Thursday, July 16, 2015

Every Move You Make

Murphy's Law, I think, yes. The days I figure, yes, I actually will be able to get to bed on time and sleep for 8 hours are the days stuff snowballs or Chloe and Christian decide to throw a party in my room. At 10:00pm. For two hours. 

Sunday night was one of those nights. They are fun, as long as you are good at being teased and slightly creeped out and don't mind all the blonde moments you inevitably will have as a result of the conversation. We joke that if anyone ever heard the stuff we say and talk about during those times we'd either end up in jail or a nut house. Actually they say that and I say they are crazy and they say I am blonde and thats the way it is. 

I love these memories we are making together and they are all the more sweet because I don't know how much longer we will all be in one house. It could be several years, or only one or two. Well ugh, I just choked myself up, let's move on, shall we? 

In my quiet times right now I'm slowly reading and breaking apart 1 Peter. Along with that I've also been reading C.S. Lewis's "Mere Christianity." If you have not read that book, DO IT NOW!!!! please read it. One chapter at a time though, think about it, let it simmer throughout your day in the back of your mind. So good

Monday on my way home from work I successfully filled the car with gas by myself, finally! I knew I probably could do it if I needed to, but I'm so glad it wasn't an emergency and went just fine. I have managed to always pull into the spots that the clicker-hold-the-handle-for-you-thingy is broken, but my hands do work, small though they may be, they are strong. Maybe I should just leave the font italicized, I keep emphasizing everything.... Or not. 

The kids were learning about Leather-Back sea turtles the other day. Below they are showing how big those creatures can get- 9 feet by 6.5 feet and they can weight up to 2000 lb! On top of that, they eat twice as much as their body weight in jellyfish every day. Both Dad and Christian pointed out, that would be a lot of waste. Yuck! But SO amazing! What an incredible Creator we have! 

Because the kids have been sick, Kate did not come this week. That meant I got to have the day off Tuesday. I really missed the darling, but it was good for me to catch up on some sleep... I do love Chloe and Christian very much, but getting only 4 hours of sleep because the conversation lasted late and then had me so creeped out I couldn't sleep...yeah. *Shrugs shoulders* 

Dad had errands for me to run for him late morning. First I walked around an entire neighborhood, taking pictures of every house and trying very hard NOT to look suspicious. Don't worry, the neighborhood only had one big looped street and the job took less than 20 minutes to complete. We won't talk about how hot it was at noon on that sunny Texas day in July. 

Any run to Staples for copies can take a little while, but it definitely will take longer if you leave the debit card in the car, just so you know. Y'all probably had that figured out already though. You seem like smart people. 

Starbucks stops are pretty much mandatory if time allows when I go to Denton. (I learned this fact from my Grandfather and I highly recommend it. If you don't like Starbucks...please go with me sometime so I can show you how great it actually is. I'm serious. And if you do like Starbucks you can still go with me, I like spending time with people, especially with coffee.) 

I decided it would be a good idea to wear shoes while running errands, turns out, it wasn't. (Shoes being, things to put on your feet that are not flip-flops, which is what I normally wear.) Blisters that make you walk like you broke both your ankles but are too busy to do anything about them are not pleasant limp through Mardel's are not all that fun. 

Driving back to Ponder I took my shoes off. If I could, I would seriously go barefoot everywhere, but apparently that is kind of sort of bad manners if you don't live at the beach. However, running in at the Ponder Post Office and Library I decided it wasn't that big a deal and left my shoes where they were. (The concrete isn't too hot if you run/skip on tip-toe.) 

Christian desperately desired to do something outside the house with me and Chloe Monday night but I had to babysit. So Tuesday we tried to come up with a plan for that evening. After a lot of ideas being thrown out that either cost a lot of money, would not be very relaxing, or would have us out very late, Mom finally suggested we dress like cows and go to Chickfila for Cow Appreciation day. (If you dress from head to toe like a black and white cow you get a free meal on this particular day.) 

If you're gonna do that, you have to do something creative in my mind so we each came up with our own advertisement signs to wear, stapled ears to hats, put on black and white, donned black footwear, and got something for a tail. 

