Sunday, August 2, 2015


Friday afternoon Chloe, Christian, and I worked on our lines for the play. I think I've about got mine! Chloe and Christian on the other hand... Yeah. 

Chloe and I then took a trip to the Ponder library. Yes, we have one of those, too! We stopped going to it several years ago, though, because we'd read just about every book they had. Now they have new ones so we will work on those for the next couple of months. Then go back to Denton. *Wink, wink* We ALL love reading. Dad too, he just never has time. 

That night Christian, Chloe, and I watched "Iron Man." I understood it without any help! Maybe not the motives everyone had, but I got the plot just fine and have gotten really good at figuring out who the villain is in the first ten minutes even though he starts out as the good guy. 

Saturday Mom and I got to enjoy some shopping and pampering time. We started at Denton Thrift, stopped at a garage sale, and then another thrift store. Lunch was NOT at Chick-fil-a! Panera Bread was the perfect place for us to enjoy yummy food and good visiting. 

I ran into Jo-Ann and then we finished by getting pedicures. 

Mom and Ava stayed home from church as Ava was still not quite well. 

Sunday has been a wonderful day of rest. We only had two meals, but both were fabulous. First, our signature Sunday brunch and then a steak dinner. 

Dad and the five other kids swam at Gramma's while Mom and I rested. This time I DID get that glorious two hour nap! This has been a very constant week and actually a very constant month as well. 

Nana and Grandfather wandered over to our doorstep right about the time we were serving up dessert this evening. 

The Herd: Quoted

"I think that should go on the blog- Lydia asking which is which while looking at three things that are exactly the same." -Mom 

"What? It’s supposed to rain tonight?" -Christian
"No, she said she is definitely going to be ready to eat dinner." -Dad

"I read because I couldn't sleep and finished my book." -Chloe 
"You finished it in one day?!" -Me
"Technically two, it was after midnight..." -Chloe 

"I found other stress relief things." -Me 
"Like what?" -Chloe 
"Writing." -Me
"Yeah, you can kill people!" -Chloe
"I never ki- oh wait, yes, a lot of my characters do end up dying in my stories... But they are always for good reasons." -Me

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