Saturday, July 4, 2015

Ketchup post, I mean CATCH UP post.

When you never wear hats, but your friend says he is positive you can not fix his and you ask to try and then spend 45 painstaking minutes sewing through velcro and rubber and succeed in fixing it, you might decide you have done a lot of bonding with said hat and want to just keep it. But when that friend sees his hat and pronounces you an absolute genius you decide that was payment enough and give it back even though your siblings all say you are way too adorable in it and should totally keep it. Please just ignore how long that sentence/paragraph ended up being and the never ending nature of it and also this is a very long run on sentence now so please excuse that and I am going to get back to the real post now so yeah. 

Tuesday morning, bright and early, sweet Kate came back to me for the day. Tuesdays are pretty close to my favorite, if not my favorite day of the week, I LOVE caring for that little darling. Really all babies, but her especially. 

Mom, Gabe, and Ava went to Hurricane Harbor again to celebrate Ava's half birthday. (They really just went for fun, but that was a good excuse to go again so soon. Not that they needed one or anything they idea where I was going with that...) Anyways! Mia was going to join them, but she was sick some the day before and we didn't want to wear her out. 

The Sleeping-Adorables 

Adoring "Princess Katy Kitty Cat" 

She is learning to TYPE. 

Mia and I worked on her lines for the play and she is doing incredibly well! That girl was has a fabulous memory and is going to make the cutest, spunkiest, most vivacious Vizzini ever. 
Kate ate and slept very well and showed me more of her fun new skills like doing a 360 spit-up, clicking her tongue, keeping her lips sealed so her new teeth are not to be seen, sitting up for a few minutes before throwing herself down, and smiling and laughing all the way. She also sat very nicely in my arms and talked while I did my makeup entirely with my other hand. It took more than twice the normal amount of time to complete the task, but it's good to know I can put on a full face of makeup with one hand if needed. 

We had an insurance guy come by around noon. The hail storm that apparently hit our house while we were all out of town destroyed our roof, barn roof, chicken coup roof, garage door, window screens, and all of that. So we are getting all that fixed! Again! All those things I just listed, just got fixed in December after a storm in September/October. 

Our small group meets every other Tuesday night. This time we did a Fourth of July theme. Half the church came so there were over 30 people in our home, a majority being children under the age of 12. I actually ate a real hamburger. The adults sat at their "parent only" table. While most kids ate outside, I sat with the only other teenage girl. When Dad announced the arrangement he looked directly at me while saying "parent only table". (I just really like being with adults, okay!) 

After the meal the kids continued playing outside and everyone else gathered in the living room to share prayer requests and praises. It was a very sweet time. 

Gabe also shared about his Missionary Jar. (Post to come.) 

At one point Mia and Molly crept down the stairs and then squealed/screamed at the same time the loudest they probably could. Half the adults in the living room jumped super big and everyone's heart skipped a beat. When the culprits were discovered they about died laughing and rolling on the stairs. 

While at work eating lunch with the kids a repair guy came by. I knew he was coming, but when I opened the door and he knew my name I decided that was slightly creepy. 

We had another play practice Wednesday afternoon. 

Someday this photo will be famous 
because the Munsell children will have amazing acting careers 
and our home is where they were both discovered and refined. 
Or it will just be a slightly creepy picture I took for the fun of it. 

The line memorization is still slow... 

Wooden spoons, wooden knifes, whatever works! 

"I am going to hit you with this rock I mean blanket." 

Mia faithfully taking notes. REAL notes. 

Sweet dreams!

"It was all planned by Gilder."

I'm not sure what my face was doing... 

"I'm not happy with you, you very tall person."

"Okay, now I am feeling pretty intimidated..."

We kind of sort of got side tracked by arm wrestling at the end... Why can I only beat people with my left arm!? I am RIGHT handed! 

The practice went well. Progress is being made and we are still having fun. (That is the important part.) 

Grandfather became an elder in their church Wednesday night and all of us who were able went to support him. 
Mia's hair do for the event.

The Herd: Quoted 

"I don't want- (this person shall remain unnamed, ask for details in person) -to be in love with you!"    -Mia to Me. 

"I didn't do that because I'm an honoring child, I’m honoring you." -Mia

"What happened to this room? Oh yeah..." -Me

"We are out of spoons." -Mia

"I have white in my hair!" -Mia

"That's Ezra from the book of Nehemiah." -Mom jokingly. 

"I’m not saying a half hour I'm saying half hour." -Mia
"Those are the same thing." -Mom
"No, they are different!" -Mia

"Could you still have a baby, Mom?" -Gabe 

"How did you respond?" -Me 
"I answered truthfully- yes. Yes, it is technically possible, I could have another baby. Is it likely, no, but it is possible." -Mom
"Possible, not probable." -Me trying to make a Pirates of the Caribbean reference, but kind of sort of failing. 

"Yeah...I wasn’t too keen on coming." -Gabe

"No, we can’t say “civilized people” we have to say “men” because civilized people would just sit down and talk about it." -Me
"So are you saying men are not civilized people?" -Chloe
"Arg, my logic totally did not work there! That is NOT what I was trying to say..." -Me

"Just give me a minute…okay, I forgot, what is my line?" -Me 

"We have to stop smiling!" -Me during practice with the biggest grin on my face coupled with frustration and confusion. 

"Don’t look at me like that. You are making me lose it." -Me

"We will figure it out. There, that is another of my catchphrases." -Me

"You may quote me." -Mom

"I look so small in that picture!" -Me
"That is because you are small." -Chloe 

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  1. That photo looks like the photo a CIA operative takes of a crime boss or a double agent. :D

    Abby says that when I put on my trench coat and sunglasses and stand behind her in Wal-Mart that I look like her bodyguard.


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