Thursday, July 9, 2015

Cut off from family, banished from house and home.

My face when it is raining in Texas again, my straight hair is curling, and I am wearing jeans in July

I left the house at 7:30am yesterday for work...okay actually it was that time plus 15 minutes. It was raining, I ran late, had to gulp down the coffee I forgot about, etc, yeah. Oops. After work I drove to the Munsells' home in a far off distant land to work on the script, gather their costumes, and practice. 

To get to their house from where I work you drive on one road for forever, then another road for forever except that on that road you pass all these smaller roads which all bear the name "County (or Country) Road *insert random 4 digit number*," then you turn onto yet another road and drive on that one for 2/3 of forever. To complete the never-ending journey you drive on a bunch of roads called "County (or Country) Road *insert random 4 digit number*" and then reach their house after about an hour which rests in the middle of absolutely nowhere, a place I very much enjoy being. 

They loved all the ideas Uncle Phil had for adjusting our script (whew!), except for the one that made the ending a kiss. (But I didn't like that idea either.) We all decided he was most likely joking... Given his track-record with me and guys... 

Smiling is still a huge issue for me and the Munsell playing Wesley. During our practice I was told to "Think about your dog dying." But I don't really like dogs... Next level- "Think about your cat then." Actually, I'm not an animal person in general. Taking it a step further they suggested- "You can never babysit again, ever." Okay...that would be sad, but... Finally- "YOUR BABY JUST DIED." Now that is a bit TOO extreme. I was, however, able to practice a 2 minute scene without laughing or smiling until the end. But as anyone who had spent any amount of time with me knows (any amount being even 30 seconds) smiling is something that I do, All. The. Time. So not smiling is like trying to go against nature almost. But then again, this is acting, which by nature is taking on the nature of someone else. (I only just now realized that, though, like as in, while I was typing so...yeah, go ahead and have a laugh over me and shake your head.) *Smile* 

The drive home was much easier than the first time I drove home from their house. Funny though, both times it was raining. The difference was I didn't have someone trying very hard to navigate for me. I guess I do better driving alone... At least when I'm not totally sure of where I'm going. But then again, the second time to drive a route is usually better than the first. In most cases. 

That night we ate Strawberry Freeze (a frozen yogurt type smoothie thingy that you eat with a spoon and make in the blender) and popcorn while watching "Into the Woods." Chloe is planning to write an awesome review for it, which I will post on here if she will let me

Okay, so maybe the title is a little over-dramatic... While I was gone for my birthday weekend, my family spent the afternoon swimming with friends...who got home and realized they had Hand, Foot, Mouth (something sort of like chicken pox and super contagious). So this morning I received texts at work that the kids are getting it now and since I am the only one who was not exposed I need to stay away from everyone as much as possible. 

At first I was thinking I'd have to come home, pack stuff for a week, and find a place to "wait out the sickness." However, my room should be a "safe zone" and as long as I don't touch any of the kids, or spend time with my family, and eat my meals next door with Nana and Grandfather, I should be okay.   I was thinking, it really is easier sometimes, for everyone to go ahead and get sick all at the same time instead of trying to figure out who was exposed and who needs to stay home and if so and so can go somewhere and if you go to work will you expose others, etc. BUT I am very grateful that I will most likely not get sick and we are all praying that at least Mom and Dad stay clear. (Right now Chloe and Christian are fine too, but they spent an awful lot of time with the other kids...) 

Since I couldn't go home really, I went to Starbucks. 

Where I texted my Uncle...

Earlier Mom ran to get a bunch of food for from the store. Okay, she didn't literally run, but... And I said "store" because I don't feel like typing out whatever word it is that you call those places that starts with a "G." Can you tell I'm slightly tired and probably need something to eat? You already know I skipped coffee today... 

I came home and grabbed the Ponder Library card so I could stock up on movies and books for the kids. 

Mia already enjoying the one I got her:

The Herd: Quoted

"Christian, if you were a girl how would you want your husband to look?" -Gabe
"He isn't a girl, why don't you ask an actual girl that question." -Chloe
"Alright, Chloe, how do you want your husband to look?" -Gabe

"Did you all enjoy that?" -Dad after we watched "Into the Woods"
*Insert various vague or reluctant or dissatisfied responses and noises*
"Was it a pleasant evening?" -Dad
"Yes." -All of us
"There you go." -Dad 

"If you made a reference to a movie I watched yesterday, I still would not get it." -Me 

"They mostly had us do stuff with stuff." -Gabe describing his first gymnastics class. 

"If he kissed you and you kissed him and all the men in our family killed him and his dad killed you, then the ending of the play would be that everyone died. We should do it!" -Ava 

"If he kissed you, his dad would shoot him, and then you, and then I would kill his dad for killing you." -Christian 

"So in honor of me leaving for Maui in two months from today you are wearing your aloha shirt?" -Mom to me. 

"Not having coffee this morning was a bad idea. I fell asleep at the table." -Me
"You fell asleep at the table in Starbucks?" -Christian. 
"No! I fell asleep at the table while working on the computer during the kids nap time." -Me 

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  1. Hmm, it's looking like this play might end in a bloody string of murders. :P


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