Chloe and I. We had shared a room pretty much since the day she was born until I was 13. (I think.) So when we got our own rooms we were VERY excited. We have always been very different (we balance each other really, really well) but good friends, however, the space came at a good time. But the space had over time caused us to distance ourselves from each other more than it should have. (That was one factor.) 

Anyways, the main point I'm making here is that we did this whole bedroom rearrangement jig not that long ago. 

During those months, Chloe, Christian, and I actually grew a lot closer. We moved more away from the siblings who didn't like each other all the time, to friends who wanted to be together. And ganged up on the working one to keep her up late at night having too much fun. I know that, again, many things factored into the decision to move everyone's room, but I think this time we are staying put. Until we start spreading our wings. 

Here was Chloe's old space. 
It was the smallest of all of us because she did school downstairs.

My area.

My other area.

And other area. 
(I spent the most time in my room out of all of us. Also my area was the teen-hangout area.) 

This is the top of the stairs before the wall. 

The old loft area. 

And the other side of the old loft area. 

Chloe and Christian had NO idea what we were doing or even that we were doing something like this. Believe it or not, I actually took a little while to get excited about it even though it mean't I'd have my own room again- I really loved the loft space. 

Day two:

We began tearing apart the rooms. Christian was staying put so his room became the dumping ground. 

These are all from the little girl's old room, now in Chloe's old space. 

 We found a smushed scorpion on the wall behind something that had been hung up. 

The little girls' room almost empty.

The loft almost empty.

Day something: (I lost track.) 

And this is...Christian's room?

Chloe's and my old room.

The wall!

Is that...Mia painting?! 

I chose a pale pearl pink for my new room and after a full day of work, came home to start at 5:00pm and finish about 10:00pm. I did the whole thing start to finish by myself. And was VERY sore the next day. But happy to have it finished and very pleased with the result. 

The wall.

My painted room. 

The loft now Gabe's room coming along. 

Chloe's new room will be the teen-hangout spot. 
Now we have a couch for watching movies!

Chloe's room. 

Gabe and Grandfather primed the walls together. 
That would be why he is covered in paint. 

My room coming together.

Although Christian did not move rooms we still wanted to do something for him. Mom and I cleaned and organized in there, then Mom set up some new shelves for his use in place of the desk he never touched. 

Christian's finished room.

The littles girls' finished room. 

My room is still in the organizing and decorating stage. Gramma is being a fabulous help with that. I have all my ideas and she knows how to get them in place. 

Chloe and Christian, like I said, had no idea and because Dad was then with them, we couldn't send him any pictures or tell him much. When they got home they were shocked and very excited. Chloe practically shrieked "WHAT!" and Christian said "What did you do?!" Dad was very impressed by all we'd done as well. 

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  1. I love how this is all coming together and can hardly wait to see it in person!


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