Friday, July 31, 2015

Benadryl, Gymnastics, Research, and a Scorpion

Ava took a trip to CareNow with Mom Wednesday morning. She has had a fever for several days and a cough for at least two weeks I think. She is a real trooper, but Mom wanted to find out what is wrong. They gave her an antibiotic and said if the fever didn't leave in four days to come back. 

I had work, then I went right back home to keep working on the project. 

About the time we finished working we discovered Ava's eyes were swollen almost shut and that she had hives on her torso. Mom called the doctor and they said to give her Benadryl which we happened to be out of. Mom was going to send me to get some at the pharmacy in Ponder (yes, we actually have our own pharmacy!). I suggested she make sure they'd give it to me since I'm under 18. They said they would so I ran up there. "Ran" as in drove. In the car. Actually. 

Upon my arrival home we discovered we actually did have one tablet on hand... Two additional doses and many hours later, the hives began to go away and she could see mostly. Mom didn't want to leave her, though, so I took Gabe to his gymnastics class. Mia got to come as well. 

On the way there, Gabe gave me driving directions. I was very impressed. (And trusting.) I did know how to get there, but he told me to go a different way. (We were only two or eight minutes late.) 

I discovered something, Gabe is a little showoff! 
He isn't boastful about it, he just does everything better than everyone. 
So that everyone is sure to see him. 

His pull-up skills are astounding!

The three of us finished his class and then went on a wild goose chase even though Mom did her research before sending us to Walmart for something they didn't have. 

By 7:30pm we were hungry and what do you know, Chick-fil-a was in the same parking lot. Sort of. Okay, it was across the street. And I got us lost trying to get to it. Never mind, we aren't going to talk about that. SO we ate at Chick-fil-a. Big surprise there, I know. *Wink* 

Thursday I went to work then came home and took a glorious two hour nap laid down to take a nap but failed miserably got a million texts couldn't because there was noise around it was too bright in my room but it didn't work out, so I exercised and took a shower. 

I listened to music and practiced flipping my hair while made dinner. 

Mom had things she was trying to finish up before Dad, Chloe, and Christian came home. The rest of us made Root Beer Floats and did important research. Studied. Worked on the play. Okay, fine, we watched "Princess Bride." BUT I was taking notes for our play. Mental notes. On when I'm allowed to smile. 

The flight was delayed. It was originally scheduled to arrive here at 9:00pm but didn't land until 10:30 or 11:00pm. But they weren't complaining because last year, their entire flight was canceled and the unnamed airline spelled with the letters forming the word "Frontier" refused to a) find them a flight for the same day, b) pay their hotel expense, c) put them on a different airline, and d) refund them for the canceled flight. The arrangement they did make wouldn't have them home for 3 more days meaning the kids would miss their first day of class. So Dad had to rent a car and drive home. 

Mom left to go get them with Mia while the rest of us watched "That Darn Cat" to stay awake. They didn't make it here until 12:15am, but there was no way I was going to go to bed and miss their reaction to our big surprise. (Post to come.) 

Here is the reaction: 

They of course wanted to talk (and so did I.) Christian hounded me until I told him all about what happened when I got hit on. I think it was about 1:30am when I got in bed and then could NOT fall asleep even though I had been yawning every .2 seconds for the past two hours. 

This is my I slept-less-than-5-hours-last-night face.

When I got up at 6:30am to then leave an hour later, everyone was asleep. And then still asleep. The weekend is almost here. It's almost here. But I'm so grateful for the times when I know I definitely don't have the energy on my own to walk though the day, so I am more reminded of Who is my Strength. 

It is definitely louder here now. Definitely. 

 The Herd: Quoted

"You know you have long hair when you lean over and put your hands on your bed to hop down. Then realize you just pulled your hair because it got between your hands and the bed." -Me to Mom.

"I know how to get there faster." -Gabe on the way to gymnastics.
"Oh? How is that?" -Me
"I'll just tell you as we go! Go straight until I tell you to turn right." -Gabe in all seriousness and with a commanding air.

"This time I'm 100% sure of where we are going! I won't get us lost again." -Gabe
"We weren't lost, I just didn't know how to get where we needed to be for a second, so it took a few extra minutes..." -Me

"I'm pretty sure this is the wrong way." -Me

"I think I probably broke my toe on my way upstairs, so yeah that's what's going on right now." -Mom

"Mom, I think it is time we got you to bed." -Mia

"There is dust all over your back, Mom." -Me
"What? No, that wall I leaned against couldn't possibly be dusty." -Mom in mock-horror. 
"Is my back covered in dust too?" -Me
"Honey, your back is hidden by all your hair, so no." -Mom laughing.

"He is going to get home and be like 'did y'all sleep at all?'" -Mom
"No!" -Me responding to did we sleep. 

*Mom cries out*
*I am in the hall* 
"Wha-" -Me
*I scream before I see anything*
"It was a dead scorpion! I thought it was a leaf so I picked it up." -Mom
"What?" *Looks* "Oh that is tiny. Don't scream like that, you scared me and made me scream about nothing!" -Me
*We both start laughing*
"Oh, yeah, I saw that in there earlier and left it there. I thought it would freak you guys out." -Mia very matter-a-factly. 
"Well it's too bad I flushed it or I could have put it in your bed!" -Mom

"I told Dad that you and I are going to need pedicures and lunch on Saturday." -Mom to me. (I agree.)

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