Saturday, August 8, 2015

I want to eat your hair.

*Checks battery power. FaceFloors.* I did it again, 12%. 

At home later. 

Monday afternoon we finally had another play practice!

Considering the fact that we hadn't all practiced together in a month at least (and therefore hadn't seen them in a while), and everyone had about the same level of knowledge of their lines (maybe a little better for some, I'll give them that), and that I didn't have as good a plan in place in terms of order of operation and such, we did well! All that's to say, it was an extremely loud practice which leaned towards the side of super-crazy and unorganized and added to that was filled with laughter, brilliant new ideas, and Batman. 

Most everyone put on their costume, aka- everyone except Christian, who declined to and Ava, who really didn't need to since, sadly, her part is very small. Honestly, no one needed to put their's on, but everyone wanted to see everyone else's. I'll need to work on not tripping on my skirt as well as keeping my hair out from under everyone's feet and out of their hands out of the way. Wesley's mask and all black costume begged for a Batman voice. That was super-helpful in the way of keeping everyone serious. 

Chloe had my phone a considerable amount of time and so by the end of it I had a lot of pictures of the practice, mainly though, pictures of Wesley and Buttercup. I shall endeavor to caption them cleverly. 
Do you think we killed her?

This is going well, right?

We are going to debate this script while 
Vizzini pulls roughly rubs Buttercup's hair because we happen to be on a boat. 

I shall plunge this flying sword into your back not even giving you a chance.

I'm studying the script- er -I mean, I'm bored and this book is more fun.

This script!? 
I know right, now let me put my boot on.

Now this is how you cure a dead man, 
if you puncture his nose with your thumb his legs will cross. 
What good does that do?

Trust me. 

You, with the camera!

Looking good, you've just been reunited now...

...And despite the fact that this looks like we are acting incredibly emotional, 
we are actually both losing it at this point. 

Some of these you will just have to caption yourself...

What is that?
My hand.
Oh, right, that's a hand. 

It's a hand everybody!



This script, it's...incredible. 

Those shoes!

Mom and Dad went out for dinner Monday night and Chloe provided the rest of us with her signature dinner meal- Oriental Lemon Honey Pasta with Pesto. 

Gabe was so excited about Kate coming Tuesday that he was downstairs at 6:00 am dressed and ready for the day. I was up then too, but that's because I had to be... I was also very excited though, I missed that darling so much! Actually, I think everyone was really excited... We love babies. All of us. 

Absolutely adorable Kate executing a perfect yoga stretch called "Pigeon." 
But you can call it "Sparrow" if you want. I accidentally renamed it one time.

Dad is not angry, just fyi. I'm being serious.

There are no words, she is so precious. 

If you ever should need to practice the piano while caring for a baby it can be done! I sat Kate down on the piano bench in front of me and then crossed one of my legs over the other so she would have her own little chair. She loved watching my hands and occasionally putting her own on the keys as well to help. The smart little cookie even figured out she could make me do cool tricks to keep playing the song by putting her hand underneath mine and pushing my arm. 

Also, if you were wondering, should a baby begin to gag on the food you are feeding them, that probably means you should stop putting it in their mouth. 

These two are sweet buddies, playing lego wars, what else?

Tuesday afternoon Christian and Ava had orthodontist appointments and Chloe went to Gramma's to work on a photo book from our most recent Maui vacation *counts on fingers* 9 months ago. That night Mia had a birthday party for one of her little friends. She was so funny about it, planning her whole week around getting to go to that party and telling everyone she would be gone that night. 

When I make dinner and it includes Cheesecake it is a good day. 

Ava, how did you manage to climb up there? And Chloe didn't help you? 

Gabe turned me into a jungle gym as well and climbed up onto my shoulder without my assistance. We won't talk about how painful that was. He is very strong! 

I have been reading this book the past couple of weeks and I highly recommend it. 
I enjoyed it partly because I enjoy writing and he was an incredible author, 
but also just because hearing about his life, how he came to Christ, 
and how that changed him was really something special.
Now I want to read all of his books! 

Wednesday afternoon Mia and I had dentist appointments. Other than that there wasn't much of anything very interesting going on that day. Aside from the fact that that was the day I started this post and now it is Saturday. 

Thursday afternoon I went to spend time with a friend. I'm pretty sure that was one of the days Dad had a lot of meetings. Friday too, I think. I have worked every day at my nanny job aside from having Kate on Tuesday. Other random family updates while I'm at it- Chloe and Christian have been kicking back into school mode and the littles are just being more consistent at it. (They have been working on a few things all summer.) 

Friday afternoon I took Chloe, Christian, and Ava shopping for Tax-Free Weekend. We hit Plato's Closet, Payless Shoes, Chick-fil-a, and Target. (In case you were wondering where we enjoy shopping.) 

Turned out Mom, Dad, Mia, and Gabe then went out to one of our family's favorite restaurants "Babe's." We shoppers were glad they had a nice time... 

I've Been Pondering

This week I have been more and more in awe of the beauty of the earth, even in the midst of it's brokenness, the people in it, each with a unique personality and different gifts, and how we have been designed to love and appreciate that which is lovely. Then I am overwhelmed with unspeakable joy and wonder knowing this is hardly even a shadow of our real home- Heaven. 

So be in awe, be truly amazed, be absolutely speechless, be in total wonder, and praise our Father. 

The Herd: Quoted 

"I wish there was a real Wesley." -Gabe
"Noah is Wesley." -Me
"No, I'm going to make a real one." -Gabe
"You going to name your son Wesley?" -Me 
"If my wife agrees, yes." -Gabe

"A princess never sets her weapons on the table." -Gabe quoting "Brave" in a perfect Captain Jack voice. 

"You are wooden, you have a heart of stone." -Me joking.
"That does not make me wooden!" -Chloe correct as usual.  

"Mom, what's adultery?" -Gabe 
"Inappropriate physical contact with someone you are not married to.  What does that mean to you?" -Mom
"No kissing on the lips?" -Gabe 
"Well, that is not a good idea, but it's not adultery." -Mom
"No contact at all?" -Gabe
"No, if I gave your uncle a hug that's okay, that's not adultery." -Mom

"If you don't want to be attacked by a shark, don't wear your turtle outfit in the water." -Mom

"Mom, the word 'pizza' has an invisible 't' in it." -Mia 

"What song is this?" -Me playing the piano. 
"I'm not sure. Do you know?" -Dad
"No, I was wondering if you did." -Me
"If you don't know what it is, how are you playing it?" -Dad
"I know it is a real song I've heard somewhere, I just don't know where and I actually don't know how I'm playing it, I just sat down and played it from memory for the first time." -Me

"I don't remember what I dreamed all I know is when I woke up my first thought was 'I need to buy pepper spray.'" -Me

"Christian, looks like you have a component!" -Ava
"An 'opponent' maybe?" -Dad
"Oh, yeah..." -Ava

"Did you watch a tutorial or something?" -Chloe to me while I was playing piano.
"No, I've been teaching it to myself just sounding it out." -Me
"When did you start learning it?" -Chloe tentatively.
"..This morning..." -Me very quietly kind of ducking down. 
"Argh! I wish I could play the piano, I can't even read music anymore!" -Chloe
"Well...I can't read music that well either, I guess I just have really good ears for picking songs out that way..." -Me 

"Any one want the rest of the zucchini noodles?" -Me
"Do you mean spaghetti squash?" -Dad

"I am the king of second place." -Gabe

"Your hair smells delicious!" -Christian randomly picking up a chunk of my hair.
"Let me smell it too!" -Gabe

"I want to eat your hair." -Mia

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