Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Valiant Grandfather

"I love people who do stupid stuff, that's why I read y'all's blog!" Our first "official" review. Aunt Cendei is a real stinker the best. Love you! 

Monday was a non-stop running day for me. Pretty much every morning before I leave for work I peek in at each of my siblings. They are all asleep when I'm leaving at 7:30am. When I arrive home though, they run to greet me, shouting my name excitedly. Being a big sister is a special job. 

Home from work I got to visit with Mom again. (Before I left, I joined her on the peaceful back porch for a few sweet minutes interrupted only by the cat who kept trying to eat my breakfast.) Chloe then helped me gather all manner of dress-up clothing, old costumes, and other random stuff so we could piece together these get-ups for our play. In about an hour we had more than half the ensembles we needed! *Pumps fist very happily* 
Ava our sweet witch. 

Mia the awesome Vizzini. 

Gabe the Giant. 

Christian as Indigo, I mean Inigo.

Christian graciously went with me to recycle paper and get gas. Whenever he comes I don't have any issues. He is awesome! 

I sprinted from one car to the next and was off to babysit for Nana and Grandfather's small group. In the car Grandfather reminded me of his great bravery in aiding Christian with the killing of the serpent Sunday evening. He emphasized the fact that his hands were bare while he grasped the wriggling beast and yanked it to the ground, next stomping violently upon the creature leaving it so subdued that the exceedingly brave Christian could mercilessly chop off it's battered head. 

Babies, babies everywhere that evening made for the perfect ending to a long day. Lots of snuggles from little children was the best gift. 

Oh! And Nana and Grandfather have been married for 94 years now! Well, between the two of them, Monday was their 47th wedding anniversary. 

Tuesday I got to stay in pajamas all day and relax. Well, not everyone would call caring for a baby relaxing and restful, but I would. The day still started at 6:00am, but I took a nap with Kate around 8:00am. First though, she helped me wake up the other kids, eat, and get them off to play at the park while it was still somewhat cool enough to where they wouldn't be roasted alive laying immobile on the sidewalk they could play without overheating and while there was still a cool breeze. 

Those morning bleary eyes... 

Kate helped me continue to edit our script most of the day, which has been in process for almost two months now. The goal is to finalize it this week. We also watched our video of "The Taming of the Shrew" (the play we did with the Munsells two years ago). We have all grown so much!  

The Herd: Quoted

"Were any boys staring at you at their church?" -Ava
"I don't know, I wasn't looking!" -Me

"Please don't take a picture of me and Mia right now." -D

"No, we aren't going to read while you eat." -Dad to Mia. 

"Oops, did I just spill milk on you?" -Me
"You could just use your hair to wipe it up." -Ava
"I thought of that." -Me

"No, I am not going to worship the feet you walk on. Ugh! That is NOT what I was trying to say." -Me to Chloe 

"You’ve never seen his abs!" -Ava to Mia.


  1. Oh my goodness, is Christian is actually wearing that. This is gonna be awesome. It's going to be hard to not laugh.

    1. He's trying to get out of it, but we wouldn't pass up such a comical appearance, now would we?

  2. Thank you for not posting a picture of me sleeping.


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