Saturday, July 11, 2015

"Big-Kid" Time

Friday morning the kids were the same, no worse, maybe a little better. Only Gabe and Mia have gotten Hand Foot Mouth, everyone else is still fine! For being sick, those two have had lots of energy and been very cheerful while playing and making huge messes, but who cares about that they are having a good time. We are so thankful they seem to only have a light case! 

Dad, Chloe, and Christian joined some people from our church at Aunt Cendei's farm to demolish a barn. 

It was hot, there was a breeze, it was not very windy. Despite the fact that Hand Foot Mouth is going around our church a few families still made it, but some of the tools didn't. So we were able to take down part of the roof on a very small barn and get it stripped of metal and get it torn up. That was with the help of a very nice tractor of course. Then after that we went and had lunch and visited and went home. -Chloe 

After another late day at work I went to the bank and then came home to pick up Chloe and Christian to go to Denton Thrift. They leave next week for a fishing adventure in Montana with Grandpa (Dad's dad) and needed some clothes that can get ruined if needed. I was on a mission to find curtains and remaining costume items for our play. 

Christian discovered a couple of metal baseball bats and accompanied me to the men's aisle to find black clothing for The Dread Pirate Roberts. Despite the fact that I have absolutely no idea how men's clothing is sized, I think we found some good pieces. We went for pants that would be slightly too long for me and had whatever numbers we were told to look for. Hope they work! On top of that, though, I found an awesome pirate-y looking belt! 

I own like zero t-shirts so Chloe and Christian picked out a couple...from the guy's section. "The bigger, the more soft and comfortable!" According to Chloe. 

Christian first agonized over the fact that our shopping was taking too long, then at dinner despaired when Chloe and I "took forever to eat." It was a lot of food, okay!? To get us to leave Christian even confiscated my milkshake. 

I have a new name: 

He asked for extra whipped cream: 

That is a lot of food, isn't it? 

As siblings born within 3 years of each other with pretty close relationships, it was inevitable that the entire outing turned out to be full of laughter and conversations that most people (okay and me some times too) would call weird and awkward. We don't mind though, we have fun together. Between me being a blonde who lacks the ability to be intimidating and come up with harsh or sarcastic comebacks, Chloe being a sarcasm professional, Christian remembering a million random facts like "so and so liked you (Lydia) two years ago," and both of them being expert teasers, you can only imagine the types of exchanges we often have. (Actually, a lot of quotes come from those times, so maybe you do know a little bit about what they are like!) 

At home the other kids were lounging in the living room viewing "Swiss Family Robinson." (Did you know they are called the 'Swiss family' because they came from Switzerland?!) 

Chloe, Christian, and I set up in Chloe's and my room to watch "Spiderman." Christian had seen it, but us girls hadn't. We liked it! Chloe more than me probably, but it was enjoyable. It did make me jump several times though. I can't remember if I screamed or not... I probably did... 

Today the kids are about the same and we have been doing random chores around the house. At least some of us should be able to attend church tonight. 

The Herd: Quoted 

"He did smack his face, but he did not run his hair through his hands." -Me
"Run his hair through his hands?" -Chloe
"Yeah, what's wrong with that?" -Me
"I think you mean hand through his hair." -Chloe

"What really bugged me was there was only one kiss." -Christian telling us what was wrong with Captain America. 

"Oh! I get it now! I bet they are called 'suitcases' because they were first invented for carrying men's suits while they traveled!" -Me
"I'm going to pretend that was not a revelation for you." -Dad laughing and shaking his head in disbelief. 


  1. Correction, there are TWO kisses in captain America :) which by the way is the best movie ever made ;)

  2. I'd strongly disagree with that remark.

    Alternative best-movies-ever-made:

    The Princess Bride
    Captain American 2: Winter Soldier
    The Avengers 2: Age of Ultron
    The Star Wars Saga
    The Pirates of the Caribbean

    And those aren't the only ones. But yeah, Captain America is an awesome movie.


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