Monday, August 10, 2015

Some Famous Last Words, Among Other Things

Saturday was like most at our house, people slept in, played, did mowing, cleaned, worked on projects, caught up on long over due blog posts... *bites lip guiltily* etc! That evening Dad and the five other kids went to Costco before we all went to church. 

Sunday morning, dark and early, Dad took Gabe and Mom to the airport to fly to D.C. (They didn't want to drive for four days again.) When we were there in May *tries to remember that time long ago and confirms it was indeed May* Gabe felt rushed in all our touring activities and greatly desired a slower pace so he could take in every detail. 

Detour- Gabe is a detail person. He is meticulous, methodical, cautious, organized, habitual, goes at his own pace, remembers everything, attentive, focused, you get the idea. Going through two Smithsonians in 5 hours did not fly with him. 

Back on track- so he has been really looking forward to this and Mom didn't mind taking him since one of her sisters, her nephew, and one of her best friends of all time, all live in that area. Definitely a sacrifice on her part. 

Their flight was delayed due to issues with the captain's chair... But it wasn't a long delay and the captain gave Gabe a personal tour of the airplane. (I'll bet he remembers everything he was shown and with tell us all about it when they get back.)
At the gate.

Dad walked in the door about 10:15 am (around the time we were beginning to emerge and seek out some breakfast) and announced he'd like to leave to go swim at Gramma's in 15 minutes. 

Half an hour later...we were on our way! 

Dad's breakfast in a Christmas mug in the middle (ish, close enough) of August.

Famous last words- "We probably won't swim that long since it's so hot, so I don't really need sunscreen." 

It was hot. We floated around in heat commas swam for a while, then ate lunch. Sitting in the water in the shade was nice. The pool was almost too warm to feel very refreshing though! You know it is hot in Texas when... 

After eating we all played Categories and then follow-the-leader jumping off the diving board, which is exactly what it sounds like- one person jumps first, then everyone has to do their best imitation of whatever type of real or made-up jump was first done. Imitating Dad and Christian is hard. Imitating Mia is impossible a challenge. She can do the crazies, most creative, super flexible moves ever. At any rate that game made for a lot of good laughs. True to our personalities some of us, aka Chloe, didn't want to do that creative of stuff, and others of us, aka me, would try almost anything but end up giving people the most laughs, and still others, aka Christian, would show off the jumps that only he could do. 
Gabe with our adorable cousin. 

Other famous last words- "I don't want to stay all day, we'll plan to be back early enough for some good rest-time." 

In the car I played requested music videos. The favorites- 

We got back to the house about 4:30 pm and all cycled through the shower. Then started our traditional Sunday brunch meal. (Who says you have to eat it at brunch-time? If that is even a thing...) 

America's Funnies Home Video's may or may not have been on some as a special treat... It is so cool and kind of weird to be able to think back to the times I watched that as a 4 or 5 year old and know that the same man is still doing it 14 years later. (Sorry if I just made any of you feel old, please don't feel old.) 

 In addition to this family blog, I also have more of a personal one where I post some of my poetry and short stories. Last night I put up a poem I wrote last year in Maui. If anyone is interested here is the link- Ocean, Rising to Setting

The Herd: Quoted 

"That is a big cup of coffee." -Me
"Well, you looked really tired." -Mom

"Ding ding ding! That is going on the blog!" -Christian 
"No, it's not, its after 10:00 pm." -Chloe 

"Do something simple- pick a character and jump off the diving board like they would. Ooh, like Caption Jack off the plank." -Me
"Lydia, Caption Jack did a Jack knife." -Chloe 

"Why is no one videoing Lydia when she jumps off the diving board?" -Chloe 

"Chloe is a high school drop-out. It’s called graduating." -Christian 
"No, it’s called graduat- oh, that’s what you just said…" -Me 

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  1. Wow, that is one cute cousin you have there! :)


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