Sunday, August 16, 2015

Don't Choke

Saturday was another normal day. We left early for church so we could go to Costco. Then we had to go to Sprouts afterwards. Mom stayed home not feeling the greatest. In the car us kids worked on our lines, without the aid of a script. That'll show you how well you know it, whether they are your lines or not! 

Today was very laid back and restful. Chloe was returned to us by Uncle Phil and Aunt Lauren late this afternoon and they disappeared to talk with Mom and Dad. Hours A little while later like 5 hours maybe an hour and a half or so definitely more like 6 or 7 hours Chloe, Ava, and I decided to make dinner for everyone to surprise them. We had about 25 minutes to pull it off and we did it! 

Christian arrived back from a Ranger's game with friends just in time to try not to die choking because of Uncle Phil's hysterical true stories eat with us. 

I've Been Pondering

You know those times when you are so hungry that eventually your stomach gives up on the idea of food and leaves you forgetting that the last meal you ate was forever ago and so you don't eat until you realize you have a headache and are about to pass out? 

Don't let this happen with you and God. 

Don't push Him aside, tell Him 'no' or 'later', forget to worship Him in every moment, call upon His name with every breath, fold yourself in His love, speak His promises over each situation, marinate your soul with His word, and totally and completely fall in love with Him. 

Don't allow yourself to become so hungry for Him that your soul ceases to cry out for Him. 

Walk with Him every step you take. 

Don't wait until life crushes you to be reminded how much you need Him. Every day, hour, minute, moment you need Him. 

By His mercy though, the refrigerator is just a short walk away and is always overflowing with food for your heart- His love and grace. 

Those times when you do become distant hurt Him far more than the early stages of hunger we experience when we forget to eat, He longs for you and the moment you realize you are starved for Him, He is there waiting with open arms.

We Are Grateful 

A nap. -Dad
I'm grateful for good friends and loving family. -Mom 
Sunsets. - Me 
A fun weekend. -Chloe 
I'm grateful that I was able to go to the baseball game. -Christian
To spend time with family. -Ava
Another day on plant earth. -Gabe
That we are all here. -Mia

The Herd: Quoted

"No, they had it all planned out. If they stayed in there for two hours eventually we would get hungry and decide to make them dinner." -Me
"Yes, Lydia, it was all a conspiracy, why didn't you catch on to it sooner?" -Chloe 
"Oh...sorry." -Me sheepishly. 

"Guess what movies I watched." -Chloe 
"All the Jurassic Parks, Iron Man 2, and Thor." -Me without hesitation. 
"Yes! How did you know?" -Chloe
"Wait, I was right?" -Me 

"What is in this yogurt?" 
"Grasshoppers!" -Ava
"Wait, really?" -Me
"Yes, it says 'Organic Locust Bean Gum' right on the container." -Ava
"What makes it Australian?" 
"It's Kangaroo milk!" -Dad

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  1. I sure enjoy reading your thoughts! Thanks for the encouragement to always press in to know the Lord more deeply. Love you!


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