Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Because I'm a Blonde

Saturday morning looked something like this for Mia, Dad, Gabe, Chloe, and Christian. 

They worked on repainting our breakfast area the same soft grey that is in our schoolroom. The most time-consuming part of that project was taping around all those amazing windows. 

Mom and Ava went out for breakfast with some friends and then did some shopping. I actually didn't notice Ava was gone for a long time. She is so quiet! 

My Saturday morning looked something like this... 

And it was wonderful. 

I also finished this book. I'm pretty sure I mentioned it in a post a long time ago. Because I have been reading this for several months...I read slowly. But I still HIGHLY recommend it! I would read this again and again just for myself because it was SO good. He outlines everything with basic stories and examples. So many things I simply had not thought of in the way he lays it out. (And for most people it probably wouldn't take as long to read as it did me.) 

When we go to Hawaii we always make it a point to get family pictures taken. Usually we all wear white and khaki clothing. That afternoon we worked on pulling everyone's outfits together. 

In the car on the way to church Mia wanted to have "girl time" with me. She read me the story she is writing and we took serious pictures. 

Sort of. 

Sunday we ate a quick breakfast and, as fast as we were ready, left to swim at Gramma's. So an hour later... We only have a few more weekends to do this! Mom stayed home and did a few things in between doing a lot of nothing.

Because of the cold-snap we had earlier in the week the water was actually pretty cool. If it had been the beginning of Summer we totally would have turned on the heater. But it was plenty hot outside to make it feel really nice. 

We did a lot of nothing for awhile, then after lunch played games, jumped off the diving board all different ways, and did gymnastics in the grass. For the first time we decided to take pictures.

Let me take my hair out of it's braid because I definitely want it to be super tangled. 

Ava doing the Karate-Jump. 

Christian always does the best ones. 

Preparing to do the Karate-Jump. 

Until Dad does something cooler.

Ava can touch her toes! Almost!

So close... 

What do you know, water!

As I gracefully step down.

I can fly, I can fly, I can fly.

So can I.

Dad and Ava also did cartwheels with us. But I don't have pictures. 
Christian and I doing handstands. 
I have never been able to do one in my life.

When Ava takes a picture.


At home we showered and Dad and Chloe worked on dinner-
french toast, skillet vegetables, and sausage. 

When she doesn't have a book.

Even though Chloe and I aren't in the same room any more, we still manage to talk a lot at night. 

The Herd: Quoted 

"I can do a jack-knife, I do that every time!" -Christian
"I have never seen you do a jack-knife." -Dad 

"Do a cartwheel." -Dad telling me what to do off the diving board.
"Somehow that doesn't seem like a good idea." -Me
*I do it*
"Yeah, that hurt." -Me 

"Writing helps me process my day and is very important to me. I really like this couch in here!" -Me  
*Chloe laughs*
"What?" -Me 
"That was so random!" -Chloe 

"I'm really glad God put you in this family because I don't know what we would do without a blonde person to laugh at." -Chloe 


  1. Awesome photos!

    1. Yup, Ava's got a pretty good trigger finger. I'm pretty sure she took most of them!


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