Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Stack and Shack

Gabe's birthday weekend with Aunt Lauren and Uncle Phil two weeks ago, as typed by me, word for word what he told me. (Everything in () is what I added.) 

When we got there we talked with Uncle Phil a little bit. Then we went to "Stack and Shack," also know as "Steak and Shake." And I had a uh...I had a...er...I had two small hamburgers and a milkshake. 

Then we watched "Prince Caspian." (Apparently he was a little chatter-box, telling his patient aunt and very extremely patient uncle everything the characters should have done.) Then we went to bed. 

The next morning we had um...we had um...we had- are you writing down everything I say? (Yup!) Even that?- um, the next morning we had apple stuffed pancakes with sausage- no not sausage- with bacon and hash browns. 

And then we went to the zoo and had a really fun time there. (And he looked at everything very carefully for a very long time.)

And then we went to Target and I didn't buy anything. (But he spent 30 minutes in the lego isle and when told to choose an ice cream said 'This might take awhile...') 

Then we came home and Aunt Lauren and I went swimming. We had three races and I lost every time. Then we came home, took showers, built a little bit with legos, played, and then had dinner. (His lego creations built from his own mind were very impressive and Uncle Phil was instructed by the little engineer to 'never ever ever take them apart ever.') 

And then we watched some Loony Tunes. Then we went to bed. 

When we got up the next morning we had breakfast, which I don't remember what we had. And then we went to church. 

I went to Sunday School. We came back and had communion. (He felt like he needed to share why their church should have communion every week.) And there was some singing and we waited for Uncle Phil. 

And we had lunch. I rode in the front on the way home from church with Uncle Phil. (He wasn't suppose to do that...) And after lunch I played a little and then we went to Gramma's house and that's all. 

Movie time!

At "Stack and Shack." 

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