Friday, August 28, 2015

Watched Pots

Monday was a little different, as I had Kate that day instead of Tuesday. She arrived sleepy again so we both got a nap from 6:15-7:00. *pumps fist*

Other than that, it was a full day caring for her, doing school work, laundry, a few projects, blogging, etc. Everyone else was home too.

Dad had a meeting at our house, it started with a tour of our home and our family's life story as told by Mia.

Then I had babysitting for small group that night. This time, there were 10 kids between the ages of 2 and 5, plus 5 infants. Thankfully I had parental help. I admit it though, it did wear me out.

When I got home at 8:30 pm, everyone was still up running around the house doing stuff. (Usually everyone is at least in their room resting before bed.) Chloe decided to bake a bunch of stuff just because, Mom and Dad had been putting together furniture, and everyone else was playing! I headed to bed as soon as I could. So two hours later.

Tuesday, I went to my nanny job because I did not have Kate. 

Then I went to Denton to by jeans and a dress for pictures in Hawaii. For once in my life, I planned extra time and finished sooner than I excepted to. That was nice! Mom is the best one about accurate, realistic planning. Dad and I on the other hand always think we will be able to accomplish way more in the time we have than we actually ever can. 

That night we had small group at our home. During the sharing time (while the kids played outside) all the couples went around and shared praises, prayer requests, and things they do to keep their marriage healthy. The ones I remember were reading marriage books together each year, going to a marriage conference every year or two, having open communication, always having in mind the best interests of the other person, and that if you are having an argument or disagreement you might be pregnant. 

Wednesday afternoon after work, Chloe and I worked on writing the rough draft of our Speech Duo Interpretation. That was pretty fun! When the two of us get something going there are so many ways it could turn and with our opposite personalities... *Smiles* 

(Editorial note: We found out later that we can't actually write our entire duo from scratch, it has to come from a book.)

I babysat again that night while the others had dinner and a game night. Out of my whole summer, this week I have had the most things going on. BUT I have been making it a point to get enough sleep, and that's been going well! 

Another book recommendation- I've been reading "Christy" the past *ducks* two months *smiles sheepishly* (it took awhile...) and it was very good! A couple years ago Mom, Chloe, and I watched the tv series that was made based on the book as a special "big girl" activity in the evenings. Ever since then, I've wanted to read the book, and I'm really glad I did. I loved how it was all definitely a story, but the author wove in things to get the reader thinking, and conversations that would explain different issues or show things from a different angle. She had very strong characters, and so many different processes of growing, learning, and redemption. 

The Herd: Quoted 

“I’m just waiting for the water to boil.” -Chloe
“You know, a watched pot never boils.” -Mom
“I know, that’s why I’m not looking at it." -Chloe 

"I feel like baking cookies, that ok?" -Chloe  

"Are you okay? I thought I heard groaning." -Dad to Chloe while she was doing school.  

"I wish I could go and see what you would do..." -Chloe 
"You could turn into a fly on the wall and watch me, but I would probably smack you because I don't like flies." -Me
"Well thanks I see how it is!" -Chloe
"That sounded a lot badder than I meant it to." -Me

"Yeah, I've got guns, see those are 22's!" -Christian flexing. 
"No, you have water guns." -Chloe 

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  1. :) Did you know that I am named after the Christy book? {by c. Marshall} It's one of my favorites {obviously} as well as the movie. I think the fastest I once read it was a week. :) I'm glad you enjoyed it! Quiz: I am named after two books and two movies - the first name is after a book and a movie {Christy} and my second name is too. {Anne} GUESS?!


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