Mia and Gabe almost cried because they couldn't dress up as well, but we were able to take our Chickfila cards and get them free chicken too! Between that and everything we were able to get, all us kids ate dinner from Chickfila completely free. 

Walking in there and seeing all the people dressed up I heard in my mind Grandfather saying "This is what people will do for free food, look completely ridiculous." (Or something like that.) There were some pretty crazy looking get-ups or ones that were more like I'm not sure you really tried there... But I thought the four of us looked cute! (I'm only a tiny bit biased. But you can judge for yourself.) 

This is Ava's sign.

My sign, with my braid labeled "tail." 

I didn't get pictures of Chloe and Christian's signs, but they both said something to the effect of "Thou-t must eat Chicken" and "Thou-t must knott eat Beef." 

Note- We didn't eat at Chickfila nearly this much until I started blogging and we do eat other places, we just haven't really done that recently... Normally we don't eat out very often at all actually, maybe once or twice a month at most. 

We brought our Chicken sandwiches, fries, and root beer home to share with the others and after eating together, split up to watch the movies we picked out at the library before going to get the food. 

Christian, Chloe, and I watched:

I was LOST. I think we got about 30 minutes in and I had no idea what was going on. I did, however, totally call one plot twist before Chloe and Christian figured it out. I still don't really know why it went the way I said it would, but I did call it! Turns out we should have seen "The Avengers" first, but I'm not all that sure it would have helped me get everything. I am the girl though, who had to watch "Cars 2" three times before I understood it... Chloe and Christian LOVED the movie and were semi-patient about trying to help me "get it." 

Our "baby girls" are not very small any more, but they are still absolutely precious when they are asleep. 

I had a few extra minutes before I left for work earlier than usual Wednesday morning that I was able to take a few pictures outside. I love early mornings, once I'm fully awake and out of bed. The actual getting up and out of bed at 5:30 part is what I don't love so much. 

I freaked Christian out while he was texting me at work because I was accurately predicting each thing he was doing while typing. I know him too well. The nice thing about being the firstborn is you can point out that you have known all your siblings their entire life, while they have only known you for part of your life, so of course I can accurately tell you what you are going to do, I have been watching your every move since the day you were born. (Okay, almost every move.) 

The Herd: Quoted

"What goes on after 10:00pm, stays after 10:00pm." -Christian
"Well, except for that, because I'm putting it on the blog." -Me
"Better make it 8:30pm, or Mom and Dad will put a stop to these amazingly fun late night talks in which we tease you to no end and make you feel so comfortable. Not." -Chloe 

"Uh, yeah he had a crush on you, everyone knew he did, it was sooooo obvious." -Christian
"Well, apparently I still had no idea. I just thought he was annoying and tolerated him very sweetly I guess since he didn't go away." Me 
(From our late night party conversation. One of the tamer, saner exchanges, less on the creepy side.) 

"What? No! That means there is a 3rd one and I don't get anything of what just happened in that one, but that can't be the end!" *Looks up trailer* "Ugh! It doesn't come out until 2016? How about I never watch a Marvel movie again." -Me as Captain America and the Winter Soldier finished

"Next time we watch a Marvel movie it will be in Christian's room without you." -Chloe joking.
"Yeah, we had to pause that every 10 minutes to try to make you get it." -Christian not joking. 

"I know you too well, I know exactly what you are doing while you text me even though I'm not there." -Me to Christian 

"The sheets are done!" -Mom
"Yay! It's time for the bed-making party!" Dad sort of enthusiastically...ish. 
"Um, I'm sorry, I can't make it this time..." -Me 
"My phone just dinged a whole bunch and I was there for the very lonely sheet-washing party..." -Mom
(We were all being silly, fyi.) 

"Are you bored?" -Mom to me.
"No, just thinking." -Me

"Are you bored?" -Dad to me not long after ^
"No, just tired." -Me 
(Okay, well Chloe and Christian are gone, but I'm not bored yet. 

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  1. Funny thing is, Christian and I had Chickfila for lunch our first day on the road... That makes two days in a row for us.


